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  1. XerxesTSO

    What about?

    Thanks Madlen. I might have sounded a bit too direct yesterday but it had to be said. I know you guys are working hard on the conquest but it would be good not to forget the basics too. There are some issues as I listed above which have been there for a very long time. Thanks again.
  2. XerxesTSO

    What about?

    Thanks for your feedback. I agree and that can only be the reason. If you know the levels well and know what to expect, I bet you can get to the top 100!
  3. XerxesTSO

    What about?

    What about: Stopping scheduling events at the worse time (such as the current festival right right during a war)? Stopping that ridiculous festival where levels are so difficult than they are not even fun? Balancing attack and defense and balancing pets? Phoebe is all over the place and way too powerful. I'd rather attack players of my levels but the whole system is so unbalaced that there is no point even trying. Make conquest interesting? Even when matched with 3 much stronger alliances, we just have to build enough towers to get the max rewards in two days and do not have to do anything else after that. The boost are definitely not worth the effort. It's all in the word. It's called "conquest" and not "building contest"! Finally fixing the medal reward. It's soooooooooooo boring when you have to do the same cave over and over and over and over and over and over again to win that diamond league while it could be more fun to attack players. But with 35 medal reward, it's no match to the 1300 you can get in a cave in just one fight! Checking why the same players are over and over and over and over again in the top 100 of the Pro League. I can't believe that they are soooo good that they always finish on top no matter the type of troops/spells/pet they use. I have always tried to stay positive and be on your side, but I must say that I'm really getting tired of this. I have reached a point where I consider to stop. Congratulations, it took you 3 years!
  4. "Excellent" timing ... again ... 😡 the previous festival was during the conquest and this one is during the war ... I'm glad that I have no life at all so that I can spend all my days on RR2!
  5. XerxesTSO

    Big time connection problems!

    My team is complaining about getting disconnected all the time. Sometimes even 3 to 4 times in 10 minutes.
  6. I would not post this if it was easy to do both. Sure you can be stuck for hours in a battle during the conquest but when you are a general or sergeant, the conquest requires a lot of your attention. And when you are not spending your life on RR2, your allocated time is limited. And I have not mentioned the Pro League on top of it! So, yes bad timing for this festival.
  7. So many have complained about the fact that we need to be online so often to make the best of the Conquest and what do you do? You schedule a festivate right during the same period as the conquest! Seriously!???
  8. XerxesTSO

    Yggdrasil ?

    Do we all have the same map??? And ours is the same in all 4 directions ... boring!
  9. Excellent changes, really great job. Unfortunately there does not seem to be an option to opt out of the conquest. It looks like it will still be real time mode (vs 24h mode like with the wars), I will not be able to be on line often enough and play my part as a general.
  10. XerxesTSO

    This is why gate towers should be removed

    But that's 4 to 6 gate towers less on the path which is a good thing when attacking ?
  11. XerxesTSO

    Conquest approaching... ughhhh

    Yes, they should add an option so that an alliance can opt not to play the conquest!
  12. XerxesTSO

    About the Blacksmith Event

    Really p... off this time. I usually tend to forgive their mistakes but not this time. Enough!!! I perked everything this morning and I'm up for a 7 day cool down ???. Well done FG!
  13. I'm Windows Phone 8.1 and since version 4.0 I cannot purchase Gems. No issues with Uber Chests, Pet Chests but for gems, when I go to Shop and click on 'Open' for Gems to display the list gem package I can buy, the message "One moment, connecting again" is displayed (that's the translation as I'm using the game in Dutch) and that's it, nothing is happening. Thanks.
  14. Actually I would add a 3.D: The Basilisk is a monster indeed and not a tower so why having workers to build it? The workers should look wizards to grow the Basilisk! And 4.M is a must for me and I would love to see at least these stats: * How long a player has been a member for. * Number of skulls over time + on average per battle * Max skull bonus a player can have * Alliance tower level + donations made so far * Pro leage trophies over time + on average per league * Average number of red coins per ninja season * Max number of red coins the alliance can get * Level of the player * Number of pet given
  15. Yes, believe it or not but I've read it all and I agree with many of your suggestions. Great job man! Let's see what comes up in version 4.0!