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  1. XerxesTSO

    Yggdrasil ?

    Do we all have the same map??? And ours is the same in all 4 directions ... boring!
  2. Excellent changes, really great job. Unfortunately there does not seem to be an option to opt out of the conquest. It looks like it will still be real time mode (vs 24h mode like with the wars), I will not be able to be on line often enough and play my part as a general.
  3. XerxesTSO

    This is why gate towers should be removed

    But that's 4 to 6 gate towers less on the path which is a good thing when attacking 🙃
  4. XerxesTSO

    Conquest approaching... ughhhh

    Yes, they should add an option so that an alliance can opt not to play the conquest!
  5. XerxesTSO

    About the Blacksmith Event

    Really p... off this time. I usually tend to forgive their mistakes but not this time. Enough!!! I perked everything this morning and I'm up for a 7 day cool down 😡😡😡. Well done FG!
  6. I'm Windows Phone 8.1 and since version 4.0 I cannot purchase Gems. No issues with Uber Chests, Pet Chests but for gems, when I go to Shop and click on 'Open' for Gems to display the list gem package I can buy, the message "One moment, connecting again" is displayed (that's the translation as I'm using the game in Dutch) and that's it, nothing is happening. Thanks.
  7. Actually I would add a 3.D: The Basilisk is a monster indeed and not a tower so why having workers to build it? The workers should look wizards to grow the Basilisk! And 4.M is a must for me and I would love to see at least these stats: * How long a player has been a member for. * Number of skulls over time + on average per battle * Max skull bonus a player can have * Alliance tower level + donations made so far * Pro leage trophies over time + on average per league * Average number of red coins per ninja season * Max number of red coins the alliance can get * Level of the player * Number of pet given
  8. Yes, believe it or not but I've read it all and I agree with many of your suggestions. Great job man! Let's see what comes up in version 4.0!
  9. XerxesTSO

    Game keeps crashing

    very very very annoying! Lost so many skulls because of this bug.
  10. XerxesTSO

    A bug (AGAIN) with the Defense Event

    I had the same at the start of the event but later that day I upgraded a new tower and it was 3 days max. They may have corrected it. Will try again today.
  11. XerxesTSO

    How are war maps built?

    Hi Kuska, I have not taken the time to reply to you (shame on me) but yeah I totally agree with you although I can imagine how difficult that can be to get a good war matchmaking algorithm. Just looking at the regular matchmaking, the more elements they have been added the game, the more weird results we have been getting from it. The troop levels, the regular boosts, the war boosts, the additional bonus you can get via the smith, the perks from your inventory the ninjas, etc. Every new addition (which I'm really not complaining about) is disrupting the whole thing. Hopefully they will start to listen, read, and respond and finally find a solution to fix (war) matchmaking. Cheers and fingers crossed for tomorrow's war. Me
  12. XerxesTSO

    Daily donation

    Why not add a way to donate part of your daily donation, and I'm thinking when the amount of gold you have left is less than the amount of your expected daily donation. Say you have a daily donation of 1 million and you have 650K only left. You could donate the 650K and the missing 350K later that day. Of course you could do one or two fight to win the missing 350K but sometimes it's just not right time and you could easily get the missing 350K from your taverns one or two hours later.
  13. XerxesTSO

    How are war maps built?

    Thank you all for your comments. @ ShiroKo, yes the War Map matchmaking has been changed indeed with update 2.2.0 and is not only based on fiefdoms. @ William22, yes we made friends with Targeryen/North that helps.
  14. We've got on a war map with the following alliances: * France ! / position 153 / 40 fiefdoms / 60/60 members (top one 3880 trophees) * Dragon Slayers. / position 176 / 45 fiefdoms / 50/51 members (top one 4897 trophees) * The working clase / position 146 / 35 fiefdoms / 55/60 members (top one 4300 trophees) * KUSKA / position 272 / 47 fiefdoms / 45/45 members (top one 4088 trophees) * kamakazie / position 221 / 45 fiefdoms / 49/51 members (top one 3935 trophees) AND Targaryen / position 10 / 35 fiefdoms / 58/60 members (with about 30 > 5000 trophees) I thought that the mechanism to select alliances was changed to not only look at the number of fiefdoms so how come that the alliance Targaryen ended up on our map??? I'm one of the top player for France ! and I cannot even pass the lowest player of that alliance! It's ridiculous and does not make sense. Any idea?
  15. The only visual detail I would like to see changed is the cloud animation when a tower collapses or you succeed to open the gates. It's really ugly and does not fit with the rest of the game.