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  1. Mag

    Pro League help me

    Are you still visible on the leaderboard ? You might have gotten banned from PL, if that's not the case, contact support.
  2. Wasn't 120 max before ? There is a big possibility if once they increased level cap, they might do it again in the future
  3. Finish the tutorial and you will have all options
  4. Mag

    why i am banned from pro-league

    Contact support and ask them.
  5. Mag

    Good old Times

    Unlimited raids had their charm as well, hated them back then but now they bring only good memories
  6. Mag

    Good old Times

    First 1-2 years of this game were the best, good times
  7. Mag

    Pro league buged again

    It happened to me again. Seems like just a visual bug as Gala mentioned, nothing to worry about but it's just annoying. Hope it can get fixed soon.
  8. I know others who contacted support received their compensation (chests, gems and a ticket), if you didn't receive a compensation I guess you need to poke support again. Good luck with them
  9. Mag

    Pro league buged again

    I have the same issue. The score was on my leaderboards but after I logged back into the game after aprox 30 min, my score is gone from both current and monthly leaderboard, however it is still visible on the alliance leaderboard. Restarting thw game didn't change anything. Edit: my score is visible for others, also for me from another device.
  10. Mag

    can not participate pro-league

    You got banned from PL Also, last PL someone from a different forum account reported that your account didn't receive PL rewards. Not sure if it was you and now you created a new forum account or maybe someone posted on your behalf, though if you didn't receive rewards last PL and now you cannot participate, the answer is pretty clear
  11. Yeah, I'm the same if I could play with 10 accounts every single PL chances are that finally maybe I could be lucky to get to top 10 with some random account, though, if it wasn't the main one where is pride and fun ?
  12. Mag

    What if there are more than one account?

    Please try to use English, even if it's only google translator. In ToS it is clearly said that you cannot have more than one account, simple. Though, some FG officials said here on forum that we can have more than one account as long as those account do not cause any harm andare not used for cheating. So if you have multiple accounts you can play them normally, though you shouldn't use them all in PL. In PL you can use only one account, if FG detects your other accounts in PL they will ban them (from PL only).
  13. Mag

    Gems in Chamber

    When they first introduced gems in CoF it was easy to obtain, it was random with high chances of getting it. But yeah, nowadays they are rarely there + you can get them only if you spend gems in CoF.
  14. Mag

    Item for Sale

    Remove it from your item set up