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  1. Looks promising and we will see how it all goes However, I personally miss a fetuare allowing faster donating troops to members.
  2. Mathew

    Mag, which alliance you play for?

    1. Mag


      Hey. SK: Warriors :)

  3. Mag

    38 Days Ninja

    There was a response actually and yeah, unfortunately the next ninja event will start at 28th September On 5th new conquest
  4. Mag

    Hello... CM Statement

    Hello Madlen. First of all thank you for your hard work already - with communicating with us and making this forum less troll friendly, it's appreciated and needed. A you stated yourself, this forum has been a mess for some time and it's great that you took actions to change it for the better. However, with all due respect, new rules you made are fine I guess but that sudden enforcement of them was a bit harsh in my opinion. For example, you could give us some time to get used to 'not tagging' policy, we never had such rule and we all are used to do it when serious issues happened - and it helped to draw someone attention, we have been neglected for a long time, believe me. The transition should be more smooth so we could adapt to the rules. In a first few days I saw long time community members being permanently blocked. They have been here for years, they were valuable and respected members who never before gained a warning point, and suddenly they are gone because you caught them in a bad day caused by all the frustration we have been accumulating or because they got carried away with their negative emotions and criticism. Yes, inappropriate language and trolling/toxic behaviour deserve to be punished, I agree. Though, I wish we also would be able to express our negative emotions too if we are upset or angry about anything in game, it's not always trolling or being toxic or a personal attack towards anyone. And wish there were also other forms of punishment than a permament warning points and permanent bans. I've been on this forum for almost 4 years now and I'm actively reading most of it daily and noticing all sudden bans, closed threads or deleted threads, warnings etc made me feel really uncomfortable. It came to a point that I'm personally kinda afraid to say anything in more heated threads because I don't know anymore how to express my opinion so it's not violeting new forum rules - whether it's negative or sarcastic statement or a joke. I'm giving a shot with this post, I hope you don't see it as a personal attack towards you because that of course was not intended. Wish we all could work together as a community. All the best.
  5. Mag

    Friend can loot me?!

    Of course he can still attack you. You even did him a favour because now he can test your base for free as a friend and then he can make a real attack whenever he wants. Either talk with him or just remove him from friends.
  6. Of course it is not easy to balance it at all. With all the pals, beasts, spells, troops, boosts and special war boosts, how to balance it all if some alliances won't have all those boosts 24/7 and some alliances will ? And then how then balance it all among all the players' levels and trophy ranges ? And among all levels of those boosts etc ? And then how to balance it again taking into account wars and losing 5 quite good items to usually crappy items but high skull ones ? It's been a mess for a long time. And there will always be someone who will say that defense is OP, then someone who will say offense is OP. I kinda don't blame FG for that because it really is impossible to balance it well among all the players but also I blame them at the same time for all that mess. I will say it again, I really admire all of you guys at the top who kinda struggle the most but you keep fighting and still trying to find new combos and use as little scrolls as possible! Good luck to you
  7. I'd expect soon new troop and spell level as usual I don't trust FG when it comes to 'balancing' in general. I admire those who still play at the top, that's crazy to me nowadays, mid range is less stresfull and more adaptable.
  8. Mag

    4.0 Bugs Megathread

    That's what I was thinking, it wasn't working at all and it has been reported on forum, not sure why compansate just for one issue if there were more. I'm not entirely sure if anything from tech has been working at all tbh. We unlocked quite a few, though +20 troops and +3 battles were clearly noticable to be bugged.
  9. Mag

    Windows 8.1

    Same problem as mine!
  10. Mag

    Still didn't get conquest chests

    You should contact FG support
  11. Mag

    Conquest rewards

    Apart from rewards in general being disappointing and 100% not worth 8 day effort, that silly 1 legendary chest I guess must be a misunderstanding ? First of all it should be placed as first to obtain with obtained points not 4th since it is the least valuable chest to get, we get the same chest from daily log in Those pearl chests I guess are quite ok, uber item chcest are also average, I personally liked uber pal chest with 2 pals (simply because such chests aren't obtainable in game that often). That legendary chest should be turned into multiple uber chests at least Overall like others said, rewards are totally not worth the effort of the whole alliance at all. Maybe they are fine for those slacker members who barely moved out of stronghold but not for those who wasted their time, effort, gems. It really makes more sense to focus on PL and get more from there for a 35 min effort Also in general FG, you need to come up with new rewards for players and for alliances. All of the chest are common and are losing their value, boosts for alliances are also boring and not that valuable since they require plenty of gold to upgrade them.
  12. Not possible to enter it but it is possible to block the entrance of it so no one would be able to get out of it.
  13. How on earth there's still no answer on this issue, not to mention immediate fix ?! It's quite an important issue if technology is not working at all ?
  14. If he joined late he wouldn't even be able to be on the map or even see it.