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  1. Daily Rewards

    What Odkim said.
  2. Pro League Restarted

    At least you got some compensation! Congrats!
  3. FB connection

    I connected without any problems when event was already on. Maybe make sure the fb account you are trying to connect to is not connected already with any other rr2 account. One fb account can be linked only to one rr2 acc.
  4. He probably was still on your friend's list but got lost among all your other friends :-) I'm quite sure it was just a kid who got bored and didn't even know how to spell "królestwo" properly
  5. Pro League Restarted

    Because he didn't receive any help and tries to find it here before PL ends ?
  6. Fritz Pal Collector Event?

    I do not understand why it is so difficult to give us the exact starting and ending time ...
  7. Pro League Restarted

    So you have 1140 score on leaderboard, and still 12 missions to do with 35 mintues left, not a bad start, lols Seriously though, wish FG could assist you better with this, if they have the record of you finishing island 7 (instead of 8 but whatever), the fact you are directed back to island 1 is bizarre. Also, you forgot to mention that on alliance leaderboard your score is brought back to 0 as well :/
  8. Is loser bonus variable during a war?

    I'm pretty sure it didn't change before, that's why it was always a part of strategy to declare the attack before others gain LB, or wait with declaring to get additional LB. I didn't pay attention to it this war, now I'm curious as well if that's happening to everyone all the time, hmm.
  9. Transfer/Link the same It won't remove your account from android, you can use the same account on different platforms/devices.
  10. You need to transfer your account from android to windows (option in settings). I'm also using mine acc on both platforms.
  11. Blacksmith bug

    It is just a visual bug, you are melting higher number of pearls than 55. Once this melted you will see different amount of pearls from it.
  12. Vein of GOLD 24

    Could you post a pic of that base ? Also sometimes it is better to not bring ranged troops if there is a risk they will take dow a gate before killing all towers. Or sometimes you can stop troops from killing something if you for example used scream, then they will follow you asap instead of killing towers left behind. Hard to say, never heard about such bug, usually there is mistake on player's side. A video would help a lot.
  13. Good luck on your 750 gems 😂
  14. Message to GalaMorgane

    Guess you should create a topic solely based on your issue regarding uploading pics, rather than telling the reason of your tickets, in this case regarding a potential hacker or not