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  1. Buff needed. Don't make defenses irrelevant yet again. Not clear to me yet whether a slight buff or major buff needed. Easy defenses will cut way back on the amount of scrolling needed. Surprised Flare didnt consider effect on their revenue.
  2. Thanks. Note to Flare, confusing to show one having (not having?) 0/1 guardians. Should be 1/2 or something.
  3. Defenses finally became strong in one of the recent updates. Lots of whining at the time from players used to easy raids. Now it seems almost everyone has accepted all raids wont end in 3 crowns and that defenses matter. I hope guardians dont result in OP offenses that once again render defenses irrelevant.
  4. Updated. Have a donkey guardian slot, showing 0/1. Cant upgrade either, apparently because I dont have a single donkey? Opened the guardian chest and only had food and pearls. If everyone was supposed to get an initial guardian, this appears to be a bug. Android 8.0. IGN Zillah.
  5. Been around awhile, don't know if already reported. Periodically the basilisk will come out of hiding, you'll hit it with a spell and do zero damage. The timing of the spell is definitely AFTER it reappears. I see it most often with hammerstrike, but have seen it with other spells too. Further supporting this not being premature spell release, is it happens with gate tower basilsks too, and they never hide. I suspect some of those still using them at their gates are hoping this bug bails them out.
  6. Bug is visual only. I received the correct amount of Pearl's, not the amount displayed. It is a reproducible bug. Adding new items to the que caused the 3rd pro item already being melted down to flake out too.
  7. Melting items down in BS event. Everything fine at first with a max, boosted blacksmith. Paid gems to speed melt a few low pearl items and get to the better gear before logging off. Filled all 8 slots a few hours ago, with the last 3 items being pro gear worth over 6000 pearls total. Logged in now to check progress. 5 items already melted, first pro gear item now melting, 2 more in que, 5 slots now empty. 90 min to go on 1st pro gear item. Added 5 new items to fill the now vacant slots. But all of a sudden the 1st two pro items have converted to crappy low pearl items, but still show 90 min to completion or 26 gems. The first two items in the pic should be pro items. Nor should it take 90 min to melt a 197 pearl item. Game name Zillah. Android phone 8.0.
  8. Zillah

    One troop raids

    The point is there has been a major shift in game tactics, where one troop type raids have gone from rare to common. This goes aainst one of the main stated objectives of update 4.0 to increase viable attack combo options. If a combined arms approach is no longer necessary, that is a step backwards.
  9. Zillah

    One troop raids

    Not necessarily saying cheating. Too widespread. Could be taking advantage of some change in the game, much like the stretch a while back where lots of players were building gate towers and nothing else. Others in our alliance have also noticed the increase in 1 troop raids.
  10. Zillah

    One troop raids

    Of the last 30 people to raid me, not one used 3 troops. Most used only a single troop type. Mostly knights OR archers, occassionaly paladins. Pal choice varied. Most only used one range spell. Some no range spell and only knights plus no Pal that does range damage. Not clear to me how this strategy manages to destroy towers that are only damage by range attacks. What's going on, some kind of exploit? Raiding with a single troop used to be rare.
  11. Hard to find things! Way too many sub forums! Terrible! Old way vastly more user friendly. It's not like there were so many posts that a post would get scrolled to page 2 before you even saw it.
  12. Our alliance is ~rank 160, we won the first conquest. Along with another alliance ~rank 130 that won their first conquest we are matched against two lvl 80 alliances ranked in the top 50. A worse mismatch than any war season we were ever in. Matchmaking needs vast improvement.
  13. After reading the developers explanation for the rebalancing, I'm encouraged. Several years ago I posted requests here on making the game more strategic and have many more viable options on offense and base design. Less cookie cutter, more variety. The developers state this is the main reason for rebalancing. I applaud this attempt and hope it works. Actually having to look at a base you are going to attack, then change your troops, spells and pals based on the base? Wonderful! More strategy, experience and intelligence rewarded? Oh yes! Will see if this moves us closer to such a reality, and more tweaking may be needed but I applaud the attempt, and appreciate the developers taking the time to give the community a thoughtful reply and explanation. If more combos are now viable, their use would be easier if more than 4 preset slots were available for free. Cheesy to require a subscription for more. Likewise, a second slot for a preset base layout would encourage experimentation with defenses.
  14. Zillah

    Recruiting tedium

    Numerous top 20 alliances are no more. Even more top 100 alliances have dissolved. Many alliances have core groups that have been together years. In some cases this might be the only reason they still play rr2. If players decide to take your advice as the only solution, I doubt RR2 will exist in another year. Indeed, one reason the number of players is way down may be because they spend a year growing up in an alliance that then falls apart. Some players will be purely mercenary and happy to jump from alliance to alliance to whoever cuts them the better deal (better boosts, subscription gems etc). Others want to build something, like stability, people they know and aren't just hanging around waiting for a "better offer".
  15. Zillah

    Recruiting tedium

    The new update looks promising, and I hope it does something to deal with the recruiting problem, which continues to worsen. Filling an alliance with ACTIVE players above lvl 100 and who donate ≥500k is extremely difficult. High lvl players are leaving RR2 faster than they can be replaced. It's a natural progression to have senior players leave the game for one reason or another, but when it takes years to rise to a high lvl with a strong base, that is a big problem for Flare. And if newbies realize it takes years and $$$ to get anywhere near the top 5000, how many have that kind of patience? 3 years ago it didn't take anywhere near as long as it does now to reach a top 200 alliance status. And likely because of this, players qualified for top 200 alliances were more plentiful than they are now. Not sure how Flare can fix this, but they may have made a fatal mistake by designing a game that takes years to advance in. Let's say the new expansion adds one more year to the time it takes to ~max out. What percentage of players who try the game will stick around 3 years? When alliances that are several years old collapse due to lack of new blood, what % of the remaining players move to a new alliance vs quit?
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