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  1. Would you consider allowing healing & shield spells to affect the king while mounted on a guardian? If you have low on health/shield when activating your guardian, you gain a temporary reprieve due to the health of your guardian. However, when the guardian goes away you immediately revert back to your king's health/shield state at the time that the guardian was activated which can result in a quick death if you're not careful. As a result, when I'm mounted I often have to decide whether to cast a shield (to keep my nearby troops alive) OR wait until the guardian expires before casting shield (to keep my king alive). If healing spells/shield affected the king while mounted, this would make for a much easier transition from mounted->unmounted.
  2. Pal-wise, I am disappointed that they are boosting Archimedes as that one is so common anyway. It would have been nice if the pal they focused on was something rare so that alliances might actually be able to unlock something. On the other hand, I am very happy that they are also boosting XP during the event. Not I understand the logic of tossing in an XP boost on a pal event, but I'm not going to complain.
  3. SHaase

    conquest too long.....

    Personally, I'd love it if they increased the event of the duration but slowed down the game interactions. Currently, you need to log in constantly because it's so fast paced. If you leave the game for even a short duration of a couple hours, you could come back and find that you lost battles that were not even started when you logged off previously. Every time I go to bed, I worry about how drastically things will change before I wake up. The current system is effectively incompatible with casual players (those that only log in once/day). Part of what I like about War Seasons is that they are, for the most part, based around a day. So, as long as you log in once/day (any time of day) you can participate and do basically everything you need to do and everyone's happy. While you can log in more frequently to min/max things, it's not a hard requirement to be successful (at least at my alliances' level). This really helps to even the playing field between casual and hard-core players, IMO. If they increased the Conquest duration to several weeks and also slowed down the gameplay so it would work on the timescale of only interacting once/day, I'd be a happy camper.
  4. SHaase

    Royal Guardians coming soon!

    I guess that was my point. What generally gets communicated early on hasn't generated any excitement whatsoever for me. In contrast, the post Madlen made 10 hours ago is a GREAT post. It doesn't give away too much, but it at least gives an inkling of what's coming (and when!). If this was the post (or at least something similar to it) that had been made back on 11/20, I would actually have been excited about the feature and would have made sure to keep going to the forums to see if any more info had been released.
  5. SHaase

    Royal Guardians coming soon!

    I still don't understand Flare's communication strategy for new things. I understand wanting to build hype, but for that to work you have to have some basic concept for the thing that is being delivered and so far we still no virtually nothing about it. Personally, this style of communication does nothing to generate excitement for me. If anything, it generates a bit of frustration because it looks like there may be a cool new thing, and you're deciding to let us know about it - but not in any meaningful way. To be clear, I do like that you are communicating things (lack of communication has been an issue for a long while) but I'd consider altering how you do it. Start off by doing things like telling us you are revamping some specific aspect of the game, or adding something entirely new, or showing some actual gameplay teasers. You don't need to provide details for any of this at 1st - you could dribble out those details over time to keep ramping up the hype. Simply dropping a name for something and showing a non-gameplay video of a king giving a donkey a carrot is not useful at all, at least for me.
  6. How about we add Conquest building resource collection to the Collect All resources button (e.g. food/gold/pearls) on the main screen? We have a big issue with participation in my alliance - but if this was added then even if people are not actually participating in the Conquest mode, they would still help out the alliance by giving resources. This would need to only kick in if the cooldown for donating a resource was up - unless that cooldown was removed (which I'd be in favor of).
  7. SHaase

    Prevent abusing Free pro Tickets

    Personally, I wish they'd just get rid of the capability of donating tickets altogether. Let everyone play once a month, or more if they want to pay $ for it. Also, let people practice the pro league levels. Even with practice, only the best players will get the best scores. No need to make it a matter of what's the best you can do on a level the 1st time you've seen it. Using food to practice seems perfectly reasonable to me. If they did these things, then I don't think (though I'm sure I'll be corrected :)) that there'd be any reason to ban people for "cheating" by having multiple accounts (which I also don't understand why this should be discouraged. if you have multiple devices and love the game, why not let people play as much as they want?). Anyway, just my own thoughts as a casual pro-league player due to only using the free tickets I get once/month.
  8. SHaase

    Can't melt gear from castle dialog

    I definitely understand how difficult it is to maintain a backlog, particularly with prioritization, etc (I've had to do this myself). However, the user base currently has little/no insight into what is/isn't on the list so folks get frustrated since they don't know if their requests are being ignored or are in-progress or are just on a 'nice to have' list somewhere. Perhaps a middle ground would be to have a request list that the users can vote. The list would be sorted by vote count and this list could be one input into your work item backlog. You could then prioritize replying to the high vote count requests with whatever response is applicable (great idea - we're making this a high pri item, nope we're not going to do this, we'll add this to the list as a low priority item, this item is now in-development, this item has now been implemented, etc).
  9. SHaase

    War Pro-Chests should not be called Pro-Chests

    I decided to go for the pro chests this war season by champing up for the season and managed to get both pro chests. What a disappointment. The 1st pro chest only had pet food and pearls. The 2nd pro chest had a pro ticket. So I did ~50 battles a day for the sole purpose of getting some pro gear and got exactly 0 items. I won't be doing this again.
  10. SHaase


    Yep. 1 day was frustrating and I was unable to melt much of the gear I'd been explicitly saving up for melting during the Blacksmith event. Pre-melting the day before helped a bit, as did getting up just prior to the end of the event (~2am) to collect pearls, but nothing would beat just having a minimum of 2 days for the event. Oh, here's a totally random idea that I don't think I've seen before. Add 'event boosts' as an additional War Season reward. So, in addition to the various unit boosts, by winning a war season your alliance could get a Blacksmith/Offense/Defense/Alliance Tower/etc event for the same duration as the rest of the boosts.
  11. SHaase

    War Pro-Chests should not be called Pro-Chests

    Thanks for the info on this. I have been wondering about this since the feature was rolled out. I was considering whether to champ up to get this on the next war season since that has the 'more chests' and 'skull bonus' condition, but if there are no pro items in the chest then there's no point (for me). It would be great if @GalaMorgane could confirm the level of pro-chests that are available in the next war season before it starts. If these are 'good' chests with items, I'll make the push to try to get it. I think pushing for a pro-chest will make the war season more fun/exciting, but would be very annoyed if I went through all that work (~30+ fights/day) and then just ended up pearls/food...
  12. SHaase


    So we finally get a blacksmith event, which is the most popular event, and then it only lasts 24 hours which severely limits its usefulness due to forging cooldowns and how much time we can spend on melting. Seriously? Sigh.... The minimum should really be 2 days, IMO. Even better - add a recurring weekly hour Meltdown Monday event (24 hr).
  13. SHaase

    Chapter IV - A Royal Surprise!

    I am actually surprised at the level of disconnect here. Despite countless posts by countless people over the years that players want *more* information in order to improve their game playing experience by planning out their strategies, Flare continues a communication strategy of obfuscation behind an aura of "surprise". This applies to big things like new versions but also smaller things like which boost events are coming down the pike (the in-game preview we get was a small step in the right direction, here. Thanks for that). Flare, let me be brutally honest here - players aren't going to get excited about something when we don't know what's coming or when it will come. The current strategy of waiting until the actual release date to provide any real information on the "next big thing" robs you of the opportunity to garner excitement for the next version. Simply knowing that "something" is coming "sometime" creates more frustration for players than anything else. IMO, it would be a far better strategy to release specific information about the next release weeks ahead of time. You still get the "surprise" effect you want, it's just pulled forward in time a few weeks. It also gives time for players to digest the information, discuss it online, contemplate how it will actually impact gameplay, provide feedback that you could use to make last minute tweaks, etc. This would not take away from the impact of the release date in any way. IMO, it would actually dramatically increase it as the players would actually be looking forward to the new release. As it is, I'm not really looking forward to 4.0 since I have no idea what's coming and I can easily imagine as many negative things about it as positive (e.g. are you going to trivialize all my work over the last few years by forcing users to start over from scratch on their base). There are plenty of companies out there that have great ways of communicating game information. One example from another game I play is Puzzles and Dragons by Gung Ho. That game has a crazy amount of daily/weekly/monthly events and Gung Ho provides information about them days or weeks ahead of time. Here (link) is is just one example that came out a couple days ago. The fact that they released this detailed information ahead of its release date did nothing to detract from its impact. In fact, just the opposite. They got the "surprise" effect when they made the post, it made players excited for the start of the event, and players are also happy now that the event has started since we get the opportunity to participate.
  14. SHaase

    Chapter IV - A Royal Surprise!

    Well, I guess this qualifies as a royal surprise. I certainly wasn't expecting it.
  15. SHaase

    "Checkmate" war season conditions

    Yep, just saw the notification that it was changed to 4 battles. I guess it's just bad luck (for me) as I was really looking forward to the XP boost this event so limiting the battles will lessen the goodness from that.