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  1. XP gained for each base to be defined

    Dena4's comment about winning with 90 seconds left vs the last second means that the person who won fast encountered (and killed) fewer enemy units so they get less XP than the person who won with 1 second left because they killed more units.
  2. If they are going to limit the event duration to 24 hours, which is incredibly short, they should boost the meltdown speed multiplier higher - at least 5x (or even 10x) to allow folks time to burn through all the items they've been saving for this event. In any case, remember to start melting down all your most expensive items today but wait till tomorrow to claim the pearls. That effectively increases the duration of the event by ~12 hours or so.
  3. For me, the freezes are usually just an annoyance. However, they do occasionally happen at a particularly bad time during a difficult raid and it can make the difference between winning and losing a particular fight. This doesn't happen that often for me, but it has happened. For me, the continual random delays are actually the bigger issue because it happens so often and has been happening for so long.
  4. ceres bug

    Is it possible that you had summoned an Ogre instant troop earlier in the raid, and then the next queued up instant troop was a cannon? Personally, I tend to go back and forth between requesting ogres and cannons for instant troops so I could definitely see this happening to me.
  5. No, this bug wasn't fixed in 3.8.1.
  6. Flare has changed.... Thanks FG

    Yep, definitely appreciate the focus on quality. In this particular case, the bugs that were squashed weren't the bugs that I cared that much about but that's just because these weren't the ones I was hitting constantly, but I'm hopeful that this is just the beginning of a push to increase quality by fixing long standing bugs. If this is the case, it would be nice if we could have a better way of reporting issues and of up-voting the issues that we'd like to see fixed as this would help Flare to prioritize fixes. The forum interface isn't very good for this, IMO. For what it's worth, the two bugs that I encounter multiple times per day that I would love to see fixed (both of these are reported in the Bugs forum): intermittent hangs due to WindowsNonFatalSuspectedDeadlock faults from Geolocation.dll inability to run RR2 in non-full screen mode. This functionality disappeared when the Win10 Anniversary edition was released.
  7. Personally, I really like this change. Given that the rewards are so skewed that anything less than 100% gives significantly fewer rewards, it means that there's zero tolerance for any issue of any kind - whether that a minor screw up in your game play, or a random network hiccup/disconnect, or a system issue on Flare's side. Giving some padding here gives a decent amount of tolerance to all of these issues and I think it's great. In addition, I'm actually much more likely to stay in my "real" bracket based on my actual trophies rather than having to drop trophies before the start of each of these events to ensure I can get 100%. Having 2 extra attempts will probably be enough that I should still be able to get 100% on my real bracket. That said, I still think they should change the reward structure. e.g. getting > 95% gives some set of rewards, 90-95% gives another, 85-90% gives another. That there's no longer a huge difference between perfect and less than perfect.
  8. Ninja Event totally bugged

    doh - you're right. I don't recall ever seeing this before so never even thought to look at the special abilities of the ninjas. I agree with Baccuse that this is happening a lot - not sure if it's intended or not though so it would be nice to get a confirmation. IMO it would also be nice if, in the future, it was more obvious that this was related to ninja activity. I usually run with a huge army (knights, etc) and there was not any obvious cause for my units being stoned - even when I was explicitly looking for it.
  9. Ninja Event totally bugged

    I just did the 1st batch of levels and noticed that my units are randomly getting turned to stone even though there are no basilisk towers anywhere near my units - or even when there are no basilisk towers on the level at all. I noticed something odd on the 1st level when my units were stoned when there wasn't a basilisk tower on the screen, but I figured maybe I missed something and then started paying more attention to it in levels 2-4. On those levels, I definitely saw my units gets stoned even when the levels contained zero basilisk towers.
  10. Not getting offers anymore

    This has started happening to me a few days ago on my Win10 machine. Deleting the VungleSDK folder from this directory C:\Users\YOURACCOUNT\AppData\Local\Packages\flaregamesGmbH.RoyalRevolt2_g0q0z3kw54rap\LocalState has fixed it for me each time it's happened. If this keeps up, I'll probably just update my RR2 batch script to delete this dir every time I boot the app...
  11. Agreed. The short event duration (1 day) in combination with the lack of an announcement was a double whammy that severely limited the usefulness of this event. The short event duration limited the number of forges we could perform and also reduced the likelihood that existing forges would complete during the event so that we could restart them during the event. The lack of an announcement meant we lost the opportunity to "pre-melt" items the night before the event so that they could be collected during the event for 3x the pearls. As it was, I was not able to melt all of the items I'd saved for the next BS event - even with a maxed out blacksmith that was boosted for the full duration of the event. While I appreciate the apology for the lack of an announcement and that they said they would announce them in the future, this is something we've heard before and at this point I don't really believe that it will happen reliably. Instead of relying on some moderator to post something, this information should simply be made available in the game. There is already functionality built in the game for giving us a preview of ninja events/war seasons/etc so why not add in something for these events as well?
  12. Unable to close ads

    This has been going on for a while now on my Win10 machine, but never on my Android phone. The issue is ad specific. Some ads work fine while specific ads either have no way to close out the ad or auto-loop (and have no way to close it). Dena4 called out some of the ads, but there are others. I just saw one for something that looked like a slot machine game (Caeser's Palace or something like that) earlier today that had no way to leave the ad - so you just need to exit the RR2 app and then restart it to continue playing.
  13. It'd be cool if there were some additional kinds of things that could drop from chests, beyond the normal currency/item/gem/etc. I'm thinking of things that could actually be used to change game play - such as 'personal' boosts. e.g. You could get an item (say, an Idol) that, when used, would activate a Storm Cannon (or any other) boost for X hours for your king. In addition to making chests a bit more interesting, it would give many people access to boosts that they wouldn't normally have since most folks aren't in high level alliances that have boosted everything. In addition to simply providing access to the current boosts, you could have items that provide all sorts of other enhancements. e.g. something that would lower food costs for battles for X hours, or boost gold% or XP, etc. Personally, I think this would make the game a lot more fun as I'd get to play around with things that I virtually never do as my alliance can only afford two boosts. From a business perspective, you could also use this as another way to generate revenue if you allowed people to buy (with gems/money) these items that provided the personal boosts.
  14. It would be nice if they said something - even if that something was that there was no event this week. Having no firm information is a worse state to be in than being told that there is no event, IMO.
  15. Server Update for Gargoyle Nest

    Which one? There are many to choose from. My vote would be for fixing Windowed mode (it's been broken for more than a year, since the Win10 Anniversary edition was released) or fixing the intermittent 2-3 second lags caused by the WindowsNonFatalSuspectedDeadlock event from the geolocation.dll access (broken since the Win10 Fall Creator's Update release)...