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  1. SHaase

    Better war rewards? A joke.

    I continuously kick folks to try to keep only active people, but this is a constant chore and, to be honest, hasn't positively impacted war participation. I've found it incredibly difficult to get and retain active players. This is made worse, in my opinion, by the war matching algorithm. When you win some wars, you move up the ranks so you get paired with harder alliances. At some point, you will lose wars - and then people jump to another alliance. IMO, there should be significantly better *personal* rewards for war participation. I'm not talking just chests, but potentially including things like boosts. I think a lot of people jump alliances to get boosts. If they only got those boosts if they participate in wars, that would curtail that behavior some. Separately, I'd love it if Leaders/Generals had the power to redistribute war season battles between members. Perhaps everyone gets a War Season ticket which grants them 3 battles in any given war. If they aren't using a ticket, the Leader/General give one members ticket to another alliance member who wants to do more battles...
  2. SHaase

    Better war rewards? A joke.

    Given that Pro-Chests are not equal, I wonder what "level" of Pro-Chest this actually is? Will it be a good one that actually has Pro level items or a crappy one that just gives pet food.... For me, this is mostly academic since I sincerely doubt I'll ever see one (per Dena's comments, above) but I'm curious nonetheless.
  3. SHaase

    Multi accounter leading (leaked,Evidence)

    Really? I didn't see this one - could you provide a link to the post?
  4. SHaase

    Improve in Maintenance Break

    I expect that a lot of these maintenance windows are not actually for issues relating to gameplay. e.g. they reboot a server due to patching or installing hardware, or they are bringing online new hardware, or they are fixing various non-gameplay oriented bugs, etc. This type of stuff is incredibly common for online services. That said, I agree that it would be nice to include a little blurb in the announcement about what it's for - improving service reliability/stability, increasing capacity, etc, OR that they actually are fixing bugs relating to gameplay and here are some details for that....
  5. SHaase

    Balancing changes April 5th

    @GalaMorgane, can you clarify the Granny Shop change? I actually really like the idea that the items there are able to be purchased with gold, but it sounds like if it would be an expensive item (e.g. > 15 million gold) then it will still cost gems or pearls? Cause the 1st item in the shop (upper left) seems to always still cost gems, even though it's not a great item. I've checked with some friends and they are seeing the same behavior - everything is available for gold except the upper left item.
  6. SHaase

    Cheat in pro?

    Not only do I not know how this person supposedly cheated, I also do not know what Flare even considers cheating. There's some nebulous rule about multiple accounts but what does that mean? If someone has two accounts and they participate in the same pro league, that's considered cheating - presumably because it gives people a chance to practice the levels? What about if someone has two accounts but they never participate in the same pro league (or the same pro league month)? If one of the issues is that practicing gives people a heads up about what's coming and ways to deal with it, that actually seems pretty similar to simply watching a youtube video of someone else who played (or watching over the shoulder of someone else who's playing) - so would these also be considered cheating if there was some way to monitor/enforce it (which there isn't, but I'm just curious). One way Flare could mitigate this would be to randomly generate the pro league levels so that there's no way to practice them, and then let people run a given pro league session multiple times (where each PL session would be a different set of randomly generated levels). So, if players aren't happy with their score, they could rerun the league again to try to get a better score. Sure, it's not a 100% apples to apples skill comparison because there will be randomness in the difficulty of the levels that people see, but I think it would introduce a lot more playability into the game.
  7. SHaase

    Useless Event: Boost your Castle

    My castle buildings have all been maxed for awhile, but this event doesn't bother me as it was hugely beneficial to me back when I wasn't maxed - particularly for upgrading Farms when food was a major concern (unlike now where food is generally a non-issue, at least for me). I like that my alliance members may finally be able to get to more of their upgrades because of this. That said, it'd be nice if they threw in an additional thing to make everyone happy. Perhaps this event could also include auto-boosts for castle buildings (Farms and Taverns)? It's nothing earth shattering, but it would be nice and it would save me the trouble of manually boosting my taverns twice a day.
  8. SHaase

    trivia rewards

    GalaMorgane - do you think you will be able to get through all of the people before the end of the blacksmith event? I'm hopeful that this will be the case, but it's fine if it's not - it would just be nice to know.
  9. SHaase

    BlackSmith Event..::New Rule!!??

    Yep, agreed. It's a bit annoying but it's a long event so the impact is relatively low. If this was a 1-2 day event, it would have really sucked.
  10. SHaase

    Trivia n°12: Sports & Games

    IGN: SHaase Game: Royal Revolt 2 Wow, sure wish I knew anything about soccer or cricket Skeleton Asmir Begović (100.5 yards, Guinness World Record for longest goal) Ice hockey has three 20 minute periods vs field hockey which has two 35 minute halves Ice hockey is played on ice, field hockey is played on grass Ice hockey 6 players at a time. Field hockey has 11 players Ice hockey players can slice pizza with their feet. Field hockey players just look silly King? Fencing, freestyle swimming, equestrian show jumping, pistols shooting and cross country running Malaysia Austrailia Roger Federer London 1982 Spain
  11. SHaase

    No more windowed mode in Win10?

    Again, I don't buy their answer. Universal apps were created with Windows 8 and, originally, they only ran full screen or in split screen mode. e.g. you used windows key + left/right arrow to dock the app on one half of the screen. Back then, you weren't able to run Universal apps in windowed mode which many people found annoying (including me). There were even 3rd party apps, such as Modern Mix by Stardock (, that would enable you to run Universal apps in windowed mode in Windows 8. Running Universal apps in windowed mode was a new feature that was added with Windows 10 - and life was good as RR2 (and all the other Universal apps) were able to run in Windowed mode. When the Windows 10 Anniversary update came out in the summer of 2016, windowed mode support in RR2 (and *ONLY* RR2) stopped working. Windowed mode in all of my other Universal apps continued to work fine after the Anniversary update. RR2 is the *only* Universal app that lost this functionality after the Anniversary update. So I can totally believe that there may have been some API changes related to windowed mode with the Anniversary update that RR2 may need to adjust to, but I don't buy that there was some Windows functionality that was flat out removed that made this work since every single Universal app I use with the exception of RR2 works in windowed mode.
  12. SHaase

    Discovering Changes In 3.9, And Questions

    I was really hoping the 1 button to collect stuff would also collect Pal Chests and Daily Reward chests, but it doesn't. Hopefully this is something they could add in a future update.
  13. SHaase

    No more windowed mode in Win10?

    3 months? I originally posted this in Sep 2016... In any case, I still don't understand their answer as other other Win10 universal apps I play don't have this issue. When the Win10 Anniversary update came out 1.5 years ago, RR2 was the only app I used that exhibited this problem.
  14. SHaase

    Many More Magic Chests

    I just wish you had any real level of control over how well you can do with respect to getting these chests. Unfortunately, it's totally gated on how many other alliances decide to attack you during a war. So far this season, a grand total of *zero* alliances have attacked us. Assuming this holds true again tomorrow for the last day of the war season, then that means the best I can do is to get in the low 20k skull range (~4.5k skulls/war) which doesn't even qualify for getting an uber chest. This is just one more reason why people don't participate in war seasons. I like having some form of a team aspect to the war season, but there need to be more personal rewards, IMO.
  15. SHaase

    3.9.0 update is coming!

    Looks like a decent number of small, but useful, quality of life enhancements. Some are pretty niche, like buying 5 slots, but I'll use some of them a lot - e.g. the single button resource collection and switching gear sets at the battle screen. Definitely also like the in-game event announcements. Hopefully the BS event they showed was a not so subtle way of saying what the next event is.