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  1. Flare already said they would never make such feature when i asked them last year .
  2. Does ads for window phone get un-sponsored again ? If there is no more app ads we are fine with youtube and product ads as long as the time and reward ratio is right. 😅
  3. soilwk

    Conquest map

    Last conquest map was nice, all alliance in our map was easily gain 100* point to get all the reward in the last day, except that 1 alliance not increase their point on purpose . well placed defense and attack bonus title make alliance think before they move to hot zone. Big thanks to forest title in slow down bullies .
  4. soilwk

    Supreme Victory should be reworked or removed

    Lol, you are only think like that because its not in your favor .If there is no player can score high skull in your base join that battle you will still win, its just that they put more work in protect that title so they get a bonus to help them keeping it . Try to walk in the other side shoes, use alot of stone and alliance gold , wait 2 day , have 2 member guard the tower on a defensive title and lost to 1 guys only use a bit of energy which will fill every minutes .
  5. There are still 15 slot open
  6. soilwk

    Forum Community Member of the Month

    Have a nice holiday and enjoy your free time away from our gaming nerd for a while Madlen 😂
  7. [Alliance Name] Champions Of Light [Alliance Level] 41 [Main Language] English is fine [Hero Level Req: None, all is welcome Hi all players looking for an alliance to join, Champions Of Light is a lv 41 alliance and we tent to accept all range of trophy player to help each other improve. We offer you 24% gold bonus in raid, blazing knight 24/7 ,Orge, Werewolf and barricade during war and conquest, all free boost in conquest,pro and ninja ,a friendly and helpful chat . Requirements to join : Remember to donate alliance gold and conquest resources, participate events, mutual communication with alliance members so we know you are still playing. We are not a too competitive alliance, our goal is to make the most resources out of events so all alliance member can grow their power and still enjoy the game .So if you need an alliance right now and ok with our offers and requirements, just type Champions Of Light in alliance search box and apply, we are always open and clear unactive member weekly for active player to join.
  8. soilwk

    Snake Vs Blade

    prolly because blade strom were quite strong when forge first release with 2 type of dmg so they nerf it down , i wont use either of them to fight heavy forged snake tower anyway, barely enough dmg to take one down and dmg affect got cancel as soon as a heal unit heal the tower 😣
  9. soilwk

    community manager answered Tile Cooldown for Wars in Conquest

    can we agree to have rule like if a tower just get attacked, it cant be attacked again too soon ?
  10. soilwk

    Funny Moments - RR2 Version

    Have yourself a white christmas
  11. soilwk

    Holiday Season Contest 2018

    Guess i will start off so everyone can confidently outdone IGN : Soilwk Did someone ask for Exploooooooooosiiioonn ? (imagine the loong ooooooooo as wolf howl)
  12. Its very usefull around lv 80 and below, for example you wount want to stand near a black snake tower at that lv or decided to go back to kick bomb from a white skull tower or not.People usually dont have enough resourses to have a evenly maxed then so its quite fun to smash light color one and carefull near dark towers, a good feature for new player experience . Dont change it would be a good idea. Also as defense is more toward perking to be strong and some topic about buff defense below i would like to propose an idea that is to give a special effect to tower when they reach +100, +150, +200 time perked. Heal aura, slow aura,... with flying color around, flare choice. It would encourage and reward people who spent alot to forge tower also it affect the right area of strong player in defense and offense since at low lv , where less forged tower met less forged troop and spell on king so the guardian bring less affective than it would be when it help a strong , high morale and fast cd on spell king alive.
  13. soilwk

    Top Tier Conquest, very bad matchmaking !

    Dude , that is the top tier, you get gems chest for like first 5 building ofc you would get top alliance up there. Also i still blame the map, even my cat's bed is bigger than that.
  14. soilwk

    community manager answered Tile Cooldown for Wars in Conquest

    Yeah we need some serious rule to this. My alliance have stood in a freaking same spot since day 1 , 2 top alliance have a deal and they just kept coming and coming for our towers . The other alliance and us having hard time to even find space to built while these guys have more than enough point already and now have nothing to do than ruining others fun.