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  1. My ninjas are tired of fighting, they decided to not doing anything anymore
  2. I dont mind fail in festival tho, the gold ratio is insane . 3 1 crown attack gave me double to triple a perfect raid gold would. If you only fail because of phoebe then you have make a good amount already before failed it. Also chance to practice fighting and adapt to it is great , since you wont have as many chance to repeat in war and conquest.
  3. I find it was a good event, i only have 1 free worker letf , usually i have 5~7 laying around because not have enough gold, trusty, donkey and g5000 all up a lv i i still have plenty of pearl left, not to mention free 555 gems they give for just login in and claim it .
  4. Hi madlen, i pretty sure i always click further into the path then used the skill , if it still decided to turn around for whatever reason then it's gameplay is just bad.
  5. Great, now i wish i went to art school instead of economic and became and accountant, i have no ability to draw nicely and imagination now.🤣
  6. It look cool, can attack firebolt and lightning tower annnddd that is it It skill is silly , i cant even have it self destruct at the towers in the corner without it turn around pushed my own troop back some time. It died like 3s when you fight gargoyle or lightning tower base, cant do anything to ranged tower, troop other side of path, cd time is too long. Fun when you fight base that you over powered or have good healing source else trusty pretty much better .
  7. Ok, so it might be a visual bug of my pro item which give ~300 pearl get overlap with the image of the 11 pearl item next. Which is still a bug please fix it.
  8. it have been over 1 hr since i posted and its still melting that 11 pearl item so its not visual bug. I loose a whole day just to get 1 11 pearl item melted da hell
  9. My black smith skill took 1h30m for 1% of time left to melt 11 pearl. Compared to my blacksmith stat it know it was wrong. Please check. IGN : Soilwk
  10. Well, its nice . I seen it in the game and having no problem with it .
  11. Nice, even the voice in the video sound awesome
  12. The low stat i can overcome but I think we should not be limit by 30 mins if flare cant do anything about heath hacker, bot maker, cheat engine expert , last PL i loose like 3minutes standing , hitting spike to know that fire dragon can one shot it, i usually aim the dragon to hit all troop and tower on the other side of the path as any skilled player do and boosted knight normally attack spike so i ended up try to destroy the spike with king alone cus PL knight wont help is such a troll ,also sometime skull tower wont shoot in a line but go everywhere like doom gate is a big factor, we cant be all the same since its impossible for everyone to do the first time the same.
  13. Look like life drain work when the king mount while other type of healing doesnt work. Which is quite sad since my built is around healing aura not hit and drain since in raid king only run around, kick bomb, touch as much tower as he can with spell so i always thought drain is useless.
  14. Feel like a more offensive trusty but slower, if i faces base that have 6 tower in the corner consist of heal tower, snake tower, basilik tower he would be perfect, i only need 1 or 2 time call him to deal with that same spot would be a game changer . But if base with gargoyle nest, skull tower which is quite deadly if not take down fast then trusty is a much safer bet since it also slow troop and prevent wolf from howling in there and make a crazy strong choke point. So idk, he is great agains base that i familiar with, have many tower close to each other since you wont be using him right if you dont know where is the spot first, he is quite slow and if that is not a corner or a choke point over the path then half of his bomb is wasted . Nice guardian but depend too much on base.
  15. Great pal, he is the face of Royal Guardian after all, he is not as offensive like other guardian so you might loose a crown because you missed some spike and un reachable tower. Not doing well agains supper healing and defenaive base since you would need power more than speed to fight them.
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