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  1. soilwk

    unbalanced battles

    maybe because all of the trophy droping during war , you can check their info first at leaderboard
  2. soilwk

    I just found another hidden "improvement"

    Wow, only knew about this 30 vid per day just now, lol. Usually have no offer when i got 4 chest from login bonus tap and have time to boost all building in sunday, that explain alot 😋. I only get 4~8 gems per league even if i boost all 4 farm all day because my match only give 34 medal now so 1 gems per vid is a great deal to me tho.🤣🤣
  3. soilwk

    ninja event

    what is ninja event, i cant even remember, did such event really exist ? 😋
  4. Im glad that the team is working on it, good work. But is still need to disagree on something here Lower cost according to alliance lv Why ? Lower for low lv or lower for high lv ? If 2 team on a same map and have to do the same thing with difference cost because they have difference lv it will be not fair right ? Reward for skull => Disagree on such feature Erm, what wrong with such feature, that is the same way we earn reward during war and please remember war is much more comfortable when it come to fight for skull, you can fight anytime of the day and get reward even if you have less than enemy, mean while in conquest player are forced to fight and must win at everytime possible of the day for 8 day, just to move ?
  5. soilwk

    Cant see granny beast

    Lumia 640 windows 10 mobile
  6. soilwk

    war season improvement

    I missed when they first added new boost before and during war , it was fun, now we just prolong whatever we have . I missed blunt dmg mortar , ranged archer, etc, just put them as war boost reward and mixed up with tower boost randomly would be fun enough without add too much new thing .
  7. soilwk

    Is Granny's cat's beast female?

    i can only see granny in my kingdom, no more giant cat, anyone know why ?
  8. soilwk

    Conquest and alliances Collusion

    I think if all alliance agree to not be a bullies in first 3 day for all 4 team to get 150 point then all 4 team already are winners .
  9. Conquest help alot, with 2k pearl from chest i can forge my skill 2 time for 1 more + for the first time in this month ☺☺☺
  10. soilwk

    A tie does not pay in conquest

    I think if 3 tie all get 3rd reward too, maybe the company dont want player making deal ?
  11. soilwk

    Conquest Rewards for Rank 2

    I understand it took many resources to built that much for 400+ but that also mean other 3 are very weak so less hard work for you. Also please consider leave other alliance some point for max reward, thanks you .
  12. soilwk

    [update - solved]Missing conquest rewards

    I did leave promising chest in topic about what would i like in conquest so here is it 850 friend voucher 2018 pearl Uber set is nearly the same as the set i having and since i forged so i will count as ~214 pearl 2 owl , 2 howl , 1 growl and guess who, asuka 😄😄😄
  13. soilwk

    Negativity around Conquest

    Yes, i know, since top alliance are not easy to get dominated by other with defensive bonus from tile and tower so first or last you will gather enough point for all reward anyway so ofc top guy will want conquest loop as fast as possible but the "not top" part which is bigger still have problem so you would heard much about them. But yes some demand and reaction in the forums are some what wrong. I did leave comment with explanation in some of them .
  14. soilwk

    Conquest and alliances Collusion

    Yes, i was referring to some rude blaming/comment/reply direct to other player to express anger in this topic. I think its all clear enough to see . I dont want to quote all again because most are very long and negative.