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  1. soilwk

    How have you experienced the new matchmaking?

    yeah we have 3 or 4 highest player on the map but got surrounded by high number of member alliance, pretty balanced to me
  2. soilwk

    Conquest rewards

    This time i got 107 gems 3 pro item (boots arent that great, but equal pearl or gold is nice) 2k pearl 3 tammy, owl, bucky,... old pal I would say my lower tier reward last time serve me well, i felt that way is better but this is difference kind of chest so it nice in it own way too.
  3. I think people need to slow down and stop ask for everything to change because they think it would be in their favor . Try thinking when the enemy are stronger and have difference time zone to your, would you like to see people of other team block your stronghold in day 1, have enough energy to repeat attack right when it done and it last 8 day , sound like torture to me . My alliance case, We meet enemy team in day 2 and already agree this pace is fast enough.
  4. I can tell that the new update is quite heavy for my old snapdragon S4 cpu and 8GB of RAM, i get the game forced to close after watched an ad or click between button fast a few time already now.
  5. good work, can complain when there are bug fixed
  6. soilwk

    Winners Spooky Halloween Contest 2018

    I was busy with conquest and festival but after received 100 gems i knew right away our dear Madlen have give out more tier reward for us so i have to check forums right away. Good work everyone !
  7. can we get option to confirm or cancel using scroll in raid if misclick ? , i done half of an hour survey for 12 gems and loose as much after one click i didn't intended to . I feel sad
  8. soilwk

    [closed] RR2 Spooky Halloween Event

    IGN : Soilwk Spooky is when you are playing in the middle of the night and after you win your mummy suddenly turn around and look at you like this
  9. I know those condition man, i even used my gems down to 3 digit number in this blacksmith event, still only uber offer today.
  10. soilwk

    Funny Moments - RR2 Version

    Power archer taking a swim in ice lake to cool down pyromancer burn
  11. soilwk

    About update for skull tower boost

    How can you stun skull tower on other side tho ?
  12. Maybe not this patch directly but i hardly see discount offer pack for +1 lv of your current troop or spell set up , +5 king lv , + worker , full gold chest + worker or finished all current upgrade packs after done raiding anymore . Only thing i get is 1k5 gems offer for 5 uber chest time after time but it seem like a bad investment since we have pro tier stuff now so i will never buy it . So did it removed for specific lv or gems range or what . I believe with how it was working before : Pop up the offer with higher gems number than you are having then after months of playing i should have seen more than just uber offer, when i have 2 or 3k gems it still 1k5 gems uber offer, i only bought +3 worker pack and spell before btw .?
  13. soilwk

    Funny Moments - RR2 Version

    You have been attacked by NOBODY, have fun stuck there for 24h ALONE ???
  14. Ign : Soilwk Running wild and fast, slay these beast at their own castle
  15. And also because it took place right after conquest too, so we have enough uber tier stuff to feed blacksmith. Honestly i wasn't believe they would put blacksmith so soon so i started upgrade blacksmith building 1 day before the event head-up. Used about 400 gems to finish but event include more pearl per gems so it feel less wasted ?