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  1. Seriously…. that game crashing makes victory in conquest just random… it's a serious pain...
  2. Gengis

    RR2 forum event - Winter 2018

    Being the Grinch, i dislike any snowman… Therefore I would use Phoebe to destroy them all... (*insert evil laugh here...) so basically, I guess that I'm just here for the random winner pick... Fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la IGN: Gengis me And yes, I was singing "Do you want to kill a snowman?" in my mind while writing this post...
  3. Gengis

    Bug report in conquest mode

    Same bug here: (ign: Gengis me, playing on windows) Cannot fight in conquest neither see the attacks against me. (fyi, this is a battle that i started, yesterday i was able to fight in a battle that i joined)
  4. Indeed pro should fight pro in the highest league for professional for the highest rewards and kids should fight kids in kids league for the lower rewards… and that's not the current system with special matchmaking per tier and it should indeed be fix in some ways.
  5. It's just two different vision of what should be competition that oppose us... I find fairer and I'm more for an open competition per tier/league/rewards level....and may the stronger win... Like you would have in any high level sporting competition with no handicap system... I indeed consider that if we would fight in top tier it's normal to meet the top alliance whatever rank you are... Your vision seems more like the index/handicap system in amateur golfing... I'm just more in favour of the professional competition system than an amateur one...
  6. one of my issue is that improve matchmaking is making the "gaming" now to get higher rewards while without a special matchmaking the "gaming" is/was to stay in lower tier to get easier fight but to get lower rewards. So have a wild guess which I think is fairer...
  7. It's not at all about trashing small alliances. It's mainly for me to not be in a system where having lower level player inside your higher level alliance does become a liability... For the moment the system will favor significantly alliance that will kick their 10 to 15 lower players and/or cheat their trophy level. And with a system that indeed rewards the quite significant efforts and/or sacrifices made by an alliance to reach the higher levels compare to a much younger alliance.
  8. Rank is not relevant, for example an alliance ranked 40 could change artificially to became rank 130 overnight... And be with the same "strength"/as competitive for conquest...
  9. Actually the rank is the easiest to manipulate and the sure way of creating some mismatches as well… Actually you should have more tiers with a promotion system that create either a pyramidal (few at top more at lower tier) or a gauss (few at top tier most in the middle tiers few in the lower tiers) shape repartition to fill those tiers (based on what is the most representative of the active alliance (flare should have those data and it should be quite easy to do) with open matchmaking within those increase number of tiers.
  10. So yes one of the problem at start (and still now) was/is not enough tier … so let's create a special matchmaking system based on strength that cannot be defined without facing possible manipulation and creating other unfair situation (protection on some that make easier to fight for higher rewards on not others) (+btw, that it's not really solving unfair matchmaking (the top100 alli on our map had limited chances anyway last conquest))… but let's certainly not just increase the number of tiers…
  11. Not at all... Ninja challenge is constructed so that higher player will compete for higher rewards with tougher challenge…. Same with a conquest system with rewards level per tier level, promotion system and open matchmaking… if the alliance compete in the correct tier for their level they will face roughly against equally strong opponents… the whole system was broken after the first conquest when alliance were allowed to compete in a too high tier level for their alliance level and the fact that there was missing few tier level...
  12. Good to know that you disagree with the ninja tier system as well…
  13. Why? They will if they perform well in conquest skill terms. If not, they don't deserve it. Very simply because for example the lowest rewards would be useless for higher alliance/player (while those are still useful for lower alliance/player). You need a relation between the rewards level and the alliances/players level in order to keep them motivated to fight for such high time consuming event... (A high rank player wouldn't fight for ninja for the lower tier rewards...), it's just about the correct rewards level for the player/alliances level.
  14. But what is similar strength? Alliance level? no, because for example an alliance level 80 with an average player ranks of 3k would not have a chance against one with an average of 4k... Alliance rank? no, because an alliance could either kick their lower player just before conquest or player could manipulate their rank (trophy number) to reduce the rank of an alliance on purpose. That is why the rewards level needs to be link to the tier with a open matchmaking per tier. (to avoid unfair manipulation of those so called 'fair' matchmaking to easily fight for highest rewards). Further more I do think that higher alliance should indeed fight for higher rewards. But I think that a couple more tier could be useful with a system with open matchmaking per tier.
  15. Seriously, you were/are fighting in the highest tier and your complaint is that fighting in the highest tier imply that you have a risk to fight the highest team/alliance…? That's pretty normal to me, you want to fight in the highest tier than it's normal that there is a risk to face the highest team (top ten included).