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  1. I don't see how someone that is working and sleeping (meaning that during work days will only connect shortly in the morning and a bit more during the afternoon/evening), could play, be useful to the alliance or even enjoy that conquest gameplay... (that's my current feeling/feedback)
  2. Cool down is a killer for me... Next days I'll only have access to the game short time in the morning and in the evening only... Because of the cool down, I'll be useless to my alliance...
  3. Gengis

    balance changes

    so the tests were done at top level and they have no idea of the impact at mid or lower level… as to be expected seeing the impact.
  4. Nope I just expect my mid level offence to be effective against a mid level defense, and to be clear I don't give a sht about beating the top players.
  5. The new balances doesn't favors mid-level player at all. The problem with your thinking is that you assume that every mid level player would also have access to a lot of the top pro gears, a lot of different pals at high level and the choice of all unit with the best boost. that's not the case at all. Mid level players don't have that much choice in their combo (as that combo won't be effective without either the relevant boost , the relevant gear or the relevant max pal that make that combo works...) The balancing might be good for the top but not mid level player. Because our mid level defense will bring us the some trophy number where our mid level offense will be totally ineffective... because now the balancing created a big gap between the effectiveness of the mid level defense and the mid level offence. And could some please just stop bragging about skills when for most is a lot about having top gears, top pals and top boosts, that makes really the trick in offense...? The other issue is the bait and switch type of scam (not new) that flare are still doing... offering something OP for money (e.g. Ceres offer for money) and nerf it after so that they will propose you the new OP thing next time (in the future) as an offer for money.... That's by the way some criminal practice...
  6. Gengis

    Server Update 12/01/17

    In my opinion, the issue isn't really the toughness of the Island itself (those aren't extremely difficult) but the impact of missing a tower on the final reward compared to outside the ninja event (from raiding for gold to even war raids, the impact of missing one tower over 30 raid isn't a big issue) (so more a reward system bracket issue) and maybe also another issue would be the weakness of the gate compared to the tower around (the gate will go way too quickly compared to some towers around).
  7. Gengis

    Update 2.7

    There is other things that have been changed as I could feel directly after the update that my raiding efficiency wasn't the same, even though I wasn't able to pin point the changes... They should announce such changes (even if not quantified...)
  8. Gengis

    New update

    Were any troop, spell or tower nerfed ?
  9. Gengis

    What are you doing???

    Aether, "Second, these changes have been made to counter the unbalanced endgame, so the defense is not underpowered compared to the offense. " I think that's the main issue, you aren't thinking about balance when developing and introducing new features, you always have to come back after with some quickly made patches solutions... (not always the best solutions as quickly made/designed...). And that is the behaviour that is upsetting players...
  10. Gengis

    Server update - balance changes

    I guess that one of the KPI for the developer end of year bonus is the number/growth of "new player"... (even if it's short term thinking, the figure of that kpi will be good... even though it doesn't represent the reality...)
  11. Gengis

    Server update - balance changes

    Also it's funny to see that update that are for new uber items (including skulls perks) are done just before wars ( with a whish to exacerbate compulsive buy by gems) and update that needs gold are done just after war (when there isn't that much gold already out there...)(with a whish to exacerbate again compulsive gold buy by gems). We can of course expect a lack of gold for the next days...
  12. Gengis

    Server update - balance changes

    Indeed the issue wasn't the tower lvl by itself but the difference of a very highly perked towers/obstacle defence and a non perked defence. So now a non perked defence will be slightly better but the highly perked defence will be impossible to beat... So the new levels solution in my opinion wasn't the correct solution...
  13. Gengis

    Update 2.2

    Thanks a lot fg, it's now so much (over the top) a P2W game now that I don't feel the need to try to keep up with the top... and no need to buy gems anymore... (even though I can afford it without any problem, I will use that money for some even more fancy golf and ski gear... )
  14. Gengis

    Summer is coming, get ready!

    ign: gengis me Who is this Summer you are talking about???? Hope she is nice looking... I will not disclose what are my plan or even what I would like to/will do to her (neither in my kingdom or at home...)... at very least, it seems quite an odd and indiscreet question to ask if you want to know my opinion... :s
  15. Gengis

    Version 2.1.0 for Windows

    Why complain...? Because I'm playing on Windows in Belgium and I didn't have any video yet and still don't either for chest, farm, blacksmith,....