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  1. Before upgrade they say , problem of finding gold will be gone Where is gold ?
  2. What about the pro shop, it will change or remain same ?
  3. That's why i told , give demo/trail for 2 days
  4. Who is playing ? Flare or us Now flare decide what units and spells to use and what to not. If they had done this , then also give some suggestions and example of better combo ( units and spells ) , better or as good as ogre , wolf , and ceres But its okk , No problem i already told this , month ago in some post may be in suggestions , when everyone were saying that defense was weak That soon every one will starts saying defense are over hard , can't beat , offense become weak.
  5. Why nerfed spells , units and pals Just remove one spell from attack , give only 2 to use. As pals doing the works of spells
  6. Yes, They want to increase the demand of nemesis pal,As nobody were interested in that.
  7. Now everybody know something something about this new update Maximum players upgrading there 3 building Now only we want to see the Conquest Mode fight , so many things to do in this also its first times , so many alliances/players will be confuse in that , how to fight , what to do next So If we get the trails version for 2 days , before the conquest events starts then it will be great. ??
  8. Only get all the answers after playing it 2-3 times
  9. What happens to the building levels, If i leave the alliance, and rejoin or join another Should i have upgrade again or its saved
  10. So, the update come out May be we get the knowledge of actual conquest after participating atleast 2 times
  11. Or may be Ninja events starts again ?
  12. Everybody, now focusing on new update Next time , they will
  13. Yes, some country get update today itself and remaining will take 1-3 days
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