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  1. Good bye to Royal Revolt 2 Team , Flare Games , Lisa , Alliance - Apocalypse . Astalavista .

  2. Clash of Clans , Boom Beach , Euro Truck Simulator 2 , American Truck Simulator Beta , Forza 6
  3. EmperorV

    Let's play: Word association

    dirt -- >> trash
  4. EmperorV

    Unlimited Words!

    Dracomancer -- >> Fire
  5. EmperorV

    Let's play: Word association

    tea - leaves
  6. EmperorV

    Let's play: Word association

    Long - scale
  7. EmperorV

    Are you new to Royal Revolt 2? Read This!

  8. EmperorV

    Update 1.9.1

    The game is completely bugged for Android. Facing loading problems , game kicking out while raiding and super LAG in the game. Looks like v1.9.1 is very badly coded by FLARE developers for Android. Better check your .apk's once more for errors. Several bugs all at a time attacking many android users. Please fix the kicking issues as soon as possible please. I am playing on Nexus 5 and i experience lag,kickout. I lost several battles just before i kill gate because i got kicked out every time. Very Very bad.
  9. EmperorV

    Let's play: Word association

    hiding --->> thief
  10. EmperorV

    Update 1.9.1

    Wow !!! This update surely packs a punch !!! Need to test first and get to a decision
  11. EmperorV

    Let's play: Word association

    secret files -->> locker
  12. EmperorV

    gems promotion?

    As of i know my rich brother from Egypt "King Ramses " does not need any discount sales.
  13. EmperorV

    Event: Autumn is here!

    Running on the ground like a Pokemon, Flying in the air like a charizard, I see the trees shedding leaves around, Whining away i go like a buzzy bee, I am a Royal Revolter, I swivel around like a knight, hup hup hippy hurray , at the night i see the trees, The trees just look like baldy monsters, hIP hip hippy hurray Ign :- EmperorV
  14. EmperorV

    Server update 09/25/2015

    So every Friday FLARE will introduce something more Crappy than the before Friday's Crap THIS IS THE BEST CRAP EVER TILL THE NEXT CRAP , IF ITS NOT FLARES CRAP , ITS NOT EVEN A CRAP welcome to CRAP FRIDAYS !!!!
  15. EmperorV

    Event: Where did Jack go?

    TROLL of the day !!! hahahaha