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  1. Blackout

    4.0 Bugs Megathread

    not sure if it has been reported already, cause no patience to check all the replies but... lvl 11 heal towers are not showing heal status: dont know if thats the only one but lvl 9 and 10 are ok, I dont have any heal tower on another lvl than these
  2. Blackout

    4.0 Conquest - Feedback and Suggestion List

    my alliance lost during night time a tower that we thought would be defended with ~7 members full with troops... but enemies still reached supreme victory before we even had time to enter the game and react
  3. that's what I thought last time and I lost an awesome weapon because of that there's nothing on the current shop that I want but it would just be nice to be informed when it's gonna be updated and when not.
  4. we cant deny that in matters of being a balanced game, phoebe is stronger than the others and should be changed, the range of that lethal spell is insane, and dropping a healing pool every 3-4seconds is totally crazy. but it is a weird beast, as sometimes its an allmighty immortal bear, and other times its defeated in like 2 seconds and you barely notice it guess you just gotta be prepared for it. you gotta have a big army otherwise you wont have enough damage to kill it and the beast will just heal all the health that you are removing, and gotta have shield spell ready otherwise it doesnt matter how big your army is, phoebe will just evaporate them all in the blink of an eye
  5. yeah the radius was kinda obvious, shouldve figured it out. so lvl 3 is max for watchtower? also does the cost change in different ocasions? cause im pretty sure the cost i saw for a lvl2 this morning wasnt 15.000, guess it was 12k or 13k
  6. Blackout

    Reward of conquest war.

    Winning war battles should give instant rewards to players as well, you know, give something to all those victorious fighters, and also encourage more players to participate
  7. First of all as Fritz has a big range he will not properly follow the king sometimes. On bases like this, for example: Fritz will stay on blue point just shooting while King fights all the red path! and that causes Fritz to waste his spell on orange path only again and again during all that time! Gotta decrease the minimum range that the pal can be away from the hero so he can follow us properly, like the melee attack pals do. And another thing is, when Fritz casts that sliding blizzard spell he will sometimes drag allied units with him, both ahead to just die or all the way back so I have to wait for them to reach me again! It's so annoying when I'm trying to keep my army together and suddenly Fritz does that and sends my wolves to Narnia!!!
  8. Blackout

    4th spell slot

    that's totally wrong! the number of spells change everything in the gameplay!!! maybe you just don't remember how it was to have only 2 slots for spells and troops at the beginning of the game but the difference after you unlock those 3rd slots is huge! and I believe same thing would happen with a 4th slot, like, it would give you the damage you miss when going with defensive combo or the health/shield you miss when going with offensive combo... not to mention all the new combo possibilities with one more spell available
  9. Blackout

    Conquest Donkey is slow.

    build watchtowers on a way they all connect their tiles, you move A LOT FASTER on claimed territory! For example, to move 1 tile on forrest terrain its 49minutes vs 9minutes difference of unclaimed and claimed territory
  10. Blackout

    4.0 Conquest - Feedback and Suggestion List

    we are not on the same map xD but its not a hard strategy to figure out they came evaporating our defenses with a huge group, we had to built a even bigger group and sent them all back home we were doing that too so same thing happened to our attacking group that was going to another direction, they gave us like 10 war victories until they got too close to enemy stronghold so enemies could all group up and send our group back home.
  11. Blackout

    About the new manager!!

    I like you. ?
  12. Blackout

    About the new manager!!

    Welcome to the kingdom, Madlen ?