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  1. Now because of the matchmaking,even in the platinum league there are high level player,continuous play for two day insures one can win and that is only possible because of dungeon play and nothing else,WHY DONT THEY JUST SHUT DOWN THE GAME.
  2. Right now my diamond league is going on,I dnt even play to three days,just come online donate and leave,even in diamond league,I don't try to play dungeon,
  3. Do you people even play your own game?? Dungeons exploit what is that?? Everyone has the same set-up to play,scoring medals now will be limited to higher level players only,rest like many of us will just keep on staring the screen,THE MOST DUMBEST IDEA OF ALL FROM YOU LOT.
  4. In keeping with the Christmas spirit ,it should be build with the help of Bela. Ign-M.Rizwan.Shekhani
  5. My biggest achievement is,got skull perk on all the five items on war gear,through luck and lots of gems
  6. The topic says it all,you said it yourself,since this will be last 9 calender QUEST,MAP will be big,but what about the rewards?? They are same only,for long playing and the same rewards,please look into it,And more thing would you be able to tell apart from top 10 teams,who will be able to built level 3 watchtower???THANK YOU.
  7. Not shouting,just trying to get the answer, my question is,there are pre set skull bonus on uber weapon and gloves,we cant get them by forging,so are there pre set skull bonus on pro weapon and gloves and if not whether developers will put them or not.Simple.
  8. Ok,but what about the answer to the question??
  9. I have already asked this question before also but no answer was given,HOW ABOUT NOW,HAVE MADE A POST ABOUT IT ALSO.
  10. IS there a CONQUEST EVENT in the mind of developers??
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