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  1. rizwan07

    Pro league hacker

    Problem Is that they don't give warning also.Just randomly ban players.
  2. rizwan07

    Pro league hacker

    My teammate is ban for having two accounts just for donation,he didn't even play in the pro league,he is ban from third week,when pro league started,they still haven't unbanned him.
  3. rizwan07

    Special Uber Granny....or Dungeon Tricks and Help :D

    At the start of event it was 116 now it will be by tomorrow 120
  4. rizwan07

    Special Uber Granny....or Dungeon Tricks and Help :D

    Use ogre,knight and wolf,for spell go with toxic cloud with max slowdown,bladestorm and shield,i have completed all the dungeons without using any gems,although my healing ring is at 110%
  5. rizwan07

    Sp on pro ring 💍, flare trick us all...

    After the announcement,that you won't get the removed perk again,I am getting the same perk again after two or three try,Wasted so many gems on it but still not the desired result.
  6. rizwan07

    Sp on pro ring 💍, flare trick us all...

    See this
  7. rizwan07

    Ninja event level 30 5600+ tier gameplay

    Can you post the screenshot of your hammer strike spell.
  8. rizwan07

    Whata April fool

    444vouchers,2stupid uber items(totally useless),158gems and pearls.If this was your idea for birthday gifts,than you people have messed up big time.
  9. From last night ads are not working,is it just on my phone,or it's not working for everybody.By the way it's Android phone.
  10. rizwan07

    When will the ban gets over??

    His main account from pro league.
  11. rizwan07

    When will the ban gets over??

    Donation purpose only,he didn't play with it also in pro league.
  12. It's been over two months since you have ban one of my alliance member to participate in pro league,He has send many mails and request but the teams are not responding,there are tons of people who have multiple accounts(which they use for donations and pro tickets)have you banned all of them.IF YOU want to ban them at least first give them warning if they don't stop than take the extreme step,here you have just banned him and not responding also.PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
  13. rizwan07

    Just post it

    I know that Christmas festival is going on,but if there is no weekly event going to happen just post it,so players can move about their strategy of what they want to do,Please don't keep us waiting.
  14. rizwan07

    Thank you

    The cooldown of the dungeon digging from 5days became 24hrs.THANK YOU FOR THAT.
  15. rizwan07

    Not complaining just requesting

    Wish it was that easy to get the gems,than I wouldn't have made this topic. I won't be speeding up the process by using gems,but than it our own choice.