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  1. rizwan07

    Conquest rewards

    VERY true,in my alliance there were some who got rewards but like you said worst than trash,total and complete fool was made of us,SO MANY GEMS FOR BUILDINGS UPGRADE,LOTS AND LOTS OF ALLIANCE GOLD,AND IN END THE EHAT HAPPENES,EVERY BODY KNOWS NOW.
  2. Ok,so 3battles glitch everybody is facing,now what about the grinding issue,if you cant eliminate alliance,than this whole set-up becomes monotonous,king returns to castle and than once again he is on battlefield,FOR CONTINOUS EIGHT ARE WE TO KEEP DOING THIS????
  3. First of all whole concept is good,but you people have forgotten there is a life for everybody beyond game,For starters there should be a elimination,otherwise this whole routine just become grind after grind(Paste said whole balancing thing was done to stop grinding of players).Anyhow we are still playing but there are bugs in the game which is stopping us from gaining victory,In the research department we have completed the research of three extra battles for hero,but still we are only getting five battles,I have prove also,ALLIANCE NAME IS - INDIA ONE ALLIANCE.DO REPLY
  4. I have read all the FAQ about CONQUEST MODE,but it's nowhere written or stated that whether enemy can be eliminated or not.Please reply.
  5. rizwan07


    Reasoning which you people gave,is nothing short of excuses,at least before this update,I could easily do raids,what if I only choose,the same combination,at least wouldn't get frustrated so easily,but now it's just back to square one,Your meaning for TOWER DEFENSE MEANS,that player should only concentrate on defense only,stop doing raids that's what you mean.As for the variability in raiding,which you say we have lots to choose from,apart from big three,whose health is more that they can at least cross first choke point,And what about the gems,you didn't gave even one idea,on how to procure gems.
  6. Just went ahead and buffed up the whole defence at such level that 4.5k teir, players also have become unbeatable,If you people want to make the game by its name(TOWER DEFENSE),than reduce its forging cooldown,that way at least most of us can also have good defense,instead of just adding extra level,why didn't you people just buffed up the current stat of the towers.As for the new CONQUEST MODE,how are we going to get gems to upgrade alliance tower,unlock blacksmith slots and max the stronghold buildings,of you care about your gamers,Than do reply.
  7. rizwan07

    Please check firebolt and necromancer stats

    What's the use,after spending so much on everything,they are just openly cheating people,if they wanted to nerf hammerstrike spell,than why did they gave that blacksmith armour set,now what is the use of that,I have spent such on bladestorm(pearls and gems) now what's the use.
  8. Just now after you changes,necromancer and firebolt damages have considerably increased,the 5k tier players which I could easily defeat,right now I am not able to even reached the gate do check,Even before this game was somewhat playable,now with all the gems requirement,it is literally impossible to even play,And now this overpowered defense,DO check.
  9. rizwan07

    Pro league hacker

    Problem Is that they don't give warning also.Just randomly ban players.
  10. rizwan07

    Pro league hacker

    My teammate is ban for having two accounts just for donation,he didn't even play in the pro league,he is ban from third week,when pro league started,they still haven't unbanned him.
  11. rizwan07

    Special Uber Granny....or Dungeon Tricks and Help :D

    At the start of event it was 116 now it will be by tomorrow 120
  12. rizwan07

    Special Uber Granny....or Dungeon Tricks and Help :D

    Use ogre,knight and wolf,for spell go with toxic cloud with max slowdown,bladestorm and shield,i have completed all the dungeons without using any gems,although my healing ring is at 110%
  13. rizwan07

    Sp on pro ring 💍, flare trick us all...

    After the announcement,that you won't get the removed perk again,I am getting the same perk again after two or three try,Wasted so many gems on it but still not the desired result.
  14. rizwan07

    Sp on pro ring 💍, flare trick us all...

    See this
  15. rizwan07

    Ninja event level 30 5600+ tier gameplay

    Can you post the screenshot of your hammer strike spell.