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  1. rizwan07

    [closed] RR2 Forum event - biggest achievement

    My biggest achievement is,got skull perk on all the five items on war gear,through luck and lots of gems
  2. rizwan07

    SO big MAP, and SO little rewards

    The topic says it all,you said it yourself,since this will be last 9 calender QUEST,MAP will be big,but what about the rewards?? They are same only,for long playing and the same rewards,please look into it,And more thing would you be able to tell apart from top 10 teams,who will be able to built level 3 watchtower???THANK YOU.
  3. It's their monopoly,THEY will never remove it.
  4. Not shouting,just trying to get the answer, my question is,there are pre set skull bonus on uber weapon and gloves,we cant get them by forging,so are there pre set skull bonus on pro weapon and gloves and if not whether developers will put them or not.Simple.
  5. rizwan07

    How about CONQUEST EVENT

    Ok,but what about the answer to the question??
  6. I have already asked this question before also but no answer was given,HOW ABOUT NOW,HAVE MADE A POST ABOUT IT ALSO.
  7. IS there a CONQUEST EVENT in the mind of developers??
  8. rizwan07

    PRO shop

  9. rizwan07

    PRO shop

    Madlen,HOW about reply to me also,regarding skull bonus on pro items.
  10. rizwan07

    PRO shop

    That's what,I am asking for if there is pre-set skull bonus on weapon and gloves(uber),than why bot on pro items.
  11. rizwan07

    PRO shop

    Than what about skull bonus on pro weapon and gloves,kindly give update on it.
  12. Skull perks in weapon and gloves are automatically there for uber items,but what about pro weapon and gloves,you can't get them by forging,So Madlen any answer on this??
  13. Please confirm,if points get deduct than will it effect awards chest or not??