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  1. Janus at higher levels can be good in controlling the troops that you would want near the gate. That might be crucial during war and ninja raids. Aska and Ceres don't allow that. (As informed by my brother)
  2. Hope the update is exciting for a comeback ....nooo, it's not the game, just not enough time.
  3. Yes, that would be a useful feature. There were many suggestions like these (eg. defensive timer to know the time for raid, live data feed to see the progress i.e the towers left or ahead, etc.), nothing has been attended to.
  4. I always wanted to ask this..probably it is here. When a BS event starts the value of pearl goes 3x or 5 x depending on the event. The gold then also jumps for melting. It is not the old one for a mere few pearls (eg. if the gold for melting is 95k for a 46 pearl item, it goes 3 times for 3x pearl. However, when the even finishes and your items are still melting or you forget to collect your pearl, the value drops back to the normal. However, the gold used for melting the 3x item is gone and not returned back.
  5. I can understand the reaction oPelle. I just brought into light the usual pattern of FG.
  6. It's a big problem. They should allow one more option to change the name and also all the names irrespective of the country should be English. It is unfair that when you search (I felt it long time back) you cannot search specific names whereas everybody can search you.
  7. Hi, I believe Croma is correct..does it really matter what combo is given?. Anyhow, the troop and spell combo is decided by FG.
  8. So, after this post, they actually introduced 3 new pals. Guess whats in store. They should make food chest as food uber chest- minimum 1000 food per chest, so if you can open all 3 ..vola 3000 food in a day. Actually, with the new pals coming up every other day even this amount of food seems less.
  9. Yup, this has been brought up on my threads. Either alternative Realm or upgrading inside the inventory is a good choice.
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