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  1. Higher gold boost for alliances with over 300k trophies only?
  2. Wow finally top players actually speak out instead of just spending even more money. Even a developer frantically answering
  3. http://imgur.com/4Tg9FwV LEVEL 80 PAAAARTY TIME
  4. Went through the list of new things. Some some good, some bad, some I don't care about but the one big thing that stood out was the "more alliance gild boost for alliances over 300,000 trophies" and just how many alliances can have the privilege of that yet another advantage. Oooo the paying ones
  5. If a chamber only holds 12m how do upgrades cost more than that as I'm assuming things do like Castle Gate
  6. Exactly, like I said. Even top alliances will hate it. I hear 8m a day each for monk and new tower. Have fun spending your real money on that [explicit]
  7. New levels....yay. Harder for anyone at any level. Obviously top teams are in such a sad state they need everything maxed asap so that's a mass amount of money for flare right there. Me on the other hand can never get enough gold for even upgrading skulls to level 4 let alone max, I only just got another gate which took ages to get the 8m needed!!! Waves at 3m each are taking its toll. Everything just costs way too much. Blacksmith has clearly put the pearl prices up and the success rate down. I'm happy for a new spell, troop and tower but I heard the cost for the boosts on monk and the tower on a daily basis.....even top alliances will hate that!! The never ending cycle continues
  8. From the look of it they used maybe 1 or 2 ogres due to how faint it is. Unlike the cannons above where they were used more often. IntriguingBodycard no longer exists. No gems for anyone
  9. "items get better" they say. Pile of [explicit]!!! Rerolled a load of times and got one thing worth getting. Other than that the rip offs are still there and yes the rolls are cheaper but in no way do they get better. After around 20 rolls I got a COMMON item and I'm getting so many that are worse than what I have. Why would anyone anywhere at all but gear worse than what they have already for gems or pearls??
  10. What's good about granny event? Only gear worth getting is worth gems not gold. You get cheaper spins but that's still gems. The events where it only cost gold to get things are my favourite personally
  11. But low players wont be able to afford the costs of upgrading a new troop, tower and maybe spell. Only top gem throwing top players can. I look forward to having a new level 1 monk and tower though
  12. I leave around 800k-900k but people just take gold from peoples taverns anyway.
  13. Yer Blookie! Stop complaining, do what Fii Nami does and move from Todes, to Apoc to League and to wherever else next
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