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  1. We are experiencing this same issue. Reports from many alliance members on many devices. It started occurring during conquest, after the upgrade and has continued all weekend. Makes it quite hard to battle.... I was not using Ceres and he was not the beast. So I do not think it is to do with him? Everything just goes nuts with flashing colors everywhere?
  2. Yes, I think only leader and generals should he able to expand towers. Their expansion times could play a part in the strategy.....
  3. I agree .. regular players should Not be allowed to expand towers. We have had trouble with this 2 conquest in a row!!
  4. We promoted everyone.. Put it back the way it was...
  5. I think it was a bug that they are sticking with. It inappropriately displays as grassland
  6. I downloaded it this morning from royal revolt screen... played for a long time got nothing.....
  7. Villages and mines show up as grasslands and give no extra points? Did not see that change in the list of changes?
  8. So everyone needs to be a seargent now ? Or leaders and generals can just stay online 24hrs a day?🤮🤮
  9. Page after page of ideas and input so they could completely ignore the wars again...☹☹☹
  10. So since we are not in a maxxed alliance we can suffer thru translating why people cannot attack in conquest in 10 languages thru google .. woo hoo ...yea for maxxed alliances☹
  11. After all the wait and nothing is done to improve regular wars AGAIN! It was promised after last update that regular wars would get attention? Instead...Just more attempts to make conquest something people desire to play? The rule change for soldiers in conquest is ridiculous? So I either promote my whole team, or they are useless? All the changes in conquest rules are like playing a game with a small child that constantly changes the rules in an attempt to win [in this case to get people to keep playing]. No new dungeons [after closing them all], no new waves , levels, towers? No update to wars.. just more conquest junk. Disappointed would be my only thought here. Really hoped this update would make me want to keep playing....☹☹☹ And now I can try to translate all the new conquest rules again.. but since I am not in a top alliance I can enjoy google translator while I try to explain in 10 languages why no one can attack... Was so sure this would be the update that brought changes to the WAR system which your players actually enjoy and have offered years worth of input on.... wasted time
  12. Since I did not get enough to buy what I wanted ... I was ***** enough to spend 800 on the guardian chest.. a golden guardian chest!! GAVE NO GUARDIAN AND LESS THAN 100 PEARLS!! DISAPPOINTING IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT!! Greed is a sad thing!!☹☹☹ And... No, I will not spend gems to buy an extra festival chest...already spent plenty of time playing it every day...
  13. Yes sadly US players will be asleep when they get around to that
  14. Phoebe is easy... what's the problem? The festival is real players paths...
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