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  1. Kuska

    Imbalance rivals.

    It is humiliating to many of the players and a waste of alliance resources. You put teams together where it is so unbalanced that players cannot even help their team when they try. Result... they just stay in castle or quit. Lev 80 alliance with max players many over 5000. Vs lev 64 alliance with 57 players left most at 3000 area. Huge difference in boost, amount of players, and levels. Makes for 5 days of humiliation and wasted time. Not worth any boxes.
  2. 2 more players [3+ year veterans ], quit the game altogether during conquest. The time demands, and inappropriate matching are killing the game. There is no more feedback. No one wants to be on call for their phone game all weekend and while they are at work. Players of long time feel obligated to help their teams, and when they cannot meet with conquest time demands they are just hitting the uninstall button. So Bravo!
  3. Kuska

    in review Server Disconnects

    Crashes on Samsung galaxy 7. Happening over and over. During any search for battles,or for players, and during raid. Gave up for the night after 5th restart☹
  4. We are right back where we started from 3 or 4 months ago. Offense is overpowered, and no matter how much you max your towers ot forge your base defense is again irrelevant. Was there a nerf to firebolt towers? How can I stand in front of max firebolt , with 94 forges , with no fire armour and just not die? Why did I waste Pearl's forging if the tower does no damage? Again, exactly where we were before all the updates.
  5. Kuska

    War Tile Block (new feature) - Feedback

    With matchmaking like it is this change just made conquest even worse. Now nothing the weaker team can do to slow down death. It favors the larger alliances. There was no need for this change. If a team is on top of it and able to keep opponents pinned down, then good for them, they were being active. [Proactive] Bad change makes this part of the game worse than before. More thought and consideration should be given to any changes in the rules, as it is hard enough to get players to understand this part of the game anyway. This change only favors larger teams and so it success or failure will depend solely on match making [which is not a strong point in this game]. Matching teams for all events has been a major issue for several YEARS!
  6. You should have waited to reset the league scores until 72 hrs after the upgrade. Players were still using dungeons and mid way theu leagues ar time of reset . So scores are still higher than achievable without use of dungeon. Reset the leagues one last time.
  7. Yes it is time consuming and should be addressed
  8. More levels won't matter.The offense is once again not in line with the defense. Max towers with max forges do nothing. It is just like it was a few months ago. I can stand in front of my max level tower with 100 forged and not die? So whats the use? The medal system is completely skewed and with the dungeon closure unless you plan to spend gems to win a league? The leagues will become obsolete for many players. The only exploit of the dungeons was the farmer perk. Had a member already ask for a video of dungeon he is stuck on this morning. Oops sorry no one can help you. Because it was easier to close them than remove the farmer perk?
  9. Biggest question for this new highly exploitable change. Can you rush your whole team onto this unattackable tile? This change will not be for the better, as stated above it will only benefit the higher alliances that are most likely destroying you already. But I would appreciate an answer when madlen returns.
  10. So the team that just beat you in conquest can all stand on the tile and prepare to jump you sometime in the next 3 hrs , while you can do nothing? That won't be exploited at all. Should be 30 minutes. Move or be attacked. 3 hrs for group to prepare to move together while losing team is helpless to control them? This sounds even more un-fun than before. Can they also rush more players onto that tile ? I would like more details of the even more conquest rule changes? It is not difficult enough to get everyone clear on conquest rules. [we just taught everyone to move away quickly]. Now rules change once again. To , don't move for 3 hrs and wait for everyone to join you? Conquest rules should all be completely spelled out and delivered to all players in all languages. I just spent last conquest translating to russian why players need to move? I would myself like to see complete list of rules for the dreaded event.
  11. I do not understand why the farmer perk suddenly works in the dungeons. That was always the tough part of passing a dungeon was waiting on food to try it again. I do not think the dungeons should be closed forever? I think just like medal gear doesn't work in the dungeon, neither should farmer gear. A limit to how many times you can run it in a day . [Remove farmer perk ] should be sufficient. Either way, announcing it.... , then turning on farmer perk, then just waiting makes no sense at all... I had to make it through the dungeons without farmer gear, without medal gear, and many times using my tickets to buy enough food to try again. If the farmer gear does not work then it already limits how many times a day a person can play the dungeon..
  12. Kuska

    Return Favor button

    Humm I guess I save mine for when next alliance person needs them.. But my friends list is 99% my team... so đŸ˜‚đŸ˜‚
  13. This topic should be moved to conquest? Battles? Wars? Actually, I think there should be a section that discusses Match Making, because we know there are issues with it in all aspects of the game. From Wars, to Conquest, to Festivals and even random generator the matchmaking systems are flawed. Perhaps if discussions about Matching and Pairing of alliances had it's own section players might help find a solution? I think perhaps an unseen game generated ranking of players or teams. Could perhaps come from the players actual level, and base level, combined with a ranking of the alliance they reside [the ally level, the allies rank]. JUST to maybe level things jenough where at least similar teams are in competition? No exact idea just thinking... But I do believe it deserves a topic list of own?
  14. I agree with this . I believe it is imperative to put last attack in the most reasonable time period for as many time zones as possible. Otherwise you will again have people not getting proper sleep or paying proper attention on a work day.
  15. Kuska

    Return Favor button

    Who gives troops to people not in their alliance.. lmao and why?