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  1. Yep my team also experiencing crashes in conquest battles. So wonderful is the update.
  2. Kuska

    How have you experienced the new matchmaking?

    Total trash. 1 team owns whole map after 1 day. Just as bad as the war matching, maybe worse.
  3. Kuska

    Top Tier Conquest, very bad matchmaking !

    Same in 2nd tier. Level 62 alliance matched against the number 24 [lev 80] ally. 1st 24 hrs they own the whole map. Worthless. Just as bad as war matching!!
  4. I do not think they care about war issues. So many have been reported that if they did they would release an update to fix war related problems.
  5. Dunno, will it cause more bugs? Or cost more money?
  6. Kuska

    No royal guardian chest for low tiers

    Would have rather just kept the pearl chest
  7. 1: movement is bizarre and unusable when donkey is called. 2: my king no longer has eyeballs? 3: No enhancements to war seasons... just more trash, more demand for money, and more bugs. Useless😡😡😡😡
  8. Movement is awful once you summon the donkey. I suspect same issue as reported. Will not waste my time calling it until fixed. Also I no longer have eyes on my king? Just a whole new set of bugs.... YET STILL NO ENHANCEMENTS TO WAR.... PATHETIC!!!
  9. Would be nice to see a response to why sometimes it is 2 and sometimes it is 1? Also would like to see a larger portion going to the player since gems are now basically a requirement to enjoy the game.......... Would it really be that big of a deal for flare to give the player 25% or 1/4th of what is spent?... Since the player is the one that is losing money or trophies.. The player should be compensated better not flare.....
  10. Kuska

    Absolute Trash matching for war

    The whole idea that teams are forced to lose to enjoy any wars is what is pathetic. Matching like teams should not be that difficult. Should be based on team level and team rank. The Fiefdoms basically being a curse, are what causes all the manipulation. However, since all the time and effort is being put into the pathetic death of the game also known as conquest. The wars , [which is the part most people liked] continue to be ignored with no update and no solutions [despite the many that have been offered]. Perhaps some attention could be diverted from the obnoxious and rather toxic conquest and some effort could be put into revamping the war system and rewards!!!
  11. And why is it that the #29 alliance is on the map with alliances not even in top 100? That is the question here?? Lev 80 alliances against level 62 alliances? That is the question .. How are these matches competitive? Btw, I do not use pyros so I do not care about pyro wars😂😂
  12. Kuska

    Absolute Trash matching for war

    Some slight level changes since war began, we picked up a player , one team lost 3 players.. one small team gained a few. But the levels i gave were at start up.
  13. Kuska

    Absolute Trash matching for war

    Alliances involved #50, #70, #114, #140, #368, #1008. Complete insanity. Not competitive, not fun, makes zero sense.....not exactly hard to determine the winners and losers?
  14. See comments under topic war and ninja
  15. And yet still no attempt to fix the war system and its trash matchmaking... how much longer until you might actually turn your attentions to the broken war system?