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  1. Username: komobramon Game: dawn of steel I have another cheater using a missile cheat, where they just stand in one spot and blast my base. Again, I cannot upload a video because it is too large. The cheater's username is matador de robos
  2. My username is Komobramon. The cheater's name is Poe'1779120816. They are using some kind of cheat to battle my base with one hit shots, and little to no loading time of their abilities. They have done this twice. Unfortunately, I cannot send a video because it is only 1.95 mb that I can send, meaning I cannot send any media because my files turn out to be too big. But this person is becoming a problem
  3. Same thing happened to me. My IGN is Komobramon; the cheater name is Poe'1779120816. They lost to me before but now they cheated. How do I upload a video of it?
  4. Komobramon, Dawn of Steel 1. 1880 2. 4 3. Dionysus 4. Fidel Castro 5. Charles Lindbergh, 1927 6. Exosphere 7. Ole Roemer 8. Turkey 9. 1951 10Crickets-katydids-cicadas
  5. Komobramon Dawn of Steel No. 1- 182 No.2- 3
  6. Ever had your base attacked, and the person disappeared before you can exact revenge on them? Wouldn't it be nice to visit their base just by going to the list of invasions, selecting their base and going to it for revenge?
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