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  1. Fix the Titan Chests

    I would think the logic is to push people to reach (or buy) new items on a regular basis, and not only at the beginning
  2. Fix the Titan Chests

    I guess it also depends on how advanced you are at your level 115. Because once you ding to this level, your items are a bit degraded but you haven't had any chance to receive/buy new items that were "level 115". On the other hand, if you've been level 115 for months, it's likely that you've open many chests, so you're more likely to be wearing maximized gear. Also (different note but related topic) it seems to me that the "stastical range" (range between the worse and best item value you can get at a certain ascension level) increases with the levels. For example: lvl105 item average value would be like a 10k item +/20% (8-12) lvl 110 a 13k item +/-30% (9-16) lvl 115 a 15k items +/-40% (10-20) I'm exaggerating a bit but is that correct or just an impression?

    Like you it took me months to level Ajax or Athena, reach dominance etc. Like you, I use blessings or not, depending on the alliance spendings. What you're writing makes no sense at all. You or Lameward are probably more bitter than I am because you've spent gems unwisely and consider that amount of money should grant you the privilege of being the strongest. Flare is a lucrative business, they have to be profitable and I accept that. Unlike the RR2 team, I think the OR team has overall made a correct balance between free and pay: it is designed to entice you to spend, but you can still make great achievements with little/no money, by being wise. There is room for both rich dumbs and clever poors. But yeah, WW is right on one thing when he says that without dumb spenders like him there would be no such game.

    I'm not sure now but attacking without blessings used to be very doable. Yet another proof that nerfing Ajax&Athena was a wise choice.
  5. (3.4) Let's talk about the Odyssey

    Captain, if you really want to encourage people to level more than 3 heroes, the Odyssey rewards have to be much better than they are now. At the moment, I can't imagine anyone would level a hero only to get 18 more fame points that would help in reaching those very average chests. Indeed that looks like an easy exploit to level up heroes for almost nothing, and with no interaction with other players. I'm sure that'll be fixed soon so you'd better enjoy it now. Also a little smothing: those fame laurels on the war map are visually ugly, and they have nothing to do with with the bases we attack so I suggest we just get rid of those and maybe implement a weekly hall of fame ranking instead.

    I don't claim for an unbeatable base, I just think it's more fun if there is the right balance between offense and defense. Of course I have rather "powerful" items cause they're based on ascension level, but I am attacking a player that is the same ascension level as me. Beating his defense is hard but doable without invocation. That looks like the right balance to me. Before this update, anyone with a maxed Ajax or Athena could beat ANY defense, even in auto. That was boring for both the attacker and the defender. That is exactly thee type of battle logs we would get... I'm sure you'll agree that isn't very exciting for anyone. You can't compare ONLY the hero DMG. Athena or Ariadne could even have no sword, they would still be mighty with their spells.

    I'll be the devil's advocate but Athena is still one of the greatest heroes. She's got 5 spells, which brings unvaluable power. If she could beat the strongest defenses of the game in auto mode without any problem, nerfing if the right call. Seems like you guys want to have invincible and powerful heroes so you can beat anyone for free. But in my opinion it should still be challenging for a top player to beat a top defense. Check this: In this video I'm attacking a similar level player, who has a good path, a maxed defense with full war blessings and divine blessings. My Athena is "only" level 18, i've never bought any item for her and never brought her to war. Why would I be able to beat that strong defense without struggling? So yes, it's challenging and she beats that defense only at last second, but to me it is more "normal" this way than before when she could just crush any defense. In war my defense was systematically crushed by anyone using Ajax or Athena. Maybe that update will bring a bit more balance (and maybe that will bring some diversity in all the heroes that are brought to war)...
  8. Seems like no open topic was open. What do u guys think about that new Odyssey? Looks kinda cool but I'm not sure I've figured everything out yet... ;p PS: welcome @oisia
  9. Odysseus Defends His Honor

    AwesomeDoud was here:
  10. Cadmus with insane cooldown on AUTO

    No offense mate, but it seems like that OP Cadmus could still use a bit more practice. ;p
  11. Cadmus with insane cooldown on AUTO

    That is some exceptional combination of very powerful and rare gear on a max level hero. I find it normal that it gives him an exceptional power. Good on you. I'm more annoyed by the incredible power of Ajax, whatever the gear he is given.
  12. What the heck??

    I hope the future CM will arrive soon enough to celebrate OR second birthday
  13. Duel of champions: different approach on war

    Not counted in alliance total VP / not included in player total for chest / no fury used Hitting other islands as usual My idea was to give that option only to alliances who have already lost 2-3 islands, in order to give them a chance to catch up by stealing an island.
  14. "Live war standings"

    Hey there, Tiny suggestion today: You know the "War standings" screen in which we can see who's leading in number of torches and number of VP? It would be great if we could toggle to a "Live war standings" in which the ranking is live updated with the current war situation. For example if an alliance has 13 torches but is currently losing on a defensive island, that would show only 12. That would avoid some headaches sometimes when situation becomes hard to read.
  15. Lost more than 600 Points in 24 hours

    The explanation has to be found between the lines here: "Further improved the fairness of the matchmaking system to prevent some players being attacked more than others"