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  1. Just hit level 50. The runestones you unlock as far as I remember are a "mana clone" which reduces the cooldown of all skills, a "venom slash" which poisons enemies hit by the slash and a "paralyzing void" which paralyzes all enemies hit by the vacuum^^ Not sure if I forgt some, but those 3 are the ones I remeber to have unlocked after level 30^^
  2. Didn't experience it yet... (sadly )
  3. Sure thing. I hope the community grows, as it's easier to chat about some random stuff on Facebook than here, imho
  4. In this particular decision I would go for the Summoner, because it has +27% attack speed bonus, which makes a huge difference^^ Though if you get to the point that you can't continue and you start struggling with the bosses I would switch/choose the Grande, as it stuns the boss with high hance and you have some "free hits" before he starts attacking you again
  5. For me play time... effective time I was ingame and played
  6. I just checked and can confirmed that the data usage is pretty high, even If not watching any ad. I had 30MB data usage only yesterday...
  7. At the Moment you can even play the game when beeing offline^^ (airplane Mode) Your progress will be synchronized and updated when getting online again
  8. I second that... it seems to be about 1 every 50 completed floors^^
  9. Hey, I just created a group in Facebook that should serve as a start of a big player community, where everyone can help each other in an easier an faster way than these forums^^ https://www.facebook.com/groups/nonstopknight/ It would be great if y'all would join, so we can grow together and compare our scores worldwide! Have fun and fight on, we see us at the bottom
  10. The higher you get, the less worth it will get... Over floor 400 I get "T" from the leap... I need cc/dd to upgrade items. Therefore it is totally useless. For lower floors it is actually pretty okay^^
  11. My highest is 467, but I didn't check for the time I needed for it (I think it took 30-40h play time) For the recent push, I am at 460 right now with 30h+ play time... actually some days since the last ascend
  12. Afaik, you can connect to Google Play / Gamecenter leaderboard to have a worldwide (OS specific) overview of other players that did connect to the respective leaderboard^^ Actually I would also enjoy a 3rd tab for a global leaderboard, next to friends and local
  13. Very similar for me, though I sometimes switch between clones and implosion (for more instant damage)... My max floor is 467, but now it's really getting a pain to push on (ascended 37 times already, 38 coming soon) I hope they will release soon a balance patch or a completely new version^^ Btw, nice to meet you monkidrunk. I see you on 4th place of the leaderboard, you moved up very quick (you're german, right?)
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