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  1. A new Idea

    Just do it like @SUPERSENDOH. When you reach level 200 on one account, start another account. When that account reaches 200, start the next. And so on
  2. Blood dragon

    Nobody knows if this will happen. Maybe they prepared something else. I just shared that thread beause it explained the functionality of the blood dragon
  3. The Schemer

    You may have the Schemer, but I AM the Schemer (okay, that one's a bad pun. But thanks to @SUPERSENDOH for creating this in the past)
  4. Tournament points?

    Hey @SavageOne30, I don't know if it was corrected already, but this isn't directly true. You do not get points for defending successfully, but only for attacking successfully. In a League you get either 150 or 300 points for a successful attack (depending if it's tournament day). But for defending you won't get any points. Though, you will earn also points for the leagues through normal battles, which definitely will vary depending on your setup and the enemies setup from 0 to over 500 points for a single attack
  5. Why do you play this game, to be honest?

    I am happy that I got over the early addiction in the past. I still enjoy opening the game and fighting against some of the old guys I still remember. But I really cant tell you why I got hooked. I think it was just the kind of game (back then when it came out it wasn't really bad) and the community we created. In the end, I think it is really just the feeling of fighting against some players you got friends with over time (through chats and social media). There might be no gameplay, but it's still kinda fun
  6. Gold for gems

    The master @SUPERSENDOH has spoken!
  7. Hello everyone.

    Hi @SUPERSENDOH, are you still playing?
  8. Sadly there isn't on android, as far as I know.
  9. In the past they had Google Play connection, which saved the state, but they had to remove it because some reasons. You can have a read on their facebook post.
  10. Gold for gems

    How do you even reach 0 gold when being level 130? That's clearly photoshopped
  11. Gold for gems

    Not a lot to say on that topic. It came up years ago and nobody cared. When reaching higher levels, gold just piles up. You can see it as a contest to collect more gold than @SUPERSENDOH. If you reached that goal, you can call yourself Goldking of Evoker
  12. Magickman already said so. The higher the quest, the better the drops (e.g. 25 in portals, 100 in normal map). You can join the FB community if you didn't do so. There are quite a lot active players that can and will help you https://www.facebook.com/groups/evokerforum/
  13. where has the forum link gone?

    Which one do you mean? http://forums.flaregames.com/forum/65-support-help/ ?