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  1. 3pro chests won, 3 pro chest bought, still 0 pro items, WTF?

    We'll its based on ur own luck.RNG(russian number generator) doesn't work here,it only works in world of tanks.in short pro chest r not worth buying with crystals.
  2. stone dragon

    stone dragon is complete crap.
  3. New Pal

    a snake pal with poison spell with slow down perk would b nyc.bt decoys nd stuff it not suitable for the game since non stop knights nd rr2 are completely different with their playstyle

    tho i disagree with the idea,it does reminds of an idea which i had nd @oPelle had made video about it called "witch update".originally my idea was "fusion".just like blacksmith building there has to be another building inside the castle gate wer u can fuse 2 spells nd 2 units.the 3rd fusion slot can b bought by gems.and the player have a max of 3 fusion units,spells nd may b towers. For instance,if i want to fuse knights nd paladins.the fusion process should consume pearls lyk 2-3k pearls.the new units should have 50% characteristics of both knights nd paladins.50% normal dmg from knights nd 50% blunt dmg from paladins.lets say i have knights with 5k hp nd 500dmg nd paladins with 8k hp nd 400dmg the new units formed should have 6.5k hp nd 450dmg.bt off course 50% resistance nd 100% weakness of poision should cancel out to make 25% weakness. the same logic applies to spells nd towers.now i knw we also have forging.bt the new unit it formed shouldn't have any forged characteristics.instead it should have its own forge option with different perks.also a big cool down to fusion which stops players from spamming fusion.its just an idea bt this gives players entirely new dimension towards the game wer they can fuse their own units,spells nd may b towers.
  5. Ninja Tiers

    i play in 4500+ tier nd trust me wen u get there its lot harder.if i had to play a tier higher its ridiculesly hard
  6. Bela pal...a mirage?

    stone dragon is kinda stupid.i mean it stuns the enemy nd small chance to petrify?not to b rude @FTB stun is garbage if not timed right,nd the stone dragon doesn't do anything besides taking away my most damage dealing paladin.. regarding bela.it has pretty amazing ability bt ruined by the low magnitude.increase the chance to turn units into zombies nd make life drain as an aura or make the life drain work on structures.
  7. Announcement In-Game?

    ok how can someone play games connected to online without having an account?I mean no offence bt in game announcements are available,but only when an event starts.
  8. Healing effect is killing the game?

    there has been a lot of changes in the game since past 2-3 years.flare should focus on units that are useless than focusing on units that are more reasonable to begin with.for example,paladins,mortar,gargoyle etc.if they focus on making these units as competitive it would make a lot of difference in the game.even at this point majority of players use ogre,wolf and monks as basic combo.make paladins hit firebolt towers nd lighting towers nd make mortar useful for offence
  9. i have android,windows nd currently on IOS.other than app diversity android sucks compared to windows in UI,performance,usability,multi tasking etc
  10. well android is a complete useless mobile experience for me...its my personal opinion.
  11. Windows phone yes.in the PC nd laptops windows is still the largest used OS for both gaming nd professional.it's the android that's useless in PC world.
  12. Boots of kicking

    i dont knw exactly say it's good.bt having another aura perk for boosts will b great.players can use 2 auras in a single set will b quite helpful
  13. firebolt tower pro boost is balance broken.....buffing or nerfing firestorm or bladestorm respectively will only break the game.pro firebolt towers should have a specific range at which it can convert units lyk 5-5.5 range.
  14. ballet cry makes the uniting 50%-70% more resistant to all damage
  15. thank you flare

    i take this time to sincerely appreciate flare team for breaking the game nd ruining the game for us.providing balance broken pro boosts to keeping some units underpowered as hell.i thank u for making the game go from skill based to gem based.YOU ARE THE BEST.plz play ur own game