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  1. karthik1930

    Dracomancer dragon is blue now

    even ice dragon is red
  2. karthik1930

    Balance Changes

    1,2,3 nd 12 will completely break the game.other than that i agree with the rest.also id like to point out. 1)give paladins 1 weakness instead of 3. 2) frosters range to b 6 by default. 3)bomb kick aura to kick back motars poision bombs,bt still taking the poision dmg bt blocking the blunt dmg. 4)bladestorm is good as it is,they have nerfed its effects on blockade nd barricades which i fine nd its only effectiveness is against 2 towers nd 3 units. 5)buff the blizzard spell.with just 2sec CD difference firestorm does ovr 11000 dmg while blizzard does 6000,buff the blizzard up to 8000 wen completely maxed nd forged. 6)other than ogre every other melee unit is ineffective against wolf nd defensive units.make using other melee units effective. 7)make stun spells remove howl effects instead of stunning the howled units nd towers. 8)Vikings push back should also remove howl effects in both offence nd defence.its a 16 moral units 9)eris should attack towers at least with its ability. 10)kings should attack firebolt towers,have fire dmg in weapon is useless without it. 11)Fritz pal is used for defence consisting of wolfs nd skull towers,bt its roll does not reach the towers in opposite lane.make its ability instant nd circular ranged lyk Eldark. 12)buff swordrain spell,it's said to b most effective against units while max boosted necro still doesn't die,same for archers. 13)increase the tym for raid,with all the beasts nd boosts.at least a 10-15 sec more would b nyc
  3. karthik1930


    we'll i guess i was misinformed
  4. karthik1930


    no it won't.i have 2 frnds who play this they have their tammy lvl 6 & 8 respectively bt this pal remains at lvl 7
  5. karthik1930


    ok bt how come v can't upgrade it?flare hasn't given any info abt this
  6. firestorm already has an advantage ovr bladestorm
  7. karthik1930

    underpowered unit

    trust me i have,only with pro boost paladins seems more playable.also im the guy who 1st suggested the range increase for bladestorm before anybody else 😈
  8. karthik1930

    underpowered unit

    y is flare so persistent in making paladins the most useless unit in the entire game?after the update it has 3 weakness ice,normal,nd poision.with only piercing resistance it's the worst unit!
  9. karthik1930


    some people have no idea how game development nd update testing goes.this thread is nonsense now.@GalaMorgane is not the game creator or has any authority to talk abt development stage of any update.all those who r crying abt update need to take a chill pill.update may or may not come just have to wait.flare has informed in advance in every update!nd those who are whining abt RR2 birthday celebration!!is this how u celebrate ur frnds nd family birthday??taunt them nd complaint that they didn't give u anything?im sure all of u have ur opinion,bt have some common decency.
  10. karthik1930


    He is right nd not only that,the very reason of this topic will be useless.every1 starts as a noob nd end up being gold players,skill players etc etc.trust me having a thread locked because of this is really embarrassing.
  11. karthik1930


    it's sad i really loved this game...
  12. karthik1930


    Man dwan of steel!!!i loved that game soo much.bt later realised it was a dead game
  13. karthik1930

    New Spell: Sandstorm

    adding a new spell has its own problems.for instance,give sandstorm normal dmg makes bladestorm useless,give blunt dmg than sonic blast nd hammerstrike becomes effective.all the effects lyk push back,ice,fire,blunt,stun has been balanced with spells related to it.bt i can suggest "petrify".there is no spell to cast petrify effect.so a new spell can b "stone gaze" duration 5 sec,any unit looking towards u gets petrified nd towers get stunned.wolf howl won't have any effect.
  14. karthik1930

    3pro chests won, 3 pro chest bought, still 0 pro items, WTF?

    We'll its based on ur own luck.RNG(russian number generator) doesn't work here,it only works in world of tanks.in short pro chest r not worth buying with crystals.
  15. karthik1930

    stone dragon

    stone dragon is complete crap.