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  1. Let me say that ever since madlen joined. She has tried her best to communicate. Without her it would been a bigger disaster. Having said that. I agree with every line written by rrrr. Specially about the way we players were treated as beta testers to every aspect of conquest is fustrating with a diverse group of players whit different languages and yes just half the alliance understands how to play it Our only saving grace is many of our opponents are equally fed up and thankfully all agreed to make deals and get to 200 points and base on team rank, just decide who will be first, second and third. The 4th team will be a little upset, will try to come 3rd and there will be some drama of double crossing But saving grace is make deals, dont sweat over conquest and do ur leagues and wait for festivals. And yes we do have 20 percent of our generals who love conquest. Good for them and we are glad we have them to drive the things a bit. Thanks for the in game survey. My biggest feedback was every aspect of rr2 could be played any time in a 24 hour window. So I can work and come and play. Conquest blows that out of park. So either we get disturbed at work and play it we get into this dont care mode about the game for 5 days. Both options are bad. Thanks for trying madlen. But I do agree with rrrr. This was unfortunately a very bad idea and we have all spent crazy gems upgrading conquest buildings. So I am sure u cannot just remove conquest from the game. Imagine if we get gem refunds for those buildings based on level and some thing else comes in instead of conquest. Anyway. Make deals, try to be peaceful and live through 5 days and we love the rewards.
  2. There is no strategy for stopping teams from bull dozing u now. Tell me how that can be done. And dont tell me that 3 teams can team up against a top team. Usually a team makes deals with top team or Bully of the map to avoid their wrath. Which means 3 ganging up one bully does not work. So in short 5 to 10 top guys can wipe a map out so easily.
  3. Vinnypooh

    New Pro-Item-Set:The Sanzu Set

    Can u see new set after update. I cannot. Or we wait for pro to be over
  4. Yes. Even I was going to stop pro as it was to expensive and if u are in the 200 to 500 rank range, just 2 crappy pro chests for spending so many gems were not worth it. Only 3rd chest and above was good. But this is a welcome change. Sad for folks who just bought many tickets
  5. These pro rewards are way better. One item guaranteed helps a lot. We can atleast melt during bs event if not needed. But the days of just pal food and Pearl's are over. Quite impressed and with entrance fee reduced to play will help with participation totals. Good job
  6. I stopped using guardians, only have donkey. No crashes without guardian
  7. Game just crashed one out of 5 attempts even after latest update on android. Using the newest android phones. Unfortunately one key conquest battle wasted
  8. I was technically happy with offense and defense balance. But I am sure a defense buff will happen in future to compensate. Let us see. Thx for new ideas but wish flare fixes war boosts, rotates them etc
  9. Wow. My game just crashed after using donkey in a fight. Never happened before. Scary if it would be pro or ninja. Also the guardian bug where troops cannot move etc, seems very very basic which they could have found in initial testing. Seems like a beta guardian release
  10. Wow. My game just crashed after using donkey in a fight. Never happened before. Scary if it would be pro or ninja
  11. Vinnypooh

    I'm tired .. And you?😵

    Side topic. I love the conquest rewards. Pro chests are good, gems, Pearl's. Et c. I might dislike the event due to time needed. But rewards are decent if u get to 175
  12. Vinnypooh

    I'm tired .. And you?😵

    What Dena said above is just so perfect. Allow us to play this awesome game any time we want within a 24 hour window. It is a amazing stress buster. But conquest is the opposite. I have said it many times. Anyway. We just made deals,. Decided first, second, third in 2 days. And then relaxed. The other poor generals took the heat this time on planning and building. I was enjoying my Thanksgiving and playing pro.
  13. Vinnypooh

    I'm tired .. And you?😵

    Luckily in our conquest, we have made deals, all will reach 175 chests and decided top 3 after a few fights in 2 days. Now relax and ignore the conquest thingy And live ur real life.
  14. Vinnypooh

    I'm tired .. And you?😵

    Yes. I know flare is constantly trying to improve conquest and biggest issue is time needed to play But if flare can take a break and just make conquest come after 2 wars and 2 ninjas, it would be awesome. Then just spend some time tweaking the war mechanism. Some folks have mentioned it before. 1. Make war boosts flexible or rotate it randomly. Dont keep having the same boosts. Pyro boosts with many chests and folks fight like crazy and froster boost with low chests and folks skip it. So dull. 2. Allow us to choose boosts maybe from a choose that is available. That is all. No other major change needed and wars might get a bit unpredictable and enjoyable