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  1. Vinnypooh

    Pro league hacker

    This is so sad. I am spending hard earned money to buy gems and play pro. 😑
  2. Vinnypooh

    NEMESIS - new pro pal

    Yup. We need 8-9 months for this and pro rewards should be balanced out a bit. It is so top heavy and yes it encourages cheaters. I usually fall between 150-250. And with those rewards. 8-9 months for me. Already the game has so many hacking pro. This will screw the part of the game I like
  3. Vinnypooh

    Has one of the servers problems, connection failure

    Just give all war boosts of this season. Thx. What a mess this season was. Pro was so risky too. Pray for a good connection. If u are not booted out in 3 mins then it was stable for a while
  4. Vinnypooh

    Has one of the servers problems, connection failure

    The disconnect rate is very high during the morning time in North America and night time in India. I found it a bit stable 12 hrs back. Finished 9 lvls of pro and now I am scared of continuing. Please fix Ign valentino123
  5. After a fantastic week. What a horrible end. This issue is absolutely not fixed at all. How can we keep putting tickets. It is just not fixed. Disconnected 3 times in 3 minutes. My pro ticket is wasted
  6. Vinnypooh

    Why is Granny Event running?

    The reason we need a heads up is due to forging. It takes a week to cool down. Imagine we forge and suddenly a bs event starts. Based on what gala said,. I am going to forge. I just pray no random bs event comes suddenly? Or maybe I should not forge. What a mess !!!
  7. Vinnypooh

    Wednesday and the question arises again

    I was really expecting some thing for 4th bday. ?????
  8. Vinnypooh

    Wednesday and the question arises again

    Bday week for rr2. Hope we get community week
  9. Vinnypooh

    Community Week 😍

    Yes. Expecting some thing nice for the 4th rr2 bday
  10. Vinnypooh

    Changes Needed

    Can we also please change the war season. Same boosts are so boring. Folks fight in pyro war and sit out in froster war. Just so boring
  11. Vinnypooh

    what I hate about PL...!!!

    Don't u guys need crystals to donate Phoebe's for the alliance for example?
  12. Vinnypooh

    RR2 Wikia is becoming deprecated

    I am confused by flare. They have tweeted this Wikia link officially to promote the wikia so that folks understand the game better. Then why not help opelle. I love the wikia and refer it off and on even though I am an experienced player now. It needs support from flare if they use the link on their Twitter handle. Else they should not use it
  13. Vinnypooh

    Wednesday and the question arises again

    Yes. Only when it goes live.
  14. Vinnypooh

    RR2 Wikia is becoming deprecated

    Special thx to opelle. Along with flothaboss videos. ,. This Wikia helped many many folks. Including me. He deserves special credit