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  1. Game just crashed one out of 5 attempts even after latest update on android. Using the newest android phones. Unfortunately one key conquest battle wasted
  2. I was technically happy with offense and defense balance. But I am sure a defense buff will happen in future to compensate. Let us see. Thx for new ideas but wish flare fixes war boosts, rotates them etc
  3. Wow. My game just crashed after using donkey in a fight. Never happened before. Scary if it would be pro or ninja. Also the guardian bug where troops cannot move etc, seems very very basic which they could have found in initial testing. Seems like a beta guardian release
  4. Wow. My game just crashed after using donkey in a fight. Never happened before. Scary if it would be pro or ninja
  5. Vinnypooh

    I'm tired .. And you?😵

    Side topic. I love the conquest rewards. Pro chests are good, gems, Pearl's. Et c. I might dislike the event due to time needed. But rewards are decent if u get to 175
  6. Vinnypooh

    I'm tired .. And you?😵

    What Dena said above is just so perfect. Allow us to play this awesome game any time we want within a 24 hour window. It is a amazing stress buster. But conquest is the opposite. I have said it many times. Anyway. We just made deals,. Decided first, second, third in 2 days. And then relaxed. The other poor generals took the heat this time on planning and building. I was enjoying my Thanksgiving and playing pro.
  7. Vinnypooh

    I'm tired .. And you?😵

    Luckily in our conquest, we have made deals, all will reach 175 chests and decided top 3 after a few fights in 2 days. Now relax and ignore the conquest thingy And live ur real life.
  8. Vinnypooh

    I'm tired .. And you?😵

    Yes. I know flare is constantly trying to improve conquest and biggest issue is time needed to play But if flare can take a break and just make conquest come after 2 wars and 2 ninjas, it would be awesome. Then just spend some time tweaking the war mechanism. Some folks have mentioned it before. 1. Make war boosts flexible or rotate it randomly. Dont keep having the same boosts. Pyro boosts with many chests and folks fight like crazy and froster boost with low chests and folks skip it. So dull. 2. Allow us to choose boosts maybe from a choose that is available. That is all. No other major change needed and wars might get a bit unpredictable and enjoyable
  9. Vinnypooh

    Un-assign troops in stronghold

    The idea is a good one.
  10. Vinnypooh

    Again Reward Tiers are not balanced

    Thanks for forwarding. Rank 77 but just 2 chests. Hope I wake up to 3 or 4 chests
  11. Vinnypooh

    solved Server problems

    Yes. I have my last 3 lvls of pro left. Scared to play now
  12. Thanks for ur note. One way i know flare cares recently is by putting a cm in charge who is trying hard Initially the members might have found the overall structure or censoring a bit strange. But in general, feedback channels are more open. We get good summary of notes for changes done and even list of conquest changes being done. This would not be possible if u were not consolidating all the feedback to them. Anyways. Take care. Thx for listening I might not be a big gem buyer or big spender. But I am a fairly regular 3$ gem buyer since pro came out. I was never too frustrated about the game and infact enjoyed all aspects of it. Just that conquest frustrates me especially since I am a casual player. I do all the team events like ninja, pro, war and even conquest. But since I have no time for diamond leagues, I spend 3$ for gems. I usually come online for 30 seconds to donate insta for my team every 2 to 3 hours and usually come to play after a days work and when my kid has gone to sleep. That is when conquest frustrates me as I just cannot keep up with the demands of the game. Logging in once for a longer time every 24 hours works for all other team events. (Weekend is ok to play often ofcourse and I love that pro or ninjas come nicely during weekend). I am sure there are many who love conquest and I am not against anyone. Just that it does not fit my time or playing style. And since I have to play for my alliance and team mates, it gets tiring after each conquest. Thx for passing on the feedback.
  13. And orders we issue gets obsolete so fast. It is so hard keeping and issuing new orders and keeping up in chat. Anyway. I am just tired. Will stop. Thanks madlen for taking all the feedback. Please take into account the folks who log in once after a long days work and see how conquest frustrates them. Please please pass on to devs
  14. Vinnypooh

    Energy costs in 5-days Conquest

    Energy cost is fine. If it is less. Then we have to be online more often. No thanks. But mind u, ppl are still frustrated when they log in o cell and have nothing to do.