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  1. Community Week 😍

    Yes. Expecting some thing nice for the 4th rr2 bday
  2. Changes Needed

    Can we also please change the war season. Same boosts are so boring. Folks fight in pyro war and sit out in froster war. Just so boring
  3. Shortcomings in the War System

    I wish they rotate between different boosts. Now days so many alliances do nothing in froster war and go all out in pyro war. So boring
  4. what I hate about PL...!!!

    Don't u guys need crystals to donate Phoebe's for the alliance for example?
  5. RR2 Wikia is becoming deprecated

    I am confused by flare. They have tweeted this Wikia link officially to promote the wikia so that folks understand the game better. Then why not help opelle. I love the wikia and refer it off and on even though I am an experienced player now. It needs support from flare if they use the link on their Twitter handle. Else they should not use it
  6. Wednesday and the question arises again

    Yes. Only when it goes live.
  7. RR2 Wikia is becoming deprecated

    Special thx to opelle. Along with flothaboss videos. ,. This Wikia helped many many folks. Including me. He deserves special credit
  8. Wednesday and the question arises again

    @flare. Can we please get back to posting events 24hrs before it starts. It was very well handled before and since the previous one to two months,. It has stopped and we get no prior heads up
  9. What Happened to Flothaboss?

    Nice to know u mag 😀
  10. Wednesday and the question arises again

    I was hoping for a community week during holidays
  11. Wednesday and the question arises again

    Hi flare. Can we please get back to events being announced 24 hours before events? It becomes very tough to plan perking, Why have the notifications stopped for a few weeks completely
  12. Hellfire cup, challenge XIII any one pass it??????

    It is all relatives after all. What was tough for is tough for all. I though I screwed up but still got around rank 240 since all others struggled. 😀
  13. Advisor's Choice Event

    Thx flare for changing digging times. For the event. 😀
  14. Advisor's Choice Event

    I started digging yesterday and have 15 days left
  15. At least they are trying to bring updates. Looking forward to it. As long as they work.😊. Stable now