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  1. And thx to madlen for the wonderful release notes etc.
  2. I do agree that the new donation system anytime in 24 hr window is wonderful. I loved the 3 defense layout, gold donation within 24hrs, translation, copy paste, extra tracking of ppl activity in conquest etc. Need to revamp war boosts and please allow soldiers to atleast kill invading scouts. Maybe u dont want soldiers to attack enemy towers after a peace treaty. But not allowing soldiers to even attack a enemy soldier does. Ot make sense.
  3. Lol. Absolutely not logical. Needs to decrease with time left
  4. Fair enough. Then I agree. War is more fun if ninja rewards dont vanish
  5. Ninja still critical for lower, mid level kings. Easy Pearl's and rewards
  6. I love the ninjas. Yes easy to do. But live rewards and gems War boosts needs a overhaul or rotate or allow us to choose what boosts we want if we are 2nd or 3rd. Just same old thing for years. If war can be revamped a bit. I am happy with 2 wars. Else it is mega boring with the boost choices
  7. Yes. I understand where chuck is coming from. But yes we need good folks standing guard on towers and not running into every fight What flare should do is. See which members never left the damn strong hold for 5 days and give them nothing. Lol. Easy to say. But tough to implement I guess
  8. Cool festival on the whole
  9. So tired of waiting with tons of Pearl's, trying to plan around this is crazy. Anyway just burnt through my pearls and perked
  10. I wish the events were regulated. I am losing track of when anything starts. Holding on to parking. Also even if events are weekly, some of the items that we perk have 8 days cool down. So in case blacksmith comes. It is hard to plan. Not sure why the countdown is not showing up. Maybe it is a community week coming? Been so long since that happened
  11. Remember cof depends on king's rank. So if I an a 4.1k player. I attack around my range and rank among enemy ranks. If I attack a lvl 95 3kplayer who is ranked 35 in a team, the chests of fortune gives me a low skull amount. But I attack top 5 bases, I get around 95 to 100 skulls in cof. So today that is the only incentive not to go after a 95 lvl king. Atleast for me. I am at 120.
  12. Let me say that ever since madlen joined. She has tried her best to communicate. Without her it would been a bigger disaster. Having said that. I agree with every line written by rrrr. Specially about the way we players were treated as beta testers to every aspect of conquest is fustrating with a diverse group of players whit different languages and yes just half the alliance understands how to play it Our only saving grace is many of our opponents are equally fed up and thankfully all agreed to make deals and get to 200 points and base on team rank, just decide who will be first, second and third. The 4th team will be a little upset, will try to come 3rd and there will be some drama of double crossing But saving grace is make deals, dont sweat over conquest and do ur leagues and wait for festivals. And yes we do have 20 percent of our generals who love conquest. Good for them and we are glad we have them to drive the things a bit. Thanks for the in game survey. My biggest feedback was every aspect of rr2 could be played any time in a 24 hour window. So I can work and come and play. Conquest blows that out of park. So either we get disturbed at work and play it we get into this dont care mode about the game for 5 days. Both options are bad. Thanks for trying madlen. But I do agree with rrrr. This was unfortunately a very bad idea and we have all spent crazy gems upgrading conquest buildings. So I am sure u cannot just remove conquest from the game. Imagine if we get gem refunds for those buildings based on level and some thing else comes in instead of conquest. Anyway. Make deals, try to be peaceful and live through 5 days and we love the rewards.
  13. There is no strategy for stopping teams from bull dozing u now. Tell me how that can be done. And dont tell me that 3 teams can team up against a top team. Usually a team makes deals with top team or Bully of the map to avoid their wrath. Which means 3 ganging up one bully does not work. So in short 5 to 10 top guys can wipe a map out so easily.
  14. Can u see new set after update. I cannot. Or we wait for pro to be over
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