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  1. Vinnypooh

    Conquest rewards

    Oh. Just saw lacuna question. I read his mind and was replying anyway. Lol
  2. Vinnypooh

    Conquest rewards

    Agree with rrrrr. I am one tier below u lacuna. We came first. Even then not worth it. Personally spent 12 k gems so far. Insane. Months of careful saving after paying for 3$ monthly package. I spent it all in a week. I spent another 300-400 gems scrolling and cof. I got 57 gems. 8 pals. No complains but we mainly use Phoebe anyway. 5k pearls. Not bad. But 3 day ninja gives me 8250 8 pure meltable Uber items. Ninja Ubers of 14 total chests in 4.3tier and coming first beats it Yes the boosts are nice but not guaranteed. We we're lucky to be first 8 days guiding team with a bad chat system,. So much time lost. Unfortunately have to disagree
  3. And members who opt out don't get rewards. No worries. 😀. No impact.
  4. If this is not done. God help. Many many loyal players will suffer. We cannot sit out as half the alliance fights and wants to fight. Some generals want to plan. I don't have an option to sit out and see my team suffer if they need help. And if I get involved. I am competitive and want to do my best. So I have to be fully in. Sitting watching is not an option when some want to take part. Hence the opt out option is key. Then alliance can be ranked accordingly to how many players want to fight Or move the event please. If this is done again at the same level of problems. There will be royal revilt 5.0 defined by players. 😀
  5. Take it out on her. Sorry for typo
  6. Since madlen is trying . I prefer to be positive. Why take out all our fustration on a new employee who is trying her best. I am super fustrated. But will not take it out in her.
  7. Thx for explanation. Will not make fun if this now. 😀
  8. Quit, annoyed, flare sucks, bad rewards,. Did not like , fed up, hate conquest will all be banned soon Be ware. 😀
  9. Vinnypooh

    Conquest rewards

    And Dena has been one of the most active, respected members in the game and forums. Above is so so imp. Just don't ignore the above post flare. So far I can count on my fingers how many truely enjoyed this conquest mode, 24/7,. Rewards vs time benefits etc. So I just want to know why is the cool down at 13 days. Just hoping it is the old programming code. Remember we have a life guys. A good casual game cannot be turned around like that Hint. Implement something like pro, and we loved u guys for it.
  10. Vinnypooh

    Conquest rewards

    Oops. I was just using another word for a donkey. Did not realize not allowed. Sorry
  11. Vinnypooh

    Conquest rewards

    I have personally spent about 12 k gems to upgrade my strong hold. I seriously feel like the world's biggest [word removed - inappropriate]. And there are many like me. I know for flare,. Nice income. But please listen to folks on this forum. Thankfully madlen will pass on the message. But will u guys react. 13 day for next conquest means u guys heard nothing.
  12. Vinnypooh

    Next Conquest in only 13 days?? Do you want us dead??

    Looool. The last part is hilarious. Please don't do this. We just cannot take this 8 day torture. April 2014 to now. I have loved u guys through up and down. But please. I cannot leave the game,. I cannot leave my alliance,. I cannot let my friends down. Just don't start the next mode in 13 days. I seriously want to know how many active folks in this forum wants it.
  13. Vinnypooh

    Conquest rewards

    Just want to say,. Madlen. Thanks for joining as cm. That has been the only positive news I have seen from flare. Thanks for that and u are joining at one of the toughest times. So all the best for ur role. Now moving back to venting Pearl chests. Not bad. But I make more pearls in 3 day ninjas. Got 5k pearls Gem chest. Amazing joke of 50 gems. Spent way higher in [word removed - inappropriate] fights. I was a dumbass to do that. Pals. Reasonable to get 8 pets. Ubers. Got 8 items and all go to blacksmith. Again I get 14 Ubers from ninjas. So for me. Ninja rewards at my tier completely outranks the conquest rewards. That I get in 3 days and play as relaxation. Back to boosts,. Yes we got first. But I really pity a team that came 4th. Poor fellows. And even these boosts, will be fun to try. But for 10 days if boosts,. I lost 8 days of my life completely. Remember when ur WhatsApp groups are going crazy morning and night. As a general in my alliance, cannot let them down. If the damn conquest is back in 13 days. I am sure with it being so buggy, many if the suggestions given by my friends will not be implemented. So I beg u guys to implement the opt out feature. So only hard core members of each alliance can play. I have only slots of time to play and cannot endure that torture. I know it is difficult to implement. Keeping track of who opted out, who is in, how to rank the alliance's etc Even better suggestion. Make the cool down for conquest as 130 days. Just add a zero to cool down. 😁😁
  14. Vinnypooh

    So long, and thanks for all the fish !

    Very sad to see u go. Been following u on forums for a while now. Wish u all the very best And I agree. I love the pro league concept. One of the best things done except for hacking. Take care. We will miss u
  15. Vinnypooh

    War Season

    Please don't bring back conquest without changes. I just cannot take it. Today was such a nice day. Got my life back and opening the game to relax and play. Without stress. My WhatsApp not exploding. Please don't give us this 8 day torture for 30 more days without changes that was recommended Worked well. Family happy. These rewards are not worth my time. Need opt out function if conquest is coming back in 2 weeks