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  1. Heroesflorian

    It's a me - Madlen! - New community Manager

    Welcome Madlen! :) May many foes fall before you on your rise to the top of Mount Olympus - and more importantly, I hope you and the players warm up with each other nicely in the meantime! Excited to see what fresh winds your presence will bring to the Olymp! ;)
  2. Hmm... I'm afraid I am no expert in that regard. I just happen to have a German keyboard, making the difference regarding symbols mentioned in the previous post pretty obvious to me. But I suppose wikipedia and/or google should have a good array of keyboard layout images and infos if you want to look into that topic more closely.
  3. One thing to consider, though: Some keys differ greatly depending on what keyboard layout is used (English, German, Swedish, Spanish, etc). While most of the letter keys are same (with Y/Z swapped on some) afaik, but symbols like &,# or @ can vary wildly in their positioning. For example with Germany keyboard layout, & is on the 6-key, # is right next to the enter-key, and @ is on the q-key. Thus, with all other keys in the left-hand area of the keyboard, I'd suggest rather using numbers 8, 9, 0 for scrolls then (or something similar)... it then has sufficient distance to any other used key, but is still consistent across keyboard layout variants.
  4. Yeah, that are quite bulky... I personally am satisfied in that regard, as they added an unequip option for invocations, so I just raid without invocations and thus no invocation icons obstructing the view. But for those occasionally using them, having the buttons smaller in size would be good I guess. In RR2 (no unequip option for scrolls there), I think over the 4 years of playing like 75% of my used scrolls were accidental presses, and every single one of them makes me angry and annoyed at the game... Regarding the other suggestions in here, the author definitely took the time to think and write about it and make some nice illustrations, that effort is appreciated. Moving troops/spells from the 1-0 row to the A-L/P row, could be more comfortable for some, but also possibly slightly less intuitive for some, at least initially... moving Q and A for off/def and automode to space and enter is... hm... feels a bit weird to me, but that may be habit (which is important for many players, though); space/enter would be more ergonomic indeed. Escape for pause, same as before, and I think currently, the back/delete key can also be used to toggle pause on/off. I would rather have that key remapped to regular/double speed than using the right-arrow key for that, which is part of the hero movement controls (arrow keys). And I would actually like being able to use double speed for manual raiding as well. A sort of semi-auto-mode with manual spellcasting sounds useful, same as some distance between invocations and other keys to reduce unintentional casts. One thing to also consider is, when using mouse for hero movement (as I think quite many do, including myself usually, as it feels superior to arrow key movement), there is only one hand free for anything else, so ergonomics should also keep one-handed keyboard usability in mind, not only just two-handed.
  5. Heroesflorian

    Motivating Player Community to Post Ideas

    To buy? Heh, as any good OR island I will prefer to conquer it, hehe!
  6. Heroesflorian

    Motivating Player Community to Post Ideas

    @Infamous After nearly a month without internet at home, I hope our infamous vice president took care of this in the meantime already! Anyway, that's some very well-written posts in here. 👍
  7. Heroesflorian

    Dragon Bugs

    While this may be partially true, I personally think dragons might be underpowered atm, if their spawning animation would not pause raid time while progressing spell cooldowns. At least that is how I felt while using dragons since they introduced the current mechanics (and even before, with the older, more annoying mechanics, when they indeed were more harmful than useful)... Anyway, while actual bugs like spells not being cast properly should certainly be addressed, I would like to point out that I personally do not mind the general behavior of pausing the game time when a dragon spawnss, if spell effects are properly paused as well and spell cooldowns are not negatively impacted by this (which they currently are not, in general). Seeing where a dragon spawns may be not required in all cases, but sometimes this knowledge (plus, knowing a dragon spawned at all) can come very handy to direct it at particular targets or avoid it prematurely killing the castle gate, especially when scoring 100% is really important, as in dungeons or ninja raids. Plus, for a defensive dragon spawning, that is an event that I as a player am glad to know about when it happens, to minimize damage done to my army. I can understand if others see it differently, though.
  8. Heroesflorian

    Regarding upgrading the defense layout

    Besides, try with different rotations for the tower. Rotating the tower slightly changes its placement, and thus potentially trebuchet-reachability...
  9. Heroesflorian

    Stop HADES challenge, how to participate?

    Count on me! Our alliance is not called "Titans Revenge" for nothing! ...wait, you mean revenge against, or revenge by Hades? In case of the latter, we will stand strong to fend him off
  10. Heroesflorian

    Stop HADES challenge, how to participate?

    Just wanna mention that Hades, that pesky guy, returned even stronger now: I wonder if that is in response to the challenge results (i.e. so many people killing Hades relatively easily), or in other words, if the challenge had the side effect of providing info/insight onto Hades' balancing while providing some fun for the community at the same time? Either way, with all those buffs, I think it will now be harder to kill him...
  11. Heroesflorian

    About the Game and Changes

    I might have misunderstood him then.
  12. Heroesflorian

    About the Game and Changes

    Not quite sure what you mean when saying Ubisoft is a public company and Flaregames is not a commercial company, but either way the developers of the game are not flaregames. Flaregames are the publishers. As Infamous already pointed out, I see... But that aside, you might have noticed that RR2 works quite different compared to OR - OR is a universal windows app, you can put it in fullscreen, windowed or exclusive fullscreen mode. RR2 on the other hand is exclusive fullscreen by default, and one cannot change this due to what type of app it is. Should be an indication that much is different under the hood. Also, considering by far most OR players seem to use Android and/or iOS devices, and implementing video features on Windows is, if possible, surely a pain in the... - anyway, considering this, it is questionable if they really should try to spend a TON of time to try and get it to work somehow, potentially making the game less stable in the process, to provide a feature that like 90% of all players will never ever see because they don't play on windows. Instead, they could spend a TON of time to try and improve the game, implement new features etc that can then be enjoyed by everyone, and do not risk making their game less stable by the windows ad stuff. And yes, it is in some way unfair that windows players do not get ad videos - and, just saying, I am a windows player as well - but then again it is not really necessary to have the chests. Plus, providing chests to windows users for free, while Android/iOS users need to spend time, internet bandwith etc. to watch ad videos, would be unfair as well, wouldn't it? Let alone, ads get the developer a tiny bit of income as well, giving out chests to everyone for free gets them back nothing. And if a player doesn't enjoy the game, getting a free chest in a game they dislike anyway will not keep them from moving on to another game. And in terms of FG being "only the publisher" - well, that doesn't mean they are not responsible for the success of their games in any way. The developers will also do their best to create a good game, and - without wanting to imply the same applies to FG - a lot of big and not-so-big publishers are infamous for pressuring developer teams to "rush" development of their games, resulting in poor quality / high amount of bugs, due to the publisher's (time) pressure. And publishers are also largely/solely responsible for marketing, advertising of the game, as well as things like customer support, running game forums, as well as (partially) quality assurance / testing, working with the devs on a proper monetization model for the game etc. It happens time and time again that a decent game fails due to the publisher doing a bad job, not the devs. Of course, the other way round, devs doing a bad job, can also happen, or sometimes the communication between publisher and developer is just full of problems. Usually, though, devs will always try to make the best game they can given their time and financial budget, as it is them who create a game, so they care a lot about it not only in terms of financial success, but also... well, like a child of theirs in a way. Anyway, so I would not be so overly quick to imply that FG games being not successful must always mean the devs suck - that's an unfair insult to those devs without knowing any details about the reasons why a particular game performed badly.
  13. Heroesflorian

    Captain Morgan's Challenge - Hades Killer

    Being really curious, I wonder, did you notice any most-death entry or similar while binge-watching all those deicide videos? If so, as the challenge was named "Hades Killer" after all, maybe consider giving a special shoutout as well if there is anyone who particularly stood out in that regards? Just a humble suggestion ofc. Either way, the challenge was a much-appreciated event, thanks for that!
  14. Heroesflorian

    Is Flare navigating kids into unlawfulness?

    well, not much different here lol... about 95% are stupid slot machine app ads or stupid candy crush app ads.