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  1. GeneralFalcon

    community manager answered Where is FTB?

    I am also curious here? Was FTB also axed from the team? As his title on the forum also reads as Member? Really sad if it is, as he just joined well not really a good feeling if it's true, hope it all works out for him...
  2. One of team members also pointed this out? Was this intended?
  3. Ohh yea, it's the calm before the storm, I am sure that will be the hot topic about the values of the Auras...
  4. Quite a short changelog when you compare it to the first changelog for v4.3 that was posted ?
  5. GeneralFalcon

    [closed] RR2 Forum event - biggest achievement

    My greatest achievement was when I reached the 5,000 Trophy range with max waves, troops, and towers - it made me feel that with all the effort in trying to design a base of mix towers and perks it helped me to reach a top tier within the game...
  6. GeneralFalcon

    in review Glove Bug in Pro Shop Itmes

    I think it would help if there was some content from FG on the new perks on what exactly it does so that we are aware of what it's expected to do? without any information we are just assuming that this is how it's supposed to work while the developers at FG think differently that it's working...
  7. Couldnt stop myself laughing at this!! lol
  8. I have to admit, the changes looks promising and I really love the video! A great functional update after a very long time...
  9. GeneralFalcon

    Conquest rewards

    lol this could be a good conversation to go through -the best games to play instead of RR2! Hopefully, this should be a wake-up call to FG!
  10. GeneralFalcon

    4.0 Conquest - Feedback and Suggestion List

    Yes the cooldown is a definite let down! And yes seems you have to head back to refill troops...
  11. GeneralFalcon

    4.0 Conquest - Feedback and Suggestion List

    Well, would help if you can release more videos about this game mode? A lot of confusion among members on what needs to be done. Ideally, this should have been shared before conquests start and now everyone is learning on the fly...
  12. GeneralFalcon

    Let's discuss v4.0 here.

    lol hard not to notice, as it's there in their v4.0 patch notes ?
  13. GeneralFalcon

    Let's discuss v4.0 here.

    Would help if we can see some videos from @FTB showing the conquest wars?
  14. GeneralFalcon

    no weekly event this week ?

    There are currently a lot of events to fill in the gaps like War, Conquest, Ninja, PL so not sure if they will be a slot opened for Festivals?
  15. GeneralFalcon

    no weekly event this week ?

    Nice, appreciate the communication @PaSte ?