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  1. SHTSEZGSX Daily player in top 50 alliance
  2. buuks

    Conquest is once again badly matched

    Alliance LV 80 must be matched with LV 80. If FG doesn't see that close your shop! I am not talking about max tier.
  3. buuks

    Some Conquest Feedback

    Alliance LV 80 must be matched with LV 80. Not 56,65 only 80. PERIOD!
  4. Playing 4 skull odissey. cannot pass it with gems and using max boost from top alliance against no boost troops. No chance to pass. Recently reach LV 130. Is this a reason. Usually playing 1M and 3M difficulty and now I cannot pass 100k and 500k.
  5. The reason behind no event is that there is a holiday season 100%. Somewhere.
  6. buuks

    Pitiful manner !

    Something wrong with this conquest season. It happens as well with my team that 1 player blocked 5-9 players for more than 5h. Supreme victory was just too high for us. Flare should make skull bonus higher than 150% maybe 200-250% when ratio is 1:7
  7. buuks

    Pitiful manner !

    It is important to build towers at sites that have higher defence attributes. Also it is important when jumping around and you see nearby enemy not to use sites like grass field with lower defence stats. + Flare should make as well if 1:5 or over that skull bonus goes from 150% to 250% and that should solve problem with excessive players blockage.
  8. buuks

    in review invulnerable tower

    This must be related with Base layout
  9. IMHGRGWCT Very active player
  10. buuks

    One "fine example of matchmaking in Conquest

    This is one tier below top tier.
  11. buuks

    One "fine example of matchmaking in Conquest

    And this is not top tier!
  12. My team is Croatia and this is first time that we cannot match any alliance of our own. ok we make good score till now but there is long way until conquest is done. Alliance lv 80 must not be matched with any other alliance than lv 80. (FULL STOP)
  13. buuks

    Conquest map

    Exactly! Map should be smaller so no all 4 team can make more than 200-250 points without fighting.
  14. buuks

    Conquest map

    Map is too big. After loosing war it take to long (a day or more) to reach battle ground again.
  15. For example team lead one skull. Anyone knows?