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  1. buuks

    Hacker / Cheater

    It is possible to live on Mars! For around 4-5 sec.
  2. As it may be easy to say that if you use cheats you deserve to get banned we all need to see what is driving regular long term player to use these cheat engines. I would say frustrations with Pro bugs. For example you got pyro and this pyro needs 15 sec to destroy firebolt tower or frost tower,or you get swordrain magic with stunt 1.5 s and use on frost tower and nothing happens. Give me a break! BS! I personally never scored within 200 place since beginning of Pro. Maybe because of plenty cheaters or because In Pro units or magic do not behave as in normal RR2 universe.
  3. buuks

    survival cup Pro???

    And do not rely on you tube Ftb video because he do not play in same universe as we play. I wasted ticket...that is all. p.s.whoever manage to destroy gate on LV 8-9 and score 100% use cheat engine!
  4. buuks

    survival cup Pro???

    For LV 2 I have spend almost 3 min. Any thoughts?
  5. buuks

    pro league hackers detected please banned

    You got all this wrong. All this cheaters working in FG benefit because regular players will never get those rewards. Maybe they are working for paycheck from FG?
  6. buuks

    Community Week starting Thursday 19th - Details?

    Thank you FG for shortcut in dungeon! Last 6-7 levels i completed in a day. The only one thing is missing in event- double insta units!
  7. buuks

    is there any dungeon item you still use?

    All items melted right away.
  8. I would like to see insta unit which can really help in time of need.
  9. buuks

    What Easter Cup Compensation?

    I have made ticket same morning when lv x bug appeared even before Gala have made announced that we should make ticket and I didn't get any compansation. Maybe I wrote wrong my new stupid ( ign Kjkkkkloppol po jjmi )name or wrong e mail address. Or they just gave compansation to the players that make their tickets after Gala made announcement. That is all from me.
  10. buuks

    Trivia n°12: Sports & Games

    game is royal revolt 2 ign 1. Skeleton 2. Southampton 3. Surface they play on (grass \ ice), Ball (puck \ ball), different size of goal (field hockey has larger goal), number of players, different shape of sticks 4 ,Knight or "horse" 5. Freestyle swimming, Equestrian show jumping, Fencing,, Pistol shooting, Cross country running 6.Malaysia 7 .New South Wales 8 .Steffi Graf ( Germany) 9 .London, Mumbai 10. South Korea/Japan 2002
  11. buuks

    Optimum war raid count

    As I said over a year ago 3 battles are more than enough per fief. If you screw up and die you can revive or you can ask for additional fights through champ. End of story. I never ever use revive in war. If no extra battles players will use revival and spend gems. Regarding being champ - only 3 extra fights with extra skull % bonus.I neverI
  12. buuks

    Why is Granny Event running?

    Didn't reroll even once.
  13. buuks

    Still no news on next update

    I hope for birthday festival I which I will replace old skull weapon and gloves for better one. and of course BS event... P.S. DO NOT LIKE MY POST I like 69 😊