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  1. buuks

    Other games.

    Olimpyus rising or OR as free player manage to get max donation and open all heroes within 4-5 months playing. If you are in good team you can earn 500-1500 gems after war season is over (season last 6 weeks i think) Alliance over there set entry per level of player. funny thing is that they give us several times(Flaregames) 1-2k gems when they make mistake and gems are worth much more over there
  2. buuks

    Conquest Mode - The Aftermath

    My own base was a joke before these boosts kicked in. I manage to deal with almost 1 min left and now it is a killer. Cannot pass 50%.
  3. I have just noticed another big flaw. I have got surrounded by enemies( wall of pawns) and still I could pass over their tile. This must not be possible! Please chech added pictures. I was on 1168 and now I am on 1245
  4. buuks

    So long, and thanks for all the fish !

    Me and Croatia alliance salut you!
  5. buuks

    Pro-Leque cheat still working

    Maybe I have not so good raiding skill but whoever make good result with lv xi and xii is a god damn cheater.
  6. buuks

    Conquest Mode = Failmode.

    Remove cooldowns and we can use energy as we use right now. Remove builders arriving to the building site as we have already pawn there. This is online masive game so I like that war is not 24h timeframe and War is fine with supreme victory. Decrease days of event to 5-6 max Rebalance wisdom usage for Tech tree or decrease total amount of it. Give participants reward for each won war.
  7. buuks

    -60% builder movment tech tree

    Can be that I miss that while building a tower. Any how see no point of that kind limitation(moving time) while you must be there with alliance pawn. "Decrease the cool down" cool down makes problem in explanation thanks cr1
  8. buuks

    -60% builder movment tech tree

    Was thinking like all players pawn are builders if you have "free builder". make no sense You must be physically present with pawn in order to start building. where is this builder which is traveling I do not see his travel. Another BS! @Madlen
  9. I drop trophies 500-600 during this event to fool around enemies. Was fighting few fights over matchmaker after that a came across opponent who is maybe 20 lv below me. I destroy multiple towers with my spells in blink of an eye but he had pheobe in his defense. It took me over 5-6 seconds to hill her. She destroy all my army. Luckily I got Aska by my side and somehow i did not die. Finished his base with over 1 30 min left. Conclusion: You can say this and that but her Armageddon spell is overpowered in range.
  10. No see difference in cooldown after movment. Is this bug or explanation of this "tech" is no clear enough?
  11. My ign was buuks and now is kjkkkloppol po jjmi 

  12. buuks

    Energy cost to attack?

    Because 1 player attacks 9 of them. That is normal. Like in real life unless you are Neo from Matrix.
  13. If you are assigned to specific tower you do not to be there physically. You can defend your tower remotely.
  14. buuks

    Some great news....for "me and me alone", I guess lol

    I addition to your previous post. still no 8.1 update in store any news? @Madlen
  15. For example in our alliance we have few extra high level long term players with heavily forged bases. We find few places where to put our watchtowers and now we put heavy player's around them. Maybe I am wrong but game is over for us. OK they can try to penetrate into our land but they do not have chance to beat us. And there is over 4 days till is over. Booring. And this is I suppose main reason why they implemented 3 tiles per move, but to crash the system alliance only need 5-10 of 60 players dedicated to move around constantly for a day and you will find all secret places. Of course these 5-10 players are those from beginning of my text. Game over. Booring. One time 1 our player was fighting alone with 11enemy players and they hardly beat over time him. With 2 players they wouldn't have a chance. This is one among other things that are wrong in this quest. Update 1 against 13 and he has won! This must be a new RR2 record.