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  1. I know that many of you do not like conquest but I like it very much. Before I was not spending single gem in wars because my score was not so important while you have like 10-20 players half active. Now days I use gems in conquest because they can really change outcome of war. And I do not mind. Especially with supreme and+50% skull bonus. Conquest is fun and regular war is boring.
  2. buuks

    Nemesis in Pro League!

    Nemesis is useless
  3. buuks

    Energy Slow To Restore

    And negative value -10% when WT is under attack. Maybe -20% when under attack on open field. In order to make conquest more dynamic map should be smaller and WT should be possible to destroy more easily.
  4. buuks

    Thinking out loud...

    Teams should realized if they are decimated in conquest by way stronger teams on map that this is in their favour for next conquest.
  5. Please return back old Number Grid! As I said before go to 366 was clear and now for new order go to N58 need like half a hour to find it on map.
  6. buuks

    Celstial Phoebe Is Over Powered

    To be honest was having problem with phoebe while trying different combos, and even though my archer is like +80 forged, combo archer ogre wolf is not working well for me when Phoebe is defending beast.was using over 4 months this combo and last 2 months or so I am back to WOK and Phoebe is now manageable. But Phoebe is OP when compared to other beasts. So I would say that FG need to improve other beasts and not to touch Phoebe because she is Pro beast.
  7. better tile number system: -> we will have a new system in the new version, which should make it easier to find certain tiles Tile number system is clear and see no point changing it. Go to 366 is good and clear and go to A25 is bad system
  8. buuks

    Feedback after changes on conquest mode

    Mini cooldown as it is now is fine. This is necessary in order so enemy player can cut your moment and tight you up in tactical war,so when you jumping around it is always good choice to use your WT and forest as they have very high defence modifier.
  9. buuks

    Feedback after changes on conquest mode

    A question. Has anyone manage to destroy already builded Tower on forest tile? I think that tile modifiers must be changed so there is actual possibility to do so. All modifiers.
  10. buuks

    Feedback after changes on conquest mode

    do not create multiple threads of similar topic thanks
  11. buuks

    Feedback after changes on conquest mode

    Update: We cannot develop further this point tech tree. We have 40 k and to develop next step we must have 48k! Ridiculous
  12. buuks

    Energy cost to attack?

    In another post which I have made few hours ago I need 750 energy. Ratio of players are 1:4 but main issue is forest defence modifier multiplied with WT. Insane
  13. buuks

    Feedback after changes on conquest mode

    This is just few examples what need further balance. Wisdom- in our alliance we have as follows 1member lv 7 ,5 members lv 6, 15 members lv 5, over 20 lv 4 and have no wisdom to develop tech tree so basically we spend huge amount of gems and get faulty result. Forest defence modifier is too high especially when WT is already there. Energy for war battles when attacking WT is insane.