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  1. buuks

    Conquest fights

    No. That means that players that are used for pinning and other things will not be happy. Alliances usually have versatile team from 1k up to 5k players and 1-3k players wouldn't be happy
  2. Would be nice that icon on front screen that it is used for collecting bread, gold, pearls is doing the same for conquest resources.
  3. buuks

    Tech research.

    +1 attack and +1 defence shouldn't be at beginning of tech tree. They must be at least 1 a half day away so you cannot research them with first day or so.
  4. RR2 ign: Kjkkkkloppol po jjmi 1. Pope Urban II orders first Crusade 2. Geoffrey of Monmouth 3. Rhea,Gaea 4. sea monster Cetus 5. Theseus 6. Styx, Lethe, Acheron, Phlegethon, Cocytus 7. Hydra 8. Greek Tesibius, who lived from 285 to 222 BC in ancient Greece 9. Roman numeral system and abacus based on Greek and Roman models 10. The seven prince-electors called to elect Maximilian's successor were: Albert of Brandenburg, elector of Mainz Richard von Greiffenklau zu Vollrads, elector of Trier Hermann of Wied, elector of Cologne Louis II of Hungary, king of Bohemia Louis V, Elector Palatine, elector of the Electoral Palatinate Frederick III, Elector of Saxony, elector of Electorate of Saxony Joachim I Nestor, Elector of Brandenburg, elector of Brandenburg
  5. For problem No 4. Solution is to kick them out of allliance.
  6. buuks

    Research tree

    There should be only 2 paths with no interconnection. So for example if you research energy regeneration and +50% more energy you cannot research in any way +2 battles or +1attack otherwise alliance become too powerful.
  7. buuks

    Shield for Towers

    Not needed because now you have cool down period after battle.3h 30 min.
  8. Regular war and ninja event are boring. Conquest is fun and interesting. Why? Because if someone join battle you can actually count that he will play 5/5 and if you spend gems that will lead to victory. In regular war is alliance Vs alliance. In conquest active members Vs active members and % skull bonus really means something.
  9. SHTSEZGSX Daily player in top 50 alliance
  10. Alliance LV 80 must be matched with LV 80. If FG doesn't see that close your shop! I am not talking about max tier.
  11. Alliance LV 80 must be matched with LV 80. Not 56,65 only 80. PERIOD!
  12. Playing 4 skull odissey. cannot pass it with gems and using max boost from top alliance against no boost troops. No chance to pass. Recently reach LV 130. Is this a reason. Usually playing 1M and 3M difficulty and now I cannot pass 100k and 500k.
  13. The reason behind no event is that there is a holiday season 100%. Somewhere.
  14. Something wrong with this conquest season. It happens as well with my team that 1 player blocked 5-9 players for more than 5h. Supreme victory was just too high for us. Flare should make skull bonus higher than 150% maybe 200-250% when ratio is 1:7
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