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  1. Nothing is gonna change for God sake leave it already ?
  2. An idiot with decent job and amazing strategy skills
  3. I understand your point we will be fourth next war now ???
  4. 2016 OMG where you get this stuff from . I didn't even bother reading Eve post just read the last paragraph so lazy . Cromka is 10000 times better then me ?
  5. I can never reach the level of apo rl leaders they are so great I envy them ? there is no one to say nice things about me on forums ?
  6. Tld can defeat Vl with couple times lb now if they wanna grow same goes for many alliances we help them save resources when we can . They are happy with fair battles and don't want top alliances to intervene we have a group of United alliances who works together when there are many allies on same map then rather going all out they just have fair battles 1/1 to decide ranks their players are happy . Better spend gems one day couple of fronts then whole 5 days multiple fronts and still not sure for the outcome . So I guess in May I am retiring ?
  7. Nah I really think he will retire this this I was counting right now how many people hate this new war rule I found only 3 till now can you help me with the list cromka ? ?
  8. It was ok when VL,NA,Todes was facing it and had to move to lower alliance just because flare wasn't listening now it's not ok since same thing happening to Apo ? How many wars you won in last one year post here that's the only reason you are not enjoying since you can't win . About slaves , VL doesn't have any we give fair chances to alliances to fight for first second third on empty maps they are happy with it . Now since many alliances started to improve tiles and moving towards 120 what is the problem ? This game is boring I personally don't find it interesting anymore I am here for the same reasons that is wars I don't care about anything else in the game same does most of my generals and players . Making game better ? Apo RL original plan was to kill VL and todes so you guys can have scroll free wars how is that beneficial for the company ? Who cares if one alliance left game ? Your players are retiring only you are players will move to other alliances make it more stronger things will come back to fair battle with allies for us anyway . Pretty sure nothing is gonna change this time Eve anyway we had a good run if you retire I retire
  9. Black day for us ?????? we burn tires in July ????
  10. You can show off with Max score according to your skull perks in war even if you use 1000 gems a raid if you lose raid trying scroll free in war you are a failure for the team
  11. William22 if I recall you are veteran of rr2 even tho you are from the angel side ( rl/Apo) I still respect good raiders in war we all scroll and we will always scroll because it's important to win a season then to keep 100 gems we both know that really we'll
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