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  1. change pro league sterategy

    Making harder will involve more luck.
  2. change pro league sterategy

    Totally disagree wat all U SAID. Making it like ninja!??..then there will be no fun left...u have to pay for it to have a totally different way of playing rr2(which pro league offers) Just bcz some cannot do well most of the time and they are angry u wanna make it free and easy.arent they happy when they are placed gud in a league?don't they enjoy the rewards. Every league till now played all were having a different element in it to do well in some u need patience in some u need skills..and n some luck. With reward 30 days ,4 league and player invests 3k gems to participate and out of around we assume a thousand players only top three get a very gud rewards...very very fair enough. And i don't understand yr point of making all 12 harder..if level 1 is hard then a player who fails on 9 th now would fail on 3rd and would be more angry and cry out on flare to make pl easy. Pro league has added a new way of playing rr2.totally a second phase of it.i like it. Defenetly flare needs to look After the use of second account on different device to ruin pl.
  3. I have suggestion for war,war system has been same since long time. To make it interesting flare can introduce two extra battles which would not be any player base but a design created by flare itself ,every player can play those two battles. Given those two battles will judge how skilled a player is.thse two battles will similar to a pro league raid "no scrolls".the better raider u are the better skulls u can gain in those two cof should be involved in it.the combo should be based on the special war boosts. And most important thing it will involve a new time factor.a threshold time can be set ,if player completes that battle in less than that threshold time the player gets full skull.otherwise the skull count will be reduced.
  4. Another 12min added in PL!

    I am not talking about compensation being enough!!!! Fair players suffer due flares mistake,fair players suffer bcz flare wants to compensate players(mentioning some),.....even if u compensate it should be such that all player get eqUal benefit.not adding 12 min just before 2 hours of league end and that too for all players????...compensation itself is not fair..either It would have been a one day longer league ..or extra should have been only of suffered players.
  5. Another 12min added in PL!

    And what about the rank we shifted down due to some players took advantage of those 12 min?? U can't even compensate it.
  6. Introduce new scroll

    I never think of negative aspects of a thing. New scroll bring new possibility in game.
  7. Introduce new scroll

    It should be 1k gems ...only rich people will use it.
  8. We have seen many spells being added but not a new scroll!! Like:- Beast hero:-hero grows bigger in size 200% attack speed ,5k damage with all types of damage in it,100% speed . Fastercolldown:-reduces spell cooldown to half for two spell casts and player gets an instant spell recharge when cast this scroll. Any more suggestions are welcome.
  9. Fix the base defense algorithm

    I have a simple solution to this problem. Let's do some simple maths. The info I have till now is yr gate distruction accounts 25% gold of raid ,25% for reaching gate and 50% for destroying towers. So till now this 50% is being exploited by using only two towers in path which accounts 25% for each towers. (If I am wrong on this,I am just giving example to explain) This can simply be fixed by doing this Assume u have castel gate level which gives u 10 towers. Divide this 50% in all 10 towers equally, no matter how many towers u have on path. No consider player puts two towers in path at gate which would account 50%/10=5% each tower player would loose only 10% gold if he is not able to destroy the two towers at gate. So the that remains 40% would be given to player as soon as he reaches gate. If he uses no tower 75% would be granted as soon he reaches gate. This way the part of a tower would remain equal each time in gold and would also no affect wars. Though trophies the player would need to be slightly adjusted to incorporate this thing.
  10. No more Phoebe

    I just want option to buy Phoebe also in pro shop
  11. Aggred with you fii.can level 73 player having not earned much experience use those special boosts and I think he would have never even encountered those type of bases ( meaning tough for him) According to his alliance in which he is in....can u imagin he ever faced a beast.then how can he kill an can be even know how eldark attacks.Hard to believe for me.
  12. Pro league timing should be reduced to five days .it's too long seven day..then there would be a need to manage all events timing. And also the pro league rewards should be raised for atleast top 20 or 10 . Toxic cloud should be bought back to its's almost impossible to raid those top bases when heal towers are there. And I noticed skeletons are not shielded in battle is it a bug? Aki beast needs a nerf !!to balance it should not get affected by howl and heal effect.
  13. Time to nerf Aki beast

    Aki needs to be nerfed. My suggestion is to add a weakness of poison and the howl and heal effect should not affect would be. Descent way to balance it.
  14. Special Wikia Forum Contest

    Necromancer:This witch can be deadly unit spawning skeletons when survives for a long time and stuns enemy with its electrifying jolts. Pyro ninja:jumping ninjas shoot fire balls from afar and fears enemy units.
  15. pro league free tickets

    Really disappointed with this once in a month this makes this new feature absolutely not existing for me..... Or reduce its cost Or make it once in a two league free ticket.