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  1. UnevenGiant

    solved Christmas Festival with No Presents

    Well waited a few hours and the festival seems to have sorted itself out. So yay for that. Now you just have to work on stopping the crashes and having to watch videos multiple times to get the reward. Yes, I've been automatically upgraded to the newest edition. So another yay for Flare, after the absolute nightmare of last time.
  2. Clicked on the first battle. No chance to win presents, just medals. Like any other battle. And I'm having far more bugs and being booted than ever before. No way, AGAIN, for Win8.1 pleyaers to upgrade the game. Took TWO AND A HALF MONTHS LAST TIME with Flare blaming MS and MS blaming Flare AND NO TAKING RESPONSIBILITY. Thanks. You're already starting to ruin my holiday.
  3. UnevenGiant

    Windows 8.1

    Got a reply from Flare telling me I should empty out my Windows Store cache but they didn't know how to do it. It took me less than 45 seconds on google to find out how. That is the level of tech support and customer service on here. Game still unable to be updated.
  4. I have just spent FOUR HOURS with MS and XBox technicians to try and solve the problem. And they couldn't. I cannot access the game at all and have no way of giving your customer support anything other than basic information. The XBox technicans suggested that you post CLEAR AND COMPREHENSIVE steps for uninstalling and reinstalling the game FOR ALL PLATFORMS in your FAQs. Even after several attempts they are unsure how to do this and still retain the original account information, etc. If it is possible that Win 8.1 players haven't been given access to that download yet, they also suggested you should let people know. Though after a week, it is disheartening to say the least that we 8.1 players are getting short shafted again. I have now spent two days trying to get access to this download, all to no avail. I am beyond disgusted.
  5. UnevenGiant

    Windows 8.1

    No it's not. Flare is doing it's usual Screw You Win8.1 players, And your link to notify them? https://flaregames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Times out. Times out. Times out. Times out. ETA: Request for help sent Aug 9th. Let's see if that does ANYTHING.
  6. Came back after extended trip with no internet access to discover not only can I not update the game, I can't even connect to it at all. All I get from the MS Store is No Updates Available. No help at all from MS Store. None. Am on a desktop Win 8.1.
  7. I clicked the damn button something like 50 times. All I got was probably more carpal tunnel. Is Flare going to pay to fix that? I'm pretty damn FED UP with Flare at this point.
  8. UnevenGiant

    Dear Lord What ISN'T a Problem Around Here?

    The button to connect to Facebook does NOTHING, no connection, losing out on multiple pal chests. Still not a single free video chest even after watching multiple vids. And you want money from me for your game? I could answer that question but the answer would probably get me banned from this board.
  9. In the last five minutes, I tried to get a free video chest (forced to watch the video, no chest. as usual) and then had an Uber Chest give me one NON-Uber item before it just shut down. Gosh my monthly gem package ran out yesterday. Guess I won't be paying for another one.
  10. UnevenGiant

    Compensation event and/or reimbursement

    All of them are crap options so Flare can save as much money as possible...and Flare knows it. Shame on you. Don't you realize that pretty much all the goodwill you created by having a really extraordinary Community Week was pretty much blown to smithereens by this? And your "poll" just compounds the problem. People not only lost time because of this, they lost actual money. Real money. And to offer something that really isn't going to cost Flare a farthing as "compensation" is nothing less than spitting in the faces of your customers. Again, shame on you.
  11. Yes, the site is down for me as well. And being a weekend, who knows if they'll fix it.
  12. UnevenGiant

    Oh for goodness sake FIX THE GAME!

    He's not the only one. I"M EFFING FED UP. Video rewards work maybe 2 out of 8-10 times. My new Collect All Resources button has now greyed out for the SECOND TIME. Booted off for no reason. Blah blah blah. I'm no longer going to purchase A SINGLE THING until these problems are addressed. I wouldn't buy a broken toy in a store so why should I pay for a game that is obviously broken? When my gems run out, then I run out. Enough is enough. There are plenty of other games on the web.
  13. UnevenGiant

    3.9 update ?

    Well good for you and good for the one above who got it thru the tavern, but I can't get past the first RR2 page. Nothing loads. And no response from TPTB here. I'll give it another day or two and then I'll simply go look for another game to play. And to spend money on. If that is the case I GUARANTEE it won't be a Flare game.
  14. UnevenGiant

    3.9 update ?

    I just spent more than one hour with MS game tech customer service about this issue. Their response? Boilerplate after boilerplate trying to shift the blame to my computer. Well I guess Flare and MS don't care about alienating their paying customers. Which means they'll simply have less of them in the future.
  15. UnevenGiant

    Closing Off-Topic Threads

    It's not trolling when your customers are telling you that your comments are being received as offensive by a number of people.