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  1. ShiroKo

    Chapter I - The Mysterious Mountain Path.....

    They don't Work on Weekends and tomorrow is a Holiday as well 👍
  2. ShiroKo

    Hacker / Cheater

    Just look at this joke of a season. Yesterday there was only 1 above 1.9k and now the top 10 are all above 1.9k. Not gonna say it's Impossible but this combo is quite bad especially those necros... I bet 9/10 used Multi accounts
  3. ShiroKo

    Dracomancer dragon is blue now

    Keep it, it's kinda funny , Joke. Minor bug, don't worry guys. As long as you know it's a fire dragon or forst or stone it's good
  4. ShiroKo

    Phoebe is overpowered in defence

    Translation: FG sucks at nerfing things, see TC spell. Phoebe needs a small nerf, otherwise it would be downgraded from an OP beast to a useless Beast. Ceres OP in attack.
  5. ShiroKo

    Cheater in pro ligue ...

    Right haven't thought about time of playing as an indicator.
  6. ShiroKo

    Cheater in pro ligue ...

    I tried to get my brother to play rr2 several times, fortunately he didn't, because if FG at somepoint decide to basically ban all Multi accounts I would be implicated as well for having the same IP. Point is. How do you actually prove it's your family member and not yourself
  7. ShiroKo

    List of troops and monsters...

    Nope Froster Can't attack LT. This has been the case since the LT has been first introduced into the game. And since then it has not changed. LTs are immune to frosters.
  8. ShiroKo

    War event

    But honestly its been like this for years. If you remotely similar fiefdom count as the others youw ill be in the same map pool. That's just how it is.
  9. ShiroKo

    Bug in Survival Cup?

    Well, you should believe it, because it's true. It has been stated in the official Pro League FAQ.
  10. ShiroKo

    War event

    You don't lose Gold from war fights though. Just saying
  11. ShiroKo

    Message to Alpha Guard

    Before you do something on that laptop on your own. You may want to consider it again. Don't you still have the warranty on it? Does it expire if you open it yourself? If that's the case you probably should send it in and get it checked again. So you don't have to pay for it. But if there is no warranty on it anymore, go for it. Best of luck.
  12. ShiroKo

    Next war season?

    It will probably go on as it is. So yeah I think it's going to be froster.
  13. ShiroKo

    ninja portal question

    Or simply said. Ninja event is an event that comes every 2 weeks. You have 1 week of war and 1 week of Ninja event. It's always alternating between those 2. So the cooldown is 2 weeks for both of them.
  14. Good Question, but I don't think this game supports the use of a controller though.
  15. haven't seen any Vikings used on me and never encountered them in Defense. Are they really useful?