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  1. ShiroKo

    in review Unusual freeze of screen

    Same here. Had to gem every raid so far... it's unplayable. Every 2 or 3 seconds it lags for 1 or so second. Everything becomes unresponsive and it's a nightmare to get the spell Timing right. Fix it asap. But what do we expect. It's weekend
  2. Phoebe's weakness is blunt damage. It isn't listed but it is something that has been kind of comfirmed. A bunch of Paladins kill it in seconds, the Big Archer needs 2 maybe 3 shots. 5 or so cannons will also kill Phoebe in seconds. Only problem is a shield spell is required otherwise Phoebe's skill will probably end you before you can kill it. Same foes for Phoebe boosted by a wolf. Well probably every Beast boosted by a wolf will be difficult.
  3. ShiroKo

    About update for skull tower boost

    Every tower on it's own is Trash, only in combination with certain other Things like placement synergy with other towers/obstacles are they good. Just like skull with heal and traps to Block cannons, fb towers place out of range etc.
  4. ShiroKo

    About update for skull tower boost

    Point is. Skull is strong enough even without a boost it's deadly. One mistake and you can say goodbye to your army. Forged and covered with heal towers they can be quite challenging
  5. That can't be true if it was the aggro range then they wouldn't block each other. If the aggro range was so low that only the ogre standing exactly in the corner can attack it, then it wouldn't make sense why 2 ogres can block each other. The range should be so low that there can never be 2 ogres attracted to the corner tower and block eachother in the first place. 2 Ogres being able to push each other away from the corner to effectively block each other from ever attacking the tower is proof that it cannot be the aggro range, otherwise they wouldn't walk to the tower in the first place. The only problem is the collision size of the ogre and the hit box of the corner tower. Collision size of ogres is too big and hit box of corner towers is too small, so they block each other. Only an Ogre standing exactly in the corner can attack a FB or LT tower.
  6. That is something that i haven't noticed so far. The only thing that is extremely annoying is the huge collision size of the ogre. If there are 2 or more at the corner it's basically gg, they just block each other without anyone of them actually attacking the tower. This should be fixed. For instance if towers are placedin a corner they should have a bigger hitbox, so that the ogres can't block each other.
  7. ShiroKo

    Heal spell

    Ehm, that's basically the same. I think you meant to say 3648/sec or 3648 over 5 seconds.
  8. ShiroKo

    Pro Tickets & Donates

    In the new conquest mode you get so many pearls. The pearl chests That i get contain a little over 2000 Pearls each. And I get 4 or 5 of those. By no means is it a good replacement for any event, but it's not like we have less options to get pearls now. Just the frequency is getting lower. But that is something people have to live with as many complaint about the frequency of events which made this game a chore or duty rather than a game. Now that the events aren't on a weekly schedule anymore people complain about lack of pearls. Honestly, I think this one is on us this time. Best option now is to alternate between conquest mode, war, ninja. Like: War -> Ninja -> War -> Conquest -> Repeat this way at least War boosts are on the same schedule as it was before. And Pearl income is also ok. With all the other options added on top it should be alright to get your pearls.
  9. ShiroKo

    Pro Tickets & Donates

    I Think you misunderstood me. I said I don't buy pro Tickets. Pro league is going on for more than a year now IIRC. Which means 52+ pro leagues so far. And I have only been playing 9 of them. And if an alliance can't afford to play every pro league for the boosts, only play in leagues with the boosts you want e.g. fallen paladins or heal tower etc. As for pearls, we have Ninja, war chests, daily chests, free chests, luck gear to get all the pearls from the blacksmith. Key point is to never ever sell gear. Always Melt it down and you should have enough. Using pro league as a Source of pearl income is imho a waste of a Ticket. You had better hope for crystals and gear and more Tickets instead of pal food or pearls.
  10. ShiroKo

    Pro Tickets & Donates

    You don't have to play pro league every Week. Since it's introduction I have only participated in 9 leagues so far. Because I don't buy any and I never ask for them. I wait 4 months and earn 4 Tickets to play in one whole season to actually benefit more from monthly. And if your alliance doesn't have many pro league players it's best to only concentrate on one boost to Go for then. It was enough for me to get most of the gear I wanted and ceres.
  11. Absolutely agree with Darkerion. Phoebe as it is now is a rewarding beast. The only thing that should be done is increasing the effectiveness of other beasts, to not make phoebe the go to choice. For instance Phoebe is a pro beast and therefore it is so much more difficult to level up. And therefore a level 6-7 Normal Beast should be about as powerful as Phoebe level 2, obviously with tweaks to suit the corresponding Beast. For Instance tammy with a better healing power and general tankiness but not more damage, as it is a support/heal type beast. Irmgard with higher spell range and maybe allow the it's ability to actually hit things on the other side. As it is right now Irmgard is practically useless unless the enemy is on the same lane. The point is, don't nerf Phoebe just make the others more useful and appealing. So that it actually makes sense to use other beasts than Howl/Phoebe,ยด or sometimes Kaiser and Tammy. Also to make phoebe less of a killing machine just tweak defense beasts, that they can't be affected by howls. Only howl beast should be able to boost itself. I think this is a good balance for all, as it's divided, some say pheobe is fine and others say it's op in comparison to others. So by making others more useful we should be able to see more diversity.
  12. ShiroKo

    I Do Not Understand Alliance Wars?

    @SinisterEggplantEven if you lose you get skulls. 1 crowns, 2 crowns, 3 crowns anything. As long as you get 1% you will get skulls. When did you join you alliance? When the war already started or before it started?
  13. ShiroKo

    Pro Tickets & Donates

    Absolutely against this. Tickets can still be transfered. Just that only bought ones could be transfered. Honestly, to me, it seems that you were one of those that abused the donation System and are now unwilling to buy them. Sorry if i am wrong, but it just seems to be the case. Tickets were given as a gift. To be used not to be abused. You can use tapjoy to get free gems, or occasionally get them in chests.
  14. ShiroKo

    Aska vs Irmgard

    I Think that this is not entirely true. Afaik only blunt spell damage has been reduced. Not pal Hero or troop blunt damage.
  15. ShiroKo

    Pal Flute - Transform Duration

    Yes Sorry you are right, I didn't specify the Spell duration. if it is 7 seconds aska can't cast it 2 times while ceres can. That's missing, thanks forpointing it out.!