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  1. You just gave yourself the answer. 3 Offense Spells against phoebe is already spelling doom. Then the fact that your gear/forge is not on par is also a factor that plays a huge role. Also your combo plce a huge role. And enemy king level also plays a role. Phoebe of a level 130 player is significantly more difficult to Defeat than a level 110. And if she casts her spell 2 times against an unshielded Army all low HP troops are gone. Only maxed ogre wolf viking can even hope to withstand 2 of her spells. But that goes for all beast. Take Fritz for instance. 2 spells and Army is also practically dead. Facing Fritz in ninja at high tier is extremely challenging without the right combo. Point is that every beast can kill every Unit except ogre wolf viking with 2 spells, especially if you don't use one defensive spell But one thing you mentioned is wrong. Beast can only hast spells when they have attacked a certain number of times and not when they are in spell range. E.g. Phoebe will only cast her spell when she is within strinking range of an enemy. You can test this out yourself. Make an open base and test a pal with pal flute and you can see it.
  2. How is it OP? I have never seen a phoebe killing Ogres or Wolves with a single Armageddon, not even 2 can kill them. Shielded and with healring Phoebe needs like 3 Armageddons to kill full hp Ogres and Wolves. Small Units won't survive 2 Armageddons but Shielded and at max or close to max HP Knights/Archers/Paladins always survive 1 Armageddon. Point is, you have to kill it before he cast the second one or have a decent amount of big units that you can kill it even if it happens to cast its skill 3 times. Just like howl, the longer it survives the deadlier it is. Mass boosts to Tower and Troops, strong Skill. It could also totally kill your whole army off. So, it doesn't matter which one you face, if you let it survive long enough for any beast to cast his skill 2, 3 or even 4 times your army is practically dead. That Phoebe is stronger should be quite normal as it is a pro beast, with it's only redeeming advantage is that beast form. As a pets it's utterly garbage so balance wise it's OK if you ask me.
  3. I don't see the fuss about OP Phoebe. As mentioned before if the conditions are met (a bunch of Archers/Paladins/Knights/Cannons) it is a joke of a beast. 2-3 Seconds and it's dead. If you can't beat it it's - excuse my words - your skill level that's lacking then. A) If you have a bunch of said troops and you still can't kill it, you either don't know how to push phoebe around, didn't manage to kill wolf so it boosted phoebe or you fought it in range of mass LT/Skulls which also helped to decimate your troops in seconds. B ) If you have high morale troops only and don't have a high spell damage pal or hero woith at least 2 high damage offense spells you can't expect to defeat it, as the DPS of big troops is abysmal compared to low morale troops. C) If you couldn't keep your army alive until you encouter it it's probably impossible to beat it as you will lack DPS from troops and most likely spells and pal will not help you. Summary: Phoebe is by no means OP it's just that it needs a comepletely different approach than the other beasts. Howl for instance isn't as punnishing if you only take high morale troops with you as longs as you have blizzard/tc spell, because his Skill isn't as devastating and you can get away with it being alive a couple seconds longer than phoebe. But essentially, phoebe should stay as it is, because first, it's a pro beast and takes a long time to level up and should have an edge and second it forces players to be more crative in their combos and requires players to be more skilled.
  4. I really really hope that conquest mode is not demanding like 2-3 hours a day. Currently I am at a Congress Meeting this whole Week and barely have Time to maybe be online and donate gold troops and get my pal chest. Was looking forward to it. Damn Life always gets in the way when you actually don't want it to 🙃🙃🙃
  5. ShiroKo

    Necromancer balance change?

    Well I think it depends on the combo you use. When I am using Ogres It's ok and not so difficult todeal with Necros as the stun stops them from filling their bar. But if I don't use Ogres Necros become significantly more difficult and can certainly wreck my whole army. However it just might be me that can't deal with them unless I use Ogres. So balancing the Necro might be something Flare should/could consider, but I also think they should just let it be as it is, otherwise the shitstorm will be big again.
  6. I completely agree about that, but within a certain margin it does represent offense. If Player A is 3000 Trophies and Player B 4500 then it certainly does. maybe at a +/- 500 it doesn't and it's perfectly resonable to beat someone in that range of +/- 500. But for all we know the people complaining are talking about +1000 trophy and think it's unfair that he/she can't beat that player. Logically speaking you shouldn't be able to beat someone that far from you, unless you trophy dumped or the player with +1000 trophy has no boosts, upgrading new towers etc. My point is people are complaining about not beating someone after the update without even stating what the hero level, trophy range, alliance level, boosts etc he/she is using vs what the player they want to beat. For instance A) if all the players complaining can't beat anyone at their own herolevel, alliance level, similar boosts, trophy range than I would say, yes the new update screwed it up. But B ) if that isn't the case, which I certainly believe it is, than all the complaining is unreasonable. Complainers have not given any specific details yet, so for all we know it could be either and I assume the worst (Case B). I certainly don't like all the changes and I think flare screwed us by nerfing ceres so heavily as mine was level 9 but I also believe ceres was too strong. I might not agree to all the nerfs (they could have let the HP of copied unit stay the same, it's too low now imho) but it certainly isn't as bad as all those complainers make it out to be. Players I couldn't beat I still can't beat and players I could beat I still can beat, it's just more difficult now. But that is not something a little practice can't accomplish.
  7. It is fun to read so many complaints that weren't even thought through. Most apparent one is "defense is so op now I can't beat anyone anymore". As LacunaC mentioned several times but apparently have been conveniently ignored. Just because you can't beat higher leveled players anymore doesn't mean it's imbalanced. A low level player beating high level player, that's imbalanced. It's pure ignorance to even think that way. You have to compare with players similar in strength to you. If you can beat them than it's perfectly fine, if not than your skill level, Time Investment, real money Investment just isn't as high as the other player. Honestly to all the people complaining about not beating other players anymore, I would like to know what is your trophy range, level and trophy range, level of the one you can't beat. If you are telling me, 3000 trophy level 80 players can't beat a 4500 trophy level 110 player and then complaints that he can't beat said player than I am utterly speechless.
  8. ShiroKo

    I need a top class alliance.

    No one every thought that him talking about wanting to be in a top alliance, but only having those stats/abilities? 250k Donations is at best low to mid level Alliance. 3200 Skulls is 3 fights without SP gear and winning 3 Skullchests. And he expects a pheobe beast? Joking right? And worst thing of all. He says 100% participation in all events, then we get the Info from someone from Kreatorwhich clearly indicates the opposite. And to top everything off, he himself claims that he is now in an Alliance where you can play however you like and just have fun. That is the exact opposite of 100% participation. To me it just sounds like a just for fun alliance 🙄 That's the kind of player that probably no top alliance will ever accept.
  9. ShiroKo

    Why does the video have a 6-hour session?

    Point is, it's again only affecting some players. None in my alliance have faced it so far. Someone mentioned his Indian members are having this issue. Someone else said EU but where, which country. @PaSte already mentioned it depends on region. So by just saying you are having this issue it's not helping much. Probablygiving info about your own region would be a much bigger help. As we players could then see if it is truly only affecting certain regions. I for instance don't have any issues (Germany), many of my alliance mates are from Canada and USA and also haven't mentioned this. From the replies, so far India and somewhere in Europe ()
  10. ShiroKo

    Why does the video have a 6-hour session?

    Curious, which region is affected by this? I haven't got this issue. Everything is just as it was before the update. Maybe it really got something to do with region. Narrowing it down would also help the Team I think.
  11. ShiroKo


    Point is I am always a little behind. Always an hour or even more. An all of that added up to about 5 days. It's just Impossible to always be on Time on the exact same day just like with alliance donations it's the same Problems always being behind by lets say 2 hours will eventuell add up to a significant amount of gold. And that Problem has been discussed several times already. Same Logic Applies to pro league Ticket. Having a useful notification System would be at least a little helpful. Best would be to Change it completely like so many have mentioned reseting dayly donations at midnight would be nice. And apply that same pro league. Every 4th would give you one instead of reseting it only when you collect it. That's stupid.
  12. ShiroKo


    I have played this game without notifications for more than 3 years. Only used it for about 3 months to see if it is worth it. However it's useless. Having notifications for pro league ticket and donations are immensely helpful. In top alliances relaxing donations is not good and I am already 5 days behind in my free pro league Ticket and that just sucks.
  13. ShiroKo


    I think this option is something that every player disables. At some point I turned it on but the notifications are so mostly useless as all the important parts, like donation or league about to end is always deleted when the granny has new offers. Absolutely useless. I think it would be great if we could choose what we want a notification for. Personally I only need Donation, pro league Ticket (most important). But giving us options is a big improvement and would make this Feature a lot more useful.
  14. ShiroKo

    Raid rewards

    If you are stuck there for a year now. Then you maybe invest in too many things. Focus only on 4 to 5 spells. 1 Support, 2-3 attack and 1 CC. As for troops try to focus on those that can be used in offense and defense first, like wolf ogre monk cannon. Knights and archers are inexpensive and you should be easily able to squeeze them into your Weekly forges as well. However if that is already what you do. Then maybe it's your alliance boosts. I might be wrong but level 55-60 alliances should be pretty common now so maybe consider switching alliances. As far as maintaining a certain trophy count is concerned. Having the right priority in defense also helps out in being more effecient with your time. Otherwise only activity can be relied on. Getting more trophies than what you lose on a daily base will keep you going. But then again it's time consuming and also depends on your luck with opponents, e.g. beasts and or encountering players that dropped trophies. A good indicator is looking at the alliance level and player level of your opponent before every fight. It is Time consuming doing it every Time but it may save you from losing your hard earned trophies and valuable food which could Have been used for a succesful raid. Otherwise I honestly can't think of much else you could possibly do.