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  1. I never had this offer I believe, or I did get it but it was so long ago I can't remember. But it's probably the case of reaching a certain treshold. As I have not seen this feature in 3 years+ at the very least.
  2. Same as Free Pro Ticket, should just reset every 28 days, and you got 28 days to get it. And not 28 days from the moment you took it. But this has also been requested a couple days/weeks after Pro League was introduced. Still nothing happened. I am probably off by like 15-20 days lol
  3. Only Conquest buildings, but it's super easy to max everything now in a year if you play actively. As you only need ges for blacksmith and alliance towers. With conquest / wars / daily chests you can get a good income of gems for free. In all those years I invested 9.99€ for the aska bundle. Was it worth it? Nope, as I got Aska about 3 weeks afterwards in a free pal chest anyway. And I only won Diamon league once in those years. But it should be doable if you are playing actively and sitll have fun then you could win it multiple times. As sometimes diamond leagues have players that are super lazy and don't play in it. If you get one of those you can win diamond league several times even if you only get 400-600 medals per raid instead of 1k+. The key point is investing time. For instance if you see that about 1-2 hours in no one seems to fight for 1st place, you could try to rack up 10k medals asap. By doing that you actually discourage many players form competing. But what you have to do is invest time, vouchers for food or boost your farms etc. I think this is by far the best strategy. As for me, idc about all those leagues anymore. I only play in wars and Ninja, that's why I only managed to get form level 108 to level 118 in almost 3 years. I could have been level 130 a while ago. But I can barely play 3 raids in one session. It's just feels like a chore. If I do any more I would probably lose the last bit of fun I feel for this game. Even in wars when there are only 2 fronts I only manage to get all 12 fights in 6-8 sessions, eventhough I have plenty of time to do them. But back to topic: Looking at the situation now, from a competetive pov the system is fair, everyone has a shot at the same reward, but I can also feel for the low and mid level players when there are a couple of top level players in bronze-gold league. But as there can be low-mid level players in diamond league the opposit is also posible. And especially for highscores it gets rough for low level players in those lower leagues. I just thought of another option. Leagues could be locked to specific level ranges. For instance: Diamond League: 115 - 130 Diamond and Platinum: 110 - 115 Platinum League: 90 - 110 Gold and Platinum: 85 - 90 Gold League: 60 - 85 Silver and Gold: 55-60 Silver League: 40 - 55 Bronze and Silver: 35 - 40 Bronze League: Until 35 I know there are overlappings. Those are meant for players that are Leveling up from one "level range" to another and instead of tossing them into the next league instantly they have 5 levels to adjust by giving them access to the old league and the new league before they are forced to play there. This is in consideration that just by leveling up one level doesn't mean you are able to instantly compete in the next league. So giving this buffer is just an idea to give players time to prepare. Naturally rewards have to be adjusted as well. As it would be easier to farm gems that way. For instance players that wanted to farm gold league had to have 2 days of downtime as they would advance to platinum and wait for 2 days before dropping down to gold again to farm the gems again. So I think adjusting the rewards in combination with the down time would be a good idea. E.g. Gold League reward by 2/3, Bronze and Silver by 1/2, Platinum by 3/4 and Diamond stays the same as there is no downtime. This is just an idea I came up with on the spot. Might be a good Idea or a ***** one I don't know EDIT: EDIT ***** is the word s t u p i d.
  4. You are right, there are top level players in low leauges. But they are most of the time inactive or vie for Highscores when the scores have been resetted. Most of the time I am also in one of the lower leagues because i don't really play actively anymore. Outside of Wars and Ninja I don't play this game anymore. It's just getting boring. I am still in this game because I already invested 4+ years. And because of this inactivity I am usually in bronze or silver leagues for 1-2 days in between those events. And I also see a bunch of 100+ players there but 90% of them are inactive and don't raid at all. Sometimes there is one or 2. Even in Ninja events I can see some people from Sleeping Lion or AoG, etc having 0 scores in lower leagues. This is something I observed for almost 3 years now. When I started getting bored of this game. I could often see level 80-100 Kings getting 30k plus in lower leagues probably by using dungeons, but then again it was so pointless as they could have won with like 3k. I can see that so often because top players down there are there for a reason. Because they don't raid. I have never ever seen your case being such a problem as only rarely top players fight for those leagues and if they do it's because it's either war or ninja when they get medals for those events any way. Or for setting a new Highscore. But seperating people by level is also an option but then the rewards have to be so much less. Top players in Diamond should still get 375 any more is *****. beginners/low level at most 50 gems in diamond league. But then bronze would be like 5 gems. Anymore and you would encourage making new accounts and dropping won gems on main accounts as higher level players have much better raiding skills and have a much easier time winning those gems. But then low to mid level players would probably "whine" again because the diamond league rewards aren't the same and honestly you are in it for the 375 gems. I don't believe it's for any other reason. Summary: As long as there is only the same reward in each league it's fair as it is. Only by adjusting rewards depending on levels it would be fair to seperate people by levels.
  5. I don't understand the reason behind reestablishing the dungeons to be farmable again, just so that weaker players have a chance against top players in leagues. Just thinking about this makes no sense at all. In a competition isn't it obvious that the strongest player should be the winner, not the one that can use exploits the most. In diamond league players vie for the same rewards, so if you happen to be placed in the same league as soemone level 130 you can't possibly complain about it being unfair. As there are only 5 Leagues in total isn't it obvious that Diamond League is meant for Top players? For low level players there are bronze, silver and gold league. Platinum and Diamond is meant for high and Top level players. Just like sports, e.g. soccer/football. By winning leagues you promote to the higher league until you reach champions league. Higher leagues means more difficult competition for better rewards, that's just logical and reasonable. You can't honestly think that as an amateur soccer player that just happened to promote to the highest league to be on par with all the seasoned veterans. That just doesn't make sense. There are 5 Tiers for a reason, which correspond to different stages of player abilities. Bronze and silver for beginners, gold and platinum for mid to high level players and diamond for top level players. I honestly don't think that there is any argument against this analogy. There is a reason why you have to promote form one league to the next by being one of the top 3 and competiton gets fiercer and stronger. I am honest here, the only thing that I can see form this petition is that low to mid level players want an easy way to earn those juicy gems. Another thing. As medals are capped at ~1300 for the very best defense. So only beating the strongest defense should be rewarded as such. It's just a nice bonus that Flare is giving such ridiculously high medal rewards for ninja and dungeons for easy bases. It in no way represents the difficulty of the bases, unless it is at the very top ninja tier. It's just presumptious to demand the same medal rewards for beating defenses that are significantly weaker than top defense as a mid level player just because you want to have a shot at the highest league. The only solution is sorting by King level, but adapting rewards for differnet levels. E.g. level 50 Diamond League giving much less gems then level 120+ Diamond League. But then there is absolutely no meaning behind the stars whatsoever. getting the 5th star is the biggest challenge in the game before the pro league was introduced. And as such it should still be, but by sorting players by levels getting the 5th star in low level leagues is so much easier then in high level. So stars wouldn't represent anything anymore.
  6. As far as I can see, this problem only applies to mid level and low level alliances. It is imparative in top level alliances to always go for the top ranked players of the opponents alliances. losing 100-90 skulls per chest is way more hurtful then picking level 95 opponents. which are at the bottom of an alliance. For instance getting an additional 100-95 skulls per attack or going for a level 95 level player that only gives 40-50 skulls in a chest . The choice is obvious. No one would ever go for the level 95 player as losing ~50 skulls each fight is detrimental. thats 300 skulls. That's just bad decision making. In mid level alliances where there are only a couple of players above level 95, let's say 5-10. I can see that there is an incentive to choose a level 95 player, as you would only lose 5-10 skulls per fight. But this problem is entirely dependend on the line up of an alliance. If an alliance's average player level is 95 there is pretty much no other choice then attacking one. In my alliance we got players from 100-130 and it's usually always a war between the top 15 of each alliances as everyone has gate towers and it's usually best to go for the skulls in the COF as it doesn't matter which base you choose. All have Gate towers and difficulty is quite similar. Differences are usually small in difficulty. I don't think a cap increase would change anything. As this problem is entirely depended on alliance line up. Furthermore this problem is gone once you reach 95+ or are in a an Alliance at 100+.
  7. As the special ability wasn't mentioned in this announcement, I Think we can assume it to be the same as before. Going into beast form and spawning skeletons.
  8. It's been the 3rd month where I didn't get the last daily chest (28th). Always 27th then it starts a new. 3 months in a row. I never missed a day. 1st month maybe I missed a der days I thought. But not 3 in a row. Is it only me or has anyone else Experience the same issue.
  9. Well it doesn't have the unique feeling as whammerhead but it has better stats. At least something I guess xD
  10. Iirc there is a pro weapon with exactly the same perks as whammerhead. The Axe I believe
  11. But higher trophy = higher Medal was always the case. Top bases gave max Medal. Als the further you were away from the top the max amount went down as well. You can't give someone at 1500 who is beating 2000 1300 medals just because he beat someone so much higher. It doesn't make Sense. Top bases get max Value and it should Schale downwards in Relation to trophy range. 2000 player should maybe give 200 to 300 medals. I know it currently isn't the case right now because the game also calculates your own offense to determine medals. Maybe there will be a Workaround.
  12. I also agree with Arrebimba. Priority has to be stopping exploits. If they have to shut it down for that it can't be helped then. Maybe there will be a better Solution for it in the Future. Now adressing the pro league would be next big Step.
  13. But this fix will at least fix the Problem of time. Because you could finnish it in under 1 Minute. Trying to get same amount of medals is not so fast in PvP. To get a reasonably high amount of medals you will most likely need your 2+minutes. I Think this is good Solution for now
  14. I also don't know what perks they could have but it's something for the developers to think about xD. But I like the general Idea of a Lunar New Year Theme.
  15. Honestly I also am pro fix of dungeon. Well the only reason I can see right now, as to why people are so against that fix is that they are getting super low medals via normal raids. This something that only happens if you are staying in a lower trophy range than you are actually supposed to be going by the game mechanics. Which was mentioned by LacunaC and approved by Madlen. You are punnishing yourselves by not going higher in leagues. It usually is not an issue to beat people 300-500 trophies higher than you. For instance you are 3500 and can beat players at 4000. But you are only seeing like 100 medals. Try to go to 3800-4000 or so and it should be much better. Low medals only Show up if you are in a lower trophy range than you are supposed to be. So by playing in your Intended range will fix this Problem. That is how the game mechanic is. Sadly that's a fact. So before condeming the System, you could at least try to use this Method before being Angry about this fix. It might help
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