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  1. Lucky perks value down

    You are so ignorant it's unbelievable. You know that there are more Operations in math than simple addition right? Percentages most often than not do not get Added together, but multiplied. If you increase Value A by 20%. It's the same as Ax1.2 (A times 1.2). And not A+20%. That's not how Probability calculus works. Before lecturing someone about math you may want to freshen up on your own math skills first. Never was it Stated that it was just Added on top of our base Value. Your Arguement would only make Sense if they Stated it somewhere and instead adding it together, they use this Formula. But that's not the case. Just because you want it to be like that doesn't make it right. You don't even realize how you are presenting yourself right now. Utterly childish, Throwing a tantrum when there is absolutely now reason to.
  2. Lucky perks value down

    You never seem to try to reason with a pov that doesn't Support yours it seems. Just because you can't understand that it is not simple addition makes you think it's wrong, when in fact it never was stated that the percentage Simply Added on top of the base Value. There are only two options. It's either Added on top of the base Value or the base value is increased by a said percentage. As the developers already gave us the answer, I fail to see your point. Yes it may be confusing and made unnessecarily complicated, nur it certainly is not wrong. It's not the fault of the developers that you don't seem to understand it. This way of using probabilities is extremely common. For instance, if your yearly Revenue is 3% and you manage to increase it by a wooping 100%, it would be 103% following your Logic. But sadly that's not how it is. It would be 6%, Finances and Economy are using this kind of wording on a daily Basis and it's on the news all the Time, eg. Stock Market. To me it seems you complain for the sake of complaining, because you apparently can't understand that your Way of thinking is wrong. It is simple Probability calculus. At this point I can't take you seriously anymore. It's just plainly childish behaviour that you are presenting here. Just Take your Time and go through the given Formular and it will make Sense. No pont in argueing, if you fail to understand the opposite standpoint.
  3. Lucky perks value down

    It's not a bug. They just changed the displayed Value to the real one, which is used in the Formula. Now you don't have to do the math yourself anymore. If you still don't understand it, I highly recommend you to read the thread about luck perk calculation.
  4. Janus

    Lol nice video kind of op
  5. Lucky Perks bug?

    Honestly, you seem to be to focused on your pov. If it was simple addition then yes, but that's not how this works. If for instance your base is 50% and you increase that Value by another 50% you would not get 100%. It's 75%. The Key word is BY. That's how Probability works. Saying it is misleading and confusing or that is wrong are two very different Things. The math behind it is Logical and correct. Saying that it is wrong just because you can't get behind the reasoning is childish. The Formula has been provided. It's your choice if you want to accept it, but don't say it's wrong as it clearly isn't.
  6. Why not aska & nidogg collector event

    If I have to choose between niddhog or aska I would certainly choose aska. Got niddhog myself in the One free pal chest you can get each month. Really lucky. Point is niddhog is nice, but when you are playing with 3 Offensive spells there are most of the Time no troops left to copy and he wasted his ability. But when everything went right you have a strong Army of LT immune troops. But Aska is imho much reliable. You get 100% reinforcement. Which make it more Versatile i think. As for ceres if i had it, I would most definetly use it instead. Having 3 abilities is Way too good.
  7. Guaranteed ninja

    It was meant for Jiggle. No point in going higher when you are already playing on highest tier 👍
  8. Guaranteed ninja

    Well if it is too easy, you could go up one tier for a more challenging Experience
  9. The change doesn't Work the way you described it, you misunderstood it. It just removes the possibility of getting the same perk with your next spin. But after 7 tries it is possible to get a perk twice, as long as it was not in a row. For instance getting shield boost at 2nd try and at 4th try is possible but it's Impossible to get it on 2nd and right after on 3rd.
  10. Combos

    I Think it would be good to have a thread about combos, as the introduction of pro boosts and some balance changes, changed the game in terms of possible combos a lot. As I am really bad with long range play Styles I still use the old wok Bliz fs shield tammy combo. I tried pyro cannons monks but it just is so slow. I always run out of Time against the same players I beat with wok. Btw has anyone got a Good way to use the necro in offense I tried her as a Substitute for the Knight but it just is so much more inferior. Only Advantage is the LT Immunity. What about imgard that makes cromka say he uses it in normal raids. Superior to kaiser in terms of spell Power? Or for instance Fritz on Paper he has amazing stats but actual Gameplay he just sucks. Big troops like ogre and wolf get pushed back and forth. Making melee playstyle extremely difficult to Controle And pal flute. Is it truly worth it having this instead of an actual spell? Tried it and always had disastrous results.
  11. It's not on Topic but regarding the gold issue. It's true that finding gold is an issue for some people, but searching via player leaderboard is not a Wise decision. You should search via alliance. E.g. Search for players in active alliances, for instance in top 100 or 150. An active alliance most likely has many active players which in turn means possible gold. The players that I attack are at 4200+ and in top 50 alliances and give 400k+ base loot and during ninja and war you can even get people with almost 1M base gold. So finding loot shouldn't be too difficult. Before you say, you are too weak. I use wok bliz fs shield tammy. Troops forged at 40+ and spells at 60+ and tammy level 7. So pretty average. I Think 4200 is not an enemy someone at 3500 can't beat if he uses the right combo. Sorry for not staying on Topic. Back to topic: I also think wars should be changed up. Personally I Never use pyro in offense because I always lose to people that I can beat with wok because I ran out of Time. It might just be because I am Not good with that combo. And arblasters are nice in defense but also a Unit I Never use in offense because a strong bomb tower just oneshots a bunch of them at once. It's probably right go assume that most players use standard boosts like wok or mow. Tweaking the war might be a nice idea. I personally think that all boosts obtainable in war are good. Just One set is not worth the cons that come with the increased fiefdoms.
  12. another problem with game

    Same goes for me. After reaching the last one I can only see 2 people on the leaderboard. And those are the same as seen in the screen shot above. Edit: After restarting the game it fixed itself.
  13. About the petrified troops. Sometimes it's really annoying when your ninjas petrify troops on the other lane and your blizzard is on cd and magically an enemy wolf comes along and howls because petrified troops do count as enemies 🙄.
  14. ogres and wolf stay as slow as a turtle

    Since when did scream give movement speed boost? I always thought slight attack speed boost and Stun Immunity
  15. As @Fourofjacks already mentioned. In what scenario do you consider defense to be op? Is it only in war? When using exp gear or gold gear? If the above is the case then isn't it actually quite normal for you to struggle? You trade offense item slots for either sp, gold or exp. Naturally your offense capabilities will drop drastically. In fact it would be unfair if you could beat a strong player with full gold gear, what would be the point if you could beat anyone even with the highest handicap. And if you use your strongest gear and you still lose, couldn't t be also possible for you to just be weaker than your opponent? As for FB, give it some more Time and maybe people will figure out a Way to beat it. And if not it truly is Way too op. Personally I Think it's too Early to judge.