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  1. MrSchmouck

    So long, and thanks for all the fish !

    Hello fellow members Time has come for me to retire from this game. Before any of you say that it's because of the nerfs or the new update, it's not. In fact, I stayed a bit longer out of curiosity, but my decision was made way before 4.0. In the past weeks, this game has become tiresome and felt more like a chore than an actual game. I wasn't raiding anymore. I was doing ninja and war out of an obligation instead of enjoyment. The only part I liked, and still do, is the pro league. I've come to realize that time-based gaming isn't my cup of tea anymore. Too much real life stuff to do. Comming this fall I will have some big project coming my way and my free time will be rare and sporadic. That's why I going to be switching to a more time-affordable gaming rather than a login-everyday type of gaming. Thanks to all of you guys for those past year, it's been fun to discuss, complain , debate and joke around! Thumbs up to the devs. It's been pleasant to play your creation for three year (or more, I really dunno). Lord Poutine - Balkan Alliance P.S. I hope the new conquest mode will be revamped a bit according to the players' feedback. It could be a really good feature on the long term if you can fix those little iritants.
  2. You should add "No bitching allowed" in your requirement. Some players have no idea what it is needed to run an alliance.
  3. MrSchmouck


    They wont push an update right in the middle of the ninja event. As Pete said, enjoy Ninja first, then enjoy the update.
  4. MrSchmouck

    Was attack limit per hour changed?

    My 260%+ gold boost agree with you Edit : Looks more like 297.8% (Alliance % included). Too bad I don't raid anymore.
  6. MrSchmouck

    Was attack limit per hour changed?

    If he found you through the match maker, the first fight wont count (the matchmaker one).
  7. Why is there a sudden interest in FlareTara ? Also, people that work can take vacation. And summer is a great time to do it. Even Gala can have some. The update will be delayed for sure. They announce end of July, not a precise date. That give you an indication that the "end of July" was merely an estimate. We kept bugging them for a date, they gave us one, an approximate one that is.
  8. MrSchmouck

    2 Bug work n Pro League now

    I actually play on two different devices but not simultaneously. Does that make me a cheater ?
  9. MrSchmouck

    2 Bug work n Pro League now

    They patched one exploit. The one they fixed is server-side. I'm sure there are some client-side exploit out there.
  10. MrSchmouck

    2 Bug work n Pro League now

    Or they don't keep track of what players donate.
  11. MrSchmouck

    2 Bug work n Pro League now

    You could ask him directly ! @VCTR86
  12. MrSchmouck

    How to start a good and strong alliance?

    It's exactly 2 years, 5 months, 2 weeks, 4 days, 6 hours and 25 seconds too late. Trust me, I did the math.
  13. MrSchmouck

    Visual bug?

    It's not really a bug. The luck perk is nerfed. The higher % you have the less it adds when you add more. Your 5.88% (6%) is added to your existing 75.18%(127.84%.). But since you already hace a high luck value, the 6% is only adding 1.46% The problem reside at the fact that they keep both pro and normal stats in two different column. The 5.88%(6%) would be correct if you didn't have any normal luck perk. Your real value are these : 76.65% ( 133.84% ).
  14. MrSchmouck

    New Feature - White Pearls

    Good ol' Cromka, sucking the fun out of it with his logical explanation. ?
  15. MrSchmouck

    How to start a good and strong alliance?

    You will have to look for players who are loyal, have a good donation rate and ammount and that are active. Right now, they are not much players in mid-low levels that fit that description. I honestly would suggest you to find an alliance to join. There are plenty of alliance that are looking for active players. Starting from scratch isn't a good solution right now. On a bonus side, a fully grown alliance will already have pal beast, boosts and such. You will get much more advantage than creating your own. But if you still want to create your own, good luck. It's a lot of work and it's can be sometime frustrating to manage an alliance, trust me on this.