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  1. MrSchmouck

    Chapter I - The Mysterious Mountain Path.....

    I'm sure the King will die somewhere on the road thus signifying the end of RR2. I mean, a lot of you have been saying this for the last 2 years now.
  2. MrSchmouck

    Better war rewards? A joke.

    A shop where you could buy a pro ticket for 100k skull. Also, there should be a threshold for team reward. Like, you should a least do 20 island to qualify for the alliance reward. A pedigreeper members of the last war/ninja event would be also nice. Right now, I'm being evil with low-effort members. In ninja events, I wait until the last minutes and then kick them. This way they can't get free rewards elsewhere. We also have adopted a rule that we don't take new members in the final 24h of that event.
  3. MrSchmouck

    Improve in Maintenance Break

    No, no no, you have to come here and explain how this affected you deeply and how it might change your life forever.
  4. MrSchmouck

    Improve in Maintenance Break

    You guys need to chill out ! First, I agree with Cromka here. So remove me from your "We don't care about what you think Cromka" . Secondly, how is thinking differently from others bad? Seriously ? Thirdly, If a minor annoyance like this is affecting your life and happiness, you might be addicted to this game a bit too much. Fourthly, comparing a mobile game to utilities like water. Really ? (See point #3) This is a mobile game made by a private company. They run thing like they want to. Not happy with how they run thing, find another game. They are plenty of them available. You guys need to stop acting like you own the game. Flare and this game are far from being perfect. I'm all for constructive criticism but complaining over and over on stupid little thing like this is unhealthy. I've stayed away from this forum in the past month because of the amount of negativity here.
  5. MrSchmouck

    What Easter Cup Compensation?

    Can we still send a ticket about this? Because I didn't find the need to send a ticket about something you were already looking into.
  6. MrSchmouck

    WHAT THE HELL? Chest problem

    Did you skip some days in the past month ?
  7. MrSchmouck

    Blacksmith One Time Offer and BS Equipment

    I'm pretty sure there will be a Blacksmith festival soon. Yeah, the fire ring rocks. mine is now at 5.1K damage per second. Really usefull for ninja event.
  8. MrSchmouck

    pro shop will remain like last week

    If there is a lot of bomb and skull towers, yes. But it doesn't make you invincible to other threats. And you need to stick with your army or they will die fast.
  9. MrSchmouck

    pro shop will remain like last week

    By the way, I tried that ring during war since I now got SP on it. It really kick ass...and bomb ! Seriously, I now can defeat stronger opponent with that ring. I say it is a must.
  10. MrSchmouck

    ign change prank

    What's wrong with your new name ? I was going to name my newborn son Kjkkkkloppol , and now your telling me that is a stupid name ?
  11. MrSchmouck

    vicio game royal revolt

    Oh cool ! Usefull informations!
  12. MrSchmouck

    new event

    I would bet on Pal collector event tought...
  13. MrSchmouck

    Zelos ring power down..

    Like this ?
  14. MrSchmouck

    what I hate about PL...!!!

    Did it yesterday, got 2 pro items. But there is a catch, the chest you buy are not the same as the one you get when you do an event. They behave a bit like the free legendary you get with videos vs the one you get at the ninja/war events. They are the same color, but not the same quality.
  15. MrSchmouck

    what I hate about PL...!!!

    That's why i'm only buying pro-chest with my crystals. Got plenty of usefull item that never was in the shop. Like that bomb aura ring thingy.