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  1. pro shop will remain like last week

    If there is a lot of bomb and skull towers, yes. But it doesn't make you invincible to other threats. And you need to stick with your army or they will die fast.
  2. pro shop will remain like last week

    By the way, I tried that ring during war since I now got SP on it. It really kick ass...and bomb ! Seriously, I now can defeat stronger opponent with that ring. I say it is a must.
  3. ign change prank

    What's wrong with your new name ? I was going to name my newborn son Kjkkkkloppol , and now your telling me that is a stupid name ?
  4. vicio game royal revolt

    Oh cool ! Usefull informations!
  5. new event

    I would bet on Pal collector event tought...
  6. Zelos ring power down..

    Like this ?
  7. what I hate about PL...!!!

    Did it yesterday, got 2 pro items. But there is a catch, the chest you buy are not the same as the one you get when you do an event. They behave a bit like the free legendary you get with videos vs the one you get at the ninja/war events. They are the same color, but not the same quality.
  8. what I hate about PL...!!!

    That's why i'm only buying pro-chest with my crystals. Got plenty of usefull item that never was in the shop. Like that bomb aura ring thingy.
  9. Gold

    Exactly when it will start.
  10. No PL rewards again

    I'm sure they are delaying the rewards to check for cheaters first. The confirmation is probably done manually.
  11. Boost Defense Event Questions

    Oh my ! I will use this event to build myself an all-basilisk tower base ! Hooray !
  12. With one or two extra level of everything!
  13. Fire Aura vs Slow Aura Vs Poison Aura

    I have that ring, but I will have to remove my skull perked ring to use that one. Not sure it will be worth it. By the way, I got the fear ring with skull perk, Is that aura any good ? Wanted to try it at last war but I don't know if the fear was coming from the wolf or the ring...
  14. Fire aura rocks ! Got mine at 3700 damage. Its really helps during ninja events. I didn't buy the blizzard ring, I knew it would'nt beat my fire ring. And I had to buy some blizzard spell perked item during this festival. +50K perk total now for my beloved blizzard spell.
  15. The overpowered pro firebolt towers

    I gonna make my base 100% Basilisk, just for you !