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  1. Light blue color is available from the previous Easter egg festival where u can get it from the ring
  2. Meng77

    Is our cm dead?

    The birthday event is gonna end in less than one hour,but still there is no news about the conversion rates of leftover boxes.same goes to the event after war that we had it all the time,players get info faster from other sources than forum?does this mean logging into the forum is useless?its obvious comparing previous and present job presented by both community manager.
  3. Meng77

    News from the Livestream.

    What's important in livestream is both way communication,seems like only flares personal do the talks and answers what they think they like.doesnt matter 40 or 400ppl,they don't need audience.😂😂😂😂😂
  4. Pls let us know,if the conversion is reasonable some might change it to gems,if ridiculous low some might change for the items
  5. Pls provide the actual conversion.1candy cane=1gem?
  6. I am a true real player,haven't spend a single dime in this game
  7. Meng77

    New Year Raffle

  8. Meng77

    Events - Flare why do you do this????

    The definition of -20% is if the upgrade is shorter than 2days
  9. Meng77

    Busy schedule

    Answer is simple,the ninja loot.flare don't give easy task
  10. Meng77

    i cant play

    This is the trick from flares,lol
  11. Meng77

    Ninja event too easy?

    The purpose of the event is to make it easy so everyone will try to claim the 1st position,in order to do this u need to make sure to get the max coins out of it,best way is to open the cof without fail by using the end flare hopes that everyone will be doing it to claims the 1st spot.most of the tier there are a few claiming 1st spot,the rest will be counted 5th position onwards.the reward is crap.especially those who are below the 5000tier,beside 1st spot other reward is crap
  12. Meng77

    How to play best with update 2.5.2.

    Low trophy low reward,high trophy higher win situation.depending ur lvl.purposely drop low,reward gain also no use