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  1. New verions of game have functionality that allow syncronizing accounts "facebook" <-> smartphone. My team member do error and tap to sync her created account with main account. And she lost her progress in main account. Can developers help and restore her account from backup? Is there backup for accounts? Her IGN: dearbeer
  2. Maximum amount of battles reduced to 6. Forever? Or for next war only?
  3. One question: When it will be available?
  4. Chance of successful upgrade is too low after 3 times... and while you upgrade perks... you get new hero level... and more powerfull yellow items to upgrade. There's no use trying to upgrage after +3 (imho)
  5. I have 2600 pearls and double full set of red items... i do not know how to spend 2600 pearls... it would be nice to have possibility buying bread. And please... can you return scrolls with pearls?
  6. On Android phones you have 2 ways to get free gems every day... 1. Watching video. 2. Watching video on Tapjoy (any other kind of Tapjoy ways of getting gems does not work properly). From 4 to 15 gems you can collect every day.
  7. Daily quests - super idea! I hope version 2.0.0 - would be global common update and include all our wishes But primary what i waiting for... is something like "new dungeons"... and new quests
  8. How to earn gems if you are top player? My level is 90+ And most of quests already finished. Underground too. I think it will be amazing if you add new quests... Or something like new underground. As i imagine... new quests should be available when player reaches at least 90 level... or even 100 level. I hope this idea can stimulate to grow up after 80 level
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