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  1. I have both gold gear (+292%) and treasure gear (64.5%/96%) Treasure gear beats gold gear hands down. My treasure gear also tries to supplement with farm abilities, so I get to do more with it on the daily while gold gear is to only use to push open/event bases... I'm level 111 - but all my stuff is maxed - enjoy struggling with that exp gear while I power through everything on easy mode...
  2. More information from Flare seems like a thing people would find most enjoyable.
  3. Its come to my attention that since upgrades on towers and units add a direct percentage to hp and damage, and pearls instead add a set amount and/or get worse - pearl upgrades will actually become irrelevant in only 1 or 2 more upgrades... Different abilities such as extra range and attack speed percentage will not be affected, but the rest will lose relevance - with the lose of relevance compounded exponentially by each new upgrade. Because of this I propose a fix to change all pearl upgrades into percentages...
  4. Most useless "special offer" ever

    Offered on Friday the 13th...
  5. I almost exclusively attack 500 point players - why waste 2:30 a battle when you can take 20secs and have no loses...
  6. New Festivals !

    +1 vote to Jigglefizziks
  7. Told to take a Break?

    Time? Normally you can't be raided while online... Maybe it's to counter some sort of bot or bug that keeps people logged in when they are not? Maybe it's to stop people from exploiting free/hacked food? Maybe they truly care about your health? ... I doubt its the later and I doubt your a hacker - so whats the reason...
  8. Guaranteed ninja

    Extra battles are to prevent disconnect issues = 100% improvement on my end. Tier grinding also royally suck 100% on my end.
  9. What's with the length of events?

    I didn't know their was an event until I was given an offer and I looked at the Ally tower to see what it costs and low and behold it was 5600 instead of 8000!
  10. When one of your unis is hit with confusion, your whole army stops to kill it... Isn' the confused unit supposed to attack you/ your units and aren't your other units supposed to ignore it? (Cause their not confused...). Whole army confusion is super Op!
  11. New luck perk value. Please explain

    Its another fail from fizzling flare - all smoke and no fire!
  12. Flothaboss and Sniper Cup

    The moment I realized they were insta archers I haven't turned back - that being said - I can't tell what the mummies are - they don't seem to do anything... There should be a way to tell basic units and items - if already - what is it?
  13. These pro bans...

    Perma ban! You don' like it - then don't play with/be a cheater!
  14. Kaiser offense stats

    Kaiser casts a more powerful sonic than yours every 6 seconds instead of 10 He also deals heavy blunt...