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  1. I can not complain about anything else in RR2. For me this small balancing will make the wars perfect (on the current system). This will make a very good game - perfect. I see that one of the next war benefits is "many more chests". Thanks Flare for listening.
  2. This is one of the awesomest knightlyest statements ever @AwesomestKnightest. (Only the brave will ever do it)
  3. Community Week starting Thursday 19th - Details?

    Well done Flare - I enjoyed this event.
  4. Once you get to Uber chest, the range is 5000 sculls to the next chest. This means two wars for (most) players. If this range can be reduced to 3500-4000 range then it will be possible to get to the next chest with one war. Why fight a war if there is no reward? It should have a big boost on war participation. It will make a difference for me.
  5. A way to solve alliance problems

    Not being a general will also make your job easier. I have played a lot of mobile games and RR2's message is one of the best. I would rather have dev time be spend on other things.
  6. Hi @AwesomestKnightest Nine months ago you were one of the most friendly and respectable new members on the forum. You had many new ideas and you were treated with respect then. I really enjoyed your creative ideas. I even friended you in the game to follow your progress. Lately your posts are not on the same high respectable quality. I agree with @ARREBIMBA - please mind your language.
  7. Community Week starting Thursday 19th - Details?

    Yes - Followed by Alliance and defense layout upgrades.
  8. Community Week starting Thursday 19th - Details?

    From my viewpoint - "Community" mean something valuable that is given for free. It is something useful and given to the free players. (It will be sad if something else is meant by the term "Community")
  9. Gala so you are revenging?

    Hi @GiacobbeYan I can not remember how your avatar looked like. Will it be possible to show the original avatar with a [Sensor] block over the illegal spots? Does anyone know what the rules are?
  10. Thanks @MagischerKoenig for the well research info. The only thing lacking is an incident with a minor where he/she "stole" a KT card after being enticed by the many "pay of winning" adverts and this will be a big court case. What if a minor did what I once did? I once played with 8 accounts (with 4 @ 1mil alliance donation - meaning huge investments) - but Flare has given me the T&C's warning. I was mad at first and written messages to the forum officials about this. My messages were never answered. I finally decided to abide by the rules no matter the lost (and the cost) - and I think Flare should do the same. I can only blame myself for doing the above stupid things - but if a minor does the same - I wonder?
  11. Well done @Maerique. I think of everything you said - this one is the best suggestion by far.
  12. Can we have an event to celebrate these bank holidays?
  13. Gems in Chamber

    The game actually fixed a long outstanding bug in version 3.0. Why do you think there are sculls with gentleman's hats on laughing at you when you fail? (It does not make any sense if you are able to obtain gems from Chamber)
  14. You know wars are broken when...

    This is very sad.
  15. A long time ago we (forum members) asked for an event where all can compete against each other to see who the best in the world of RR2 is. Flare listened to that discussions and gave us the pro-league event - and many players are very passionate about it - even when it is apparent that there are many cheaters. First - I never liked the way the pro-event was designed. Second - I am not a pro-player and Last - I was not really interested in playing the pro-league until now. I will agree with @Dena4 and say that I am also not a good raider in RR2. I think, I will never play the pro-league again. I do have a few questions that should highlight my concerns: 1. Why is the game interface second rate? (If Flare took the time to reinvent the game interface, why do such a bad job with it. There are many request on the forum asking for normal game play features) 2. Why is there only 2 troops available? (Normal game-play is with 3 troops. Being the best with 2 troops to me - does not mean anything) 3. Why can the troops and spells not be upgraded during the game-play? (Give some gold during play that can be used for troop / spell upgrade. The best player is not only about who has the fastest reflexes, but also who can think strategically the best) 4. Why is the game-play "easy," "easy," "easy," "easy," and then suddenly "impossible"? (Although I am not a pro-player, it would be good to have the league to gradually increase in difficulty. My only impression now is that the whole event is only for the few fast reflex players - and definitely not for me) AND lastly - to all players that do good in the pro league (and do not cheat) - you do have my respect - you really are good and awesome!