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  1. Same here. Sometimes i also get Unity cookie screen on which the options (Accept and Show my choices) are not selectable. The only way to ged rid of this screen is to close the game and release it from device memory.
  2. Guys, Can you pls fix the bug on the icon in the picture? It says i have 2 messages all the time, but in fact there are no messages at all. If i check my friends messages it is gone for a short while, but it keeps coming back again. Thx.
  3. IGN: CloseToTheEdge:-) Game: Royal Revolt 2 1st Crusade Geoffrey of Monmouth Rhea Cetus Theseus Styx, Lethe, Archeron, Phlegethon and Cocytus serpent Hydra Windmills first appeared in Persia in the 9th century and came into existence in Europe during the 12th century Roman numerals, counting table and an Abacus Prince Electors of the holy Roman Empire
  4. Yes, they can, if they buy gems and level up, as madlen says......hmmm is/was this a free players game? Most feel like a milked cow here
  5. PL Phoebe doesnt heal, confirmed......very many bugs indeed....rest my case (sorry FG, but get it ORGANIZED!)
  6. Hmm...connection failed now, cant even get in the game now🥴
  7. Title says it all, cant raid anymore. Getting disconnects all the time. Pls fix. First disconnect told me ....server maintenance....(without usual countdown timer) btw
  8. Hope i will be patient enough to experience version 5.0.....getting (very) bored on RR2 with all repect
  9. Known yes....however no solution or compensation
  10. Thank you sir, missed the king level here😉
  11. Me and a friend have a max Howl (lvl 10), we both have the 6/12 boost (22%). We are in different allies, but ally lvls are the same (last part should not matter). The stats on Howl however, are DIFFERENT in both allies on both damage and health. Should that be possible? I would have thought that lvl on beast (in this case 10) and the extra boost (in this case 6/12) would determine both damage and health. As they are not the same i must be missing something here?
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