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  1. ceprica


    https://youtu.be/Km4j1iV5ZIY https://youtu.be/ivlxAIi2
  2. I did not update now there is no crash! Who this understand
  3. crash is tossed two times in succession trusty lvl3
  4. ceprica

    i win but do not and yet i?

    flare he jokes with me lol 1vs1
  5. first video bluestack emu, another redmi 3 note pro
  6. this problem solution alliance level 0-70 is disabled phoebe defense 71 level phoebe lvl 1 max 72level phoebe lvl1 max 73 level phoebe lvl1 max 74 level phoebe lvl2 max 75 level phoebe lvl 2 max 76 level phoebe lvl 3 max 77 level phoebe lvl 3 max 78-80 level phoebe lvl 3-10
  7. ceprica

    Dungeon Shapeshifter hollow VI

    Flute bladestorm combo it worksa few days ago I looked at it. https://youtu.be/BUd5P5ObAq8