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  1. I think everyone would be happy if there was a rank between soldier and sergeant? Or just change the ‘power’ of sergeants to ‘only attack’ and not building towers or give orders?
  2. ... And extremely boring for soldiers... btw, how many sergeants are possible in an alliance? 🤔
  3. So what is the new intended roll for soldiers now in conquest? Just go stand somewhere and hope that a general/sergeant is nearby when an attack has to happen? Won’t that be totally boring for soldiers and put even a lot more pressure on generals? It also rules out all sorts of strategies and functions as ‘defender against intruders’. I really don’t understand the logic behind this change...
  4. Royal Revolt 2 ign: Benson jutton 1. The first crusade 2. Geoffrey of Monmouth 3. Rhea 4. Cetus 5. Theseus 6. Styx, Lethe, Acheron, Phlegethon, Cocytus. Each of the five rivers had a unique function in how the Underworld worked and was named to reflect an emotion or god associated with death. 7. serpent Hydra 8. the twelfth century 9. Hindu–Arabic numeral system, the abacus or a counting board 10. the princes of Germany (by bribing them with money supplied by the powerful Fugger banking family)
  5. Same here... I have a job, but sometimes have less time on week-ends than on weekdays due to ‘activities’ with family and friends.
  6. Wouldn’t this idea massively hurt the F2P guys? P2W guys obviously have maxed guardians already with much more health than the poor f2p who still have guardians at lvl4-6 maximum. Less health means quicker death, means no more guardian for the rest of the raid when this idea would be implemented...
  7. Euhm... what score would a 2000 trophies guy be getting against a 4000+ base? A skull bonus of 150% of almost nothing still is ... almost nothing. and it’s not very likely that 2000 trophies players would have decent level conquest buildings. i think the team with 20 active 4000 trophies would walk all over the 40 2000 trophies without any troubles.
  8. Will conquest be scrapped? That’s one of the most ‘heavily requested by the community’ 😉😉 😂
  9. Yeah, I had that a couple of times too (not during the event). I found a G5000 in a chest, and when I went to look at it, it wasn’t added. Had it with a Donkey earlier
  10. Some in my alliance report that they no langer have a timer for their free pro-ticket😱
  11. Well... if you were part of the losing team in that example of 24vs24 that gives 7h, you’ll have to be online for 7h in a row non-stop cause the winners can jump to whatever tower they want whenever they want in the next seven hours and nothing you can do to hold them back for a while. ah well... no point in pointing out the disadvantages. I won’t lose my sleep/work over this.
  12. So in theory... say a battle 24 vs 24, the winners will have 7 hours to prepare for their next attacks in all safety? 7 hours to regain energy and even get more guys onto that same unattackable tile? Hmm, yeah... that has bully-heaven written all over it
  13. Most guys in middle teams can’t score enough against the top guys of middle teams... or do you mean ‘gems to scroll like crazy’ instead of ‘balls’ 😂 then yeah, indeed
  14. Yeah, i fear it will be bully-heaven. 😕 Immagine 7 of the strongest guys of a team moving together. They destroy a first tower, and then they can wait a few hours in all safety (cause they can’t be attacked) until their energy is back up, then jump to the next tower... and repeat until the stronghold is reached. and you can’t predict when or where they will move, so everyone would have to be online all the time to go to whatever tower they go...
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