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  1. bensonjutton

    Royal Guardians coming soon!

    I guess we’ll have to start saving carrots. 😱 But no worries, there are a lot of those naar our farms 😂
  2. bensonjutton

    Royal Guardians coming soon!

    I hope this is not an important change to conquest-gameplay ... coming the day before conquest
  3. bensonjutton

    Conquest Score Question

    Tap on the donkey-button at the top right of that screen. If your team is not in the red zone, you won’t be demoted. But it keeps changing until the end
  4. bensonjutton

    RR2 forum event - Winter 2018

    ign: Benson Jutton Frosters ofcourse. Just throw a bucket of water on any beast that comes along, let the frosters do their thing... et voilà, a (kind of) snowman if you wait a while
  5. bensonjutton

    I'm tired .. And you?😵

    Yeah, that could be another possible strategy nerfed... as said above: two edged sword🤔
  6. And why exactly did they get a refund?? They used those boosts, right? Even tough they knew they were not supposed to have them available. can you give the same amount of gold to all other teams too?
  7. bensonjutton

    Researches and costs

    The teamgold needed for research is insane too... why charge gold if it already costs so much wisdom
  8. I think it means that wisdom Will be even more scarce than it already was? Probably not a bad thing, cause if every alliance can research everything, it means that no one has an advantage (and everyone is just spending more teamgold)
  9. bensonjutton


    That would be a bad idea, I think. Locking people in for 24h is a big part of the strategy (and it is already nerfed a lot by that skull-advantage for more than one participant)
  10. bensonjutton

    Feedback on Chamber of Fortune

    Yeah, if it’s too ‘difficult’ to program a whole new skull-points-system (higher ranking gives higher skulls), they can just change those numbers to just give 100% chance to get the skulls in the first chest.
  11. bensonjutton

    war season improvement

    Bump... this shouldn’t be too hard to implement and would change wars a lot
  12. bensonjutton

    Conquest map

    Lol yeah! That would be fun (or not). A very small map with only spots to build about 30 towers in total... Add to that a conquest in which no one is allowed to use gems at all (not for scrolls, revives or to donate ressources faster) and we would have a totally different experience than the previous buildingcontest
  13. That’s the million dollar question! What do they mean by ‘strength of an alliance’... clearly having higher stronghold buildings is giving the most advantage (strength) for conquest. That and the willingness to spend gems (to donate resources faster, to scrolls, to revive). So if they keep going ahead with this ‘balanced maps’, upgrading those buildings just gives you stronger opponents with higher buildings too... that’s how absurd this new matchmaking is... lvl50 teams with lvl3 buildings can go against each other until they get in the highest tier (no opposition, so they can all just build build build), while decent teams with higher buildings will never get there cause they face opposition and are destroying each others towers. i guess this discussion will keep going on until devs choose to give us their definition of ‘strength of an alliance’
  14. The only things that really matter in this new 5day-buildingcontest is the amount of builders (to build quicker) and the level of the hq (to have more troops for suprême victory). But when your team upgrades those, you’ll just get opponents with higher buildings too due to this new ‘balanced maps’, so it won’t make any difference in the final results. members can only donate resources every two days anyway, no matter how high the storage buildings are.
  15. And now i’m wondering if it’s even worth saving for higher strongholdbuildings for the team. Since this new balancing means higher buildings will just give us stronger opponents it’s maybe better to not upgrade them anymore?