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  1. Rewards for skulls would be a bad idea. Conquest isn’t about doing useless silly unneeded wars all the time. It’s about working together as a team (be it sitting in a tower for 6 days to protect it, going scouting to discover more territory, or just sitting on a tile while saving energy... those can all be valuable ways to contribute to your alliance). Giving extra rewards for skulls would just mess up all strategies that leaders and generals are working on
  2. bensonjutton

    Conquest Matchmaking Calculation

    Then alliances could drop members at a certain moment to drop in the rankings, and reinvite before the start. I think the current matchmaking will work better and better as time goes by
  3. bensonjutton

    war season improvement

    Indeed, there should be a pool of 10 (or more) different war-boosts... the 6 we are having for ages plus some of the good special boosts. Then give 3 (or 4-5) out of that pool (random, so there is no way of knowing when which boost will be the prize). And if Flare only shows which boost is won AFTER the warseason, no one would feel the need to lose on purpose anymore. I think that could end some of the tiledumping/kicking on the last day of war. Maybe the winner should get 5, second gets 4, third 3, fourth 2, fifth 1? Having a bigger pool of possible warboosts would also mean that no one can prolong the same boosts for ever (maybe only possible to prolong until the start/end of the next season?). That could spice things up a little too. AND GET RID OF THE SKULLS IN COF (or just change the odds so there is 100% chance of getting them)
  4. bensonjutton

    Conquest Activity Reports

    Conquest isn’t about moving all the time, nor about earning as much skulls as possible (giving rewards for skulls-earned would be a bad idea). It can be just as valuable to get into a position and just stay there for several days to scare off the enemies (on an important tower, or on a field close to the enemie just to prevent them from starting to build). So it’s very hard to get reports afterwards...
  5. bensonjutton

    Conquest Rewards for Rank 2

    It’s the average of the last 3 scores. flare gave a startvalue before the first conquest. So if you add that to your first and second score and devide that by 3, you have your current one. so if you want to raise to higher tier quickly, you have to score high in the next. But remember that higher tier gives stronger opposition (more chance to not get the rewards), and that everything costs a lot more (researches, towers)
  6. bensonjutton

    Conquest Rewards for Rank 2

    I agree something could be added, but conquest is about team-effort. And every team needs guys just sitting in an important tower for several days to defend it too. So then those wouldn’t get the extra rewards 🤔 Giving extra rewards for x amount of skulls scored would be a bad idea too... we really don’t need everyone declaring silly unneeded wars all the time
  7. bensonjutton

    Conquest Rewards for Rank 2

    And these will probably the first to complain about matchmaking next time. Why would anyone build towers to a ridiculous 400+?
  8. bensonjutton

    [update - solved]Missing conquest rewards

    Wow, almost 4500 crystals and 2 pro-items from 2 pro-chests... I wouldn’t call that bad
  9. bensonjutton

    Negativity around Conquest

    Biggest problem with conquest is that there really is not much wrong with it (big improvement on the first one)... and most suggestions made on the forum will only make it worse by disturbing the balance. f.e. Giving the possibility to retreat from a battle takes away the possibility to use the strategy to lock enemies in while doing an attack on an important place. f.e. Making the event much shorter takes away the possibility to fight back or take revenge. Some are complaining about movement to slow. But if that is changed it will be needed to be online all the time cause then enemies can move faster too. Matchmaking will get better when everyone starts looking at how many towers they build to get in the correct tier. Wisdom price for research to high? Not really, cause if everyone can do all researches then we might as well all don’t do it. If everyone has every research done, then it wouldn’t make any difference at all... But having said that, I can’t say I really really like it, cause there are so many issues (every team has strong and too weaker guys who would better not do anything, time issues, bullying, boring/frustrating...) BTW, our team won both first conquests (first one was hectic until the last moment, second was boring from the second day cause the order was clear and we tried to let the other teams get their rewards)
  10. bensonjutton

    What chance did we have?

    Why did you build so many towers? 😱 it will most likely put your team in the higher tier next time... don’t come complaining about matchmaker then.
  11. bensonjutton

    Building towers in the last 24 hour of the conquest

    Yes, you can even start building with one minute to go. That will still give you one more point if it comes down to that
  12. bensonjutton

    Feedback after changes on conquest mode

    Lol, boring is also the first word that comes into my head (When being the strongest team on the map - when being the weakest the word is probably ‘frustrating’). But conquest has to be so long to be able to rebuild when being whiped out after the first few days, I guess
  13. bensonjutton

    Feedback after changes on conquest mode

    About hiding the opponents completely: imagine fighting hard for 5 days, and then on the 6th day a top team like vanguard comes and wipes you out completely.... then I’d rather know it as soon as possible when a top team is on the map.
  14. bensonjutton

    Feedback after changes on conquest mode

    The matchmaking will get better in the next ones, cause everyone will be getting in their correct tier. If you lose bigtime now, you drop a tier and hopefully get more equal opponents next time. If you score very high this time, you raise a tier and could get very strong opponents next time. That’s what tiers are for. maybe some of you didn’t pay attention in the first conquest and were so excited that you had build too many towers?
  15. bensonjutton

    Conquest approaching... ughhhh

    It’s a massive improvement compared to the first conquest. Flare has addressed most issues. Now there is possibility to give orders (which players can follow or not - good, cause nobody wants to not have a choice), the focus on energy makes that it’s not needed to be online 24/7 (and players have to think about what and when they do something with the available energy). The costs for building towers and research are higher indeed - it’s the same for everyone, so no big problem (and if you can’t research, you spend less teamgold ;-)) maybe some tweeks can/will be done, but overall it’s much better.