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  1. bensonjutton

    NEMESIS - new pro pal

    Lol, and how exactly is this going to help with the rebalancing? Attack is already overpowered now...
  2. Yeah, it’s ridiculous. And it kills all efforts for mid-level (aka not big spender) teams who are/were saving crystals to get Phoebe-beast for their alliance... sad
  3. bensonjutton

    NEMESIS - new pro pal

    Wtf! 150k crystals??? Way to go flare... this will encourage the cheaters even more. Us normal guys will need months to get even close to that amount. Maybe better to stop p(l)aying pro all together 😡 Let’s hope it’s just another display-bug 😂
  4. bensonjutton

    Chapter II - The Royal Road Trip!

    Could be RR3, and we all start from scratch. Hopefully with a headstart depending on Hero-level, amount of pearls, gems, etc
  5. bensonjutton

    Version 3.9.2 on IOS is unplayable

    No problems at all here on iPad or iPhone...
  6. bensonjutton

    Better war rewards? A joke.

    It’s just a practical joke from flare indeed. For 75k we need at least 3-4 wars every day... usually when you get 3 wars everyday, it means that your team is one of the weakest in the map. So then you’re done before the last day anyway
  7. bensonjutton

    Has one of the servers problems, connection failure

    It seems stable now... fingers crossed
  8. bensonjutton

    Has one of the servers problems, connection failure

    Restarted my iPad, still disconnects 3 times in a row while doing nothing at all :-/ Anyway, no need to rush a solution now... war is lost, pro is lost (almost 2 minutes waisted there), trophies are lost, etc
  9. bensonjutton

    Has one of the servers problems, connection failure

    After the maintenance I had disconnect in COF, and a second one while trying to look at the warmap... 50h of trouble, and counting :-/
  10. bensonjutton

    Has one of the servers problems, connection failure

    Agree with the above (no need to get too greedy about getting compensations) And prolong pro-league for 2 days. I already lost about 2 minutes when disconnect during a pro-raid, so now I don’t ‘dare’ going in again as long as it’s not fixed.
  11. bensonjutton

    What Easter Cup Compensation?

    Flare kind of overcompensated everyone that filed a ticket (extra gems + extra ticket + extra pro-chests). Now I wish I expierenced the bug too ;-) Let’s hope the bug isn’t solved soon, then maybe i’ll be lucky too...
  12. bensonjutton

    BlackSmith Event..::New Rule!!??

    And since there are two other mistakes in the announcement (see earlier posts above), this could be a mistake too (hopefully). Cause melting big items during the event takes an eterninty (3 times more the pearls and only 1,3 times more speed).
  13. bensonjutton

    BlackSmith Event..::New Rule!!??

    The biggest gains in blacksmith-event were: melting before, collecting after the start... so yes, it would be usefull if a Flare employee could react and clarifie :-/
  14. bensonjutton

    To keep the forum announcements or not?

    There is no end-date in the in-game announcement when the event has not started yet... so still useful to have the announcement on the forum. and indeed, the votes don’t count cause the question is totally misleading (completely the opposite in the question compared to what is in the title)
  15. bensonjutton

    Trivia n°12: Sports & Games

    My game: royal revolt 2 my ign: benson jutton 1: skeleton 2: stoke city (91.9meters) 3: ice/grass - 3x20minutes/2x35minutes - 6players/11players 4: Knight (in Dutch: paard) 5: fencing, freestyle swimming, show jumping, pistol shooting and cross country running 6: Malaysia with 11 medals (7 silver, 4 bronze) 7: Mumbai cricket team (a wild guess cause I have no idea :-) 8: Roger Federer (?) 9: Mumbai & London 10: South Korea and Japan in 2002 with 10 venues each = 20 venues (wow, that was almost a trick question ;-) thx and good luck!