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  1. Some in my alliance report that they no langer have a timer for their free pro-ticket😱
  2. bensonjutton

    War Tile Block (new feature) - Feedback

    Well... if you were part of the losing team in that example of 24vs24 that gives 7h, you’ll have to be online for 7h in a row non-stop cause the winners can jump to whatever tower they want whenever they want in the next seven hours and nothing you can do to hold them back for a while. ah well... no point in pointing out the disadvantages. I won’t lose my sleep/work over this.
  3. So in theory... say a battle 24 vs 24, the winners will have 7 hours to prepare for their next attacks in all safety? 7 hours to regain energy and even get more guys onto that same unattackable tile? Hmm, yeah... that has bully-heaven written all over it
  4. Most guys in middle teams can’t score enough against the top guys of middle teams... or do you mean ‘gems to scroll like crazy’ instead of ‘balls’ 😂 then yeah, indeed
  5. Yeah, i fear it will be bully-heaven. 😕 Immagine 7 of the strongest guys of a team moving together. They destroy a first tower, and then they can wait a few hours in all safety (cause they can’t be attacked) until their energy is back up, then jump to the next tower... and repeat until the stronghold is reached. and you can’t predict when or where they will move, so everyone would have to be online all the time to go to whatever tower they go...
  6. Lo yeah. Race to the bottom... lot of teams that should be in top-tier stay in the one below to have more chance of having a map they can dominate. Teams that belong in second tier stay in third to try the same, etc. And within a tier it’s still a big lottery, so if you’re unlucky, you’re screwed and nothing left you can do
  7. No more pinning means that weaker alliances have lost their last possible strategy. Now a demolishing team of 6-8 strong bullies can keep on going from one tower to the next, and no way to slow them down when not everyone is online to fight where they attack
  8. I understand that. Different time zones is also one of the major flaws in the entire concept of conquest... Originally, there was a 24h cut-off to start the last attack. Maybe it could be a compromise to change that to 15 or 16h? Then most could be awake when it matters most?
  9. Exactly. It will end at 3 pm, which means that the last moment to start an attack is 3 am (12h earlier)... which is in the middle of my night. And we all know that the last hours before the end are the most nerf racking... It might be a good change for Vietnamese, Chinese but certainly not for European based alliances
  10. I wonder who lobbied for this change in starting/ending time for conquest? 🤔🤔 Certainly no european bases teams, cause those will have a big disadvantage now; the end time to start an attack will be at 3:00 (which means in the middle of mondaynight/tuesdaymorning)😳 The last few hours of conquest can be the crucial ones, cause it’s then that all is decided. Immagine going to sleep with a decent points margin over the second team when conquest is almost over. But by the time you wake up, you see second team has destroyed some towers - nothing you can do then, cause it’s impossible to start a counter attack in the last 7 hours. Only solution is to stay awake for half the night to watch what’s happening until everything is decided... no thanks, I need my sleep. And my boss wouldn’t appreciate it either, i think.
  11. bensonjutton

    community manager answered Tile Cooldown for Wars in Conquest

    Why not take out all possible strategy and just make a building/bullying contest out of it. that was sarcasme... in case anyone missed that.
  12. bensonjutton

    Top Tier Conquest, very bad matchmaking !

    matchmaking should include NOTHING at all... just random within a tier. One time you can be lucky, next time not. Why would rank have to be a part of matchmaking?? That is sooo easy to manupulate (just kick some members before the start and the alli drops 10-20 spots without getting any weaker in conquest) and include HQ lvl?? Then why would any alli try to get hq to a higher level if that will only give them stronger opposition...
  13. Sorry, but that really is a joke, right? The workaround is to attack bases without defensive yeti’s? Euhm, conquest is going on, crashes all over the place... and ofcourse no bases without yeti’s to be found. maybe better just stop conquest and give everyone all rewards? Cause now it’s not possible to have a fair result if it only depends on which team has fewest crashes
  14. bensonjutton

    Royal Guardians coming soon!

    I guess we’ll have to start saving carrots. 😱 But no worries, there are a lot of those naar our farms 😂
  15. bensonjutton

    Royal Guardians coming soon!

    I hope this is not an important change to conquest-gameplay ... coming the day before conquest