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  1. Hi Sasch, thanks for following up on this. Have you already deployed a fix? The issue is not there anymore (at least in my alliance) and I haven't seen any compensation chest, server maintenance or what so ever.
  2. We have the same issues. Players keep asking what to do because they read the orders to go to that tile, while the battle is already over. Alliance: Last Bread Fighters IGN: Master Miikael
  3. Thank you Madlen. We already have the boost but I don't know if this is because you guys fixed it or if it is due to something else. Nevertheless, you should implement a permanent fix to prevent future annoying situations like these.
  4. @Madlen Again we are experiencing the same issue. I have already raised a new ticket but please ask your team to have this issue permanently fixed.
  5. Is there a blacklist of alliances who backstabbed you in conquest? Making a deal in the first place but meanwhile getting allied with another because you are scared to be wiped away? Such a disgrace!! These situations always lead to a 3 Vs 1 battlefield or in some cases a 2 Vs 1 and the 3rd alliance has an easy conquest. A deal is a deal!! Show your balls by keeping word even if this deal doesn't t work in your favor at the end. Laskar Katulistiwa is such an alliance. Never, I say NEVER make a deal with these wankers. FG, I sincerely hope you will put us together on the same war map!!
  6. I also confirm that the crash fix didn't solve the issue. The crash still occurs when lots of troops are in a heavy brawl after I activated Donkey. OS: Android 9.0
  7. Hi flare, Your latest update didn't repair the crash issue. I just got a crash during a very busy raid, i.e. with lots of troops near my hero. The crash occurred shortly after I used Donley and strangely enough I now lost about 55 trophies in one crashed raid. My IGN: Master Miikael
  8. I agree with @FLORIN My raid in conquest just crashed when I started the Donkey guardian while I had a large bunch of troops behind me.
  9. It has already passed the 24 hrs and still no reply from your support desk. I'm really getting frustrated now and so is my alliance. You offer us a pro league and we pay for the tickets to participate so we can win the level 4 boost and we are treated like this??
  10. 5 hrs later and we still haven't heard anything. My alliance keep on asking why we haven't got the Tainted Love. I can live with your policy to create a ticket for your support desk but I absolutely disagree with your automated reply in which you say you will respond to my ticket at least 24 hrs later. At least 24 hours!! So this means that we will possibly have Tainted Love 24 hours less then we initially should have. A lot of time and energy is spent to win this level 4 boost!! I hope for your understanding Madlen!!
  11. Any updates on this issue? 4 hours later and still no response on my ticket.
  12. So this means you are not aware of it? Anyways, i have created a ticket. Can you please pick this up asap?
  13. Hi Flare, FYI, the boost was activated but it got deactivated straightaway.
  14. Hi Flare, The Tainted Love boost isn't rewarded while we have won more then 40k. Is there something going on?
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