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  1. Beavis

    Looking to rediscover fun in the game

    I think we can fit that bill at Alpha Guard. Aside from an active chat, we also use Line app for external chat. We also have a variety of boosts. I've sent you an invite as well as friend request if you have any questions.
  2. Reached level 60 a bit back and now open for applications. If we are full, feel free to contact me here or in game.
  3. Beavis

    One K

    I guess I better be more careful when I sneeze
  4. Beavis

    Message to Alpha Guard

    What was the problem you had with the laptop the previous time it was repaired? What are the symptoms you get currently when you try to boot up the laptop? I was certified A+ computer service once upon a time but I am a bit rusty now.
  5. Yes I am, I swiped my wife's credit card and its time to max it out on booze and strippers πŸΊπŸ‘― Come on down and partake while the party lasts!
  6. Thanks! We have had our ups and downs but things are really coming together for us now. Good luck to you in war season!
  7. If you are a fan of archers, you're going to love it in AG as we will be extending Pro Archers now 😎
  8. Beavis

    Easter Cup Bug on level X

    The members of my team that were affected by the bug have received compensation and do appreciate it πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ‘. Thanks Gala and Flare team for taking this action. It really does go a long way in helping the morale going into next PL. Good luck to all in the next league!
  9. Beavis

    Easter Cup Bug on level X

    Can't believe the poorest of poor customer service that has been offered up to the folks affected by this bug. Just unbelievably bad. I personally wasn't hit with this bug but had a few members of my alliance that were. And the answer they get is to please explain the problem. No offer of compensation for the gems or time they spent. Just a blah blah blah apology. People are getting tired of this BS and are going to quit if changes aren't made. Bugs are bugs and will happen. But accept responsibility for it Flare and compensate those affected or plan on losing a good part of your loyal base.
  10. Beavis

    New Festivals !

    If this is really the state of affairs in game, it's a sad, sad thing indeed. Festivals are events that grease the wheels, so to speak. Free players get lots of gold. Paid players get all of that plus their pick of the goods. Win, win as far as I'm concerned. If Flare is so short-sighted as to cut out any event that doesnt grant them immediate cashola, then this game is indeed doomed.
  11. Beavis

    New Festivals !

    I took a look at the dates on those festivals and they are all either passed by or are in October or November. While those all sound like they have potential, I would like something sooner. Just in case Flare is running out of ideas for festivals, I did a Google search for some potential ideas that are soon: I could go for The Beer Fest or a Mac & Cheese festival. Heck, you could even combine the 2 🍺🍯! Just please give us a festival already πŸ˜…
  12. Just finished up a great war season with an awesome comeback win! If you are tired of alliances that don't compete hard, don't help you to get better as a player, then look no further. Apply now!
  13. Alliance level 57 is in the bank! LT boost for war season! Come on down!
  14. Maybe they are digging a way out?
  15. Beavis

    Changing war boosts

    Some new war boosts are really in order. Imagine how hard some teams would fight if Juggernauts or Insta Knights were the potential reward. Flare really needs to start mixing things up. These boosts are getting boring!