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  1. The game doesn't forget if your first attempt was a fail, even if you close the game. I hope @Alysea can confirm.
  2. I can guarantee what Mag said is wrong. If you dont want to believe then test it out. I was under the same notion before but it is indeed not the case.
  3. Incorrect. You can make the 2nd forge attempt 3-4 days later if you wish, the 100% success chance will still remain. No need to wait therefore to have enough pearls for 2 attempts. Go as soon you can make 1. In case of fail you can always come back later.
  4. Lolol


    I said this in another post. My guess is they'll keep adding new events from now on like ex. A Christmas event with Santa gone evil & his elves as special troops or a Easter event with a Bunny villain etc. So we might see Ninjas come back for a short period between Halloween & Christmas.
  5. Lolol

    zombie specs seem wrong...

    They can instant teleport to the King's location [See 0:36 to 0:41 in zombie video].Hence won't be much of a problem. Besides, there main function is creating the clones like the person above pointed out. I see them being much better than ninjas.
  6. Lolol

    Halloween Fright NIght-Zombies

    So I'm pretty sure the zombies are coming in to replace the ninjas? Looking forward to playing graveyard islands. There's lot of cool powers they can implement with these guys so hope they won't be disappointing as the ninjas. And expanding on the idea I'm guessing Flare also has planned Elves for Christmas & Bunnies for Easter?
  7. Lolol

    Quiz - Last day!

    1. Shapeshifter hollow 4. 2. Slowdown can be removed via hero scream, howl from a raging wolf & battlecry scroll. 3. Main difference regarding troops & spell is the upgrade time - in RR1 the upgrades were instant. In RR2 the upgrades take time. Ign - ydylzizgx
  8. Lolol

    Quiz - Day 7

    My guess all islands upto the one where you receive the first uber chest. So 10 islands (Or you could say 8 islands & 2 ships). Ign : ydylzizgx
  9. Lolol

    Will there be other "comunity weeks?"

    I'm sure we'll get it again or something very similar because for obvious reasons - 1. Flare probably made more money this community week than in the history of RR2. 2. Christmas & New year is very close by.
  10. Lolol

    i hate the mortar war boost

    Join an alliance that won't prolong the mortar boost then. PS - Pyro, froster, arblaster works just as well in dealing with troops on other lane, not to mention they attack towers too. Blizzard & Swordrain work great as well.
  11. Lolol

    Quiz - Day 6

    1. The player's alliance tower level decides which insta unit he can request. For ex : Lv 1 alliance tower - Knight, Lv 2 - archer, lv 3 - paladin, lv 4 - froster, lv 5 - cannon, lv 6 - ogre n so on. 2. Version 2.2.0 introduced insta units. 3. Version 2.0.0 brought the Lightning tower. Ign - ydylzizgx
  12. Lolol

    Quiz - Day 5

    72 frosters in 9 waves. Ign - ydylzizgx
  13. Lolol


    Ladies & Gentleman, I present to you the height of Narcissism - Comparing a video game you play in your bathroom break to the Olympics! Bravo! Well done! Your parents must be real proud.
  14. Lolol

    Quiz - Day 4

    The Jug symbol named 'Bembel', in the event conducted by Jack Ign - ydylzizgx
  15. Lolol

    Quiz - Day 2

    South Korea. Ign - ydylzizgx