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  1. Thank you very much
  2. Hello everyone. Could you be so kind to share info about celestial phoebe(beast) stats on level 2. If your ally has celestial phoebe lvl 2 and you can share the stats, please share also what is your hero level, because beast stats depend on this.
  3. Hello everyone. I want to share my opinion about Phoebe. As you all know it is cost 20k pro-crystal. I am a regular player with not good phone to play and without some specials skills, so I usually get 2,5-4k pro-crystal per week. To get 20k crystals I played in 6 round (6 tickets for pro-league). I spend 1,5 month and bought 4 tickets (2 tickets I have got for free). And finally, 2 days ago I have bought Phoebe. Immediately I made it level 8 and spent for that about 100k pet's food and go in battle. So let's calculate the price for this pet for me: 20k pro-crystals, 4 tickets - 750 * 4 = 3,000 crystals, 1,5 month and 100k pet's food. For this price I have got Phoebe with 3301 normal attack and 18112 heal power. But what does it mean this heal power. Phoebe makes blessing circle like a 2nd magic for crystals(Blessing). But for me this Blessing magic has 84k power and Phoebe has only 18k. For your understanding 18k it's a life of 3 knights. So when you run with your army and almost all units are with low HP and you too with low HP and Phoebe spelling his heal magic and NOTHING happens. Your army steel with low HP as like you, because this 18k power can help only for 3 knights. So think hard about this Phoebe before spend so much price for nothing.
  4. Did anyone change ability(perk) from a pro-item? What is happened in this case? Will this item still have pro-bonuses? Thank you.
  5. I have 3 android devices and any of them do not show video. Please share info if you have the same problem. P.S. On windows device everything is Ok.
  6. There are many players who already bought yeti gear. Can someone share info about slowdown aura in the ring. What is the range and how good it slows the enemy. Thanks.
  7. up Please, add Ukrainian flag in game.
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