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  1. We want hot sexy men cards!

    Lol. Cool.
  2. Help in deck strategy...

    Just in general... Know the deck and cards that you want, then go up to ++++.
  3. We want hot sexy men cards!

    Lol! Got to give it to you. Game ain't perfect, but fair is fair. Damn, that was fast.
  4. Best card in booster?

    Try this thread if you haven't seen it yet.
  5. Buying Gems

    I'm sure someone from Flare support will be in touch. Just get ready with the details as they may ask additional info? It depends. Would be nicer though if they just get the issue resolved.
  6. Buying Gems

    I also am curious to know if this has already been fixed... Considering the weekend?
  7. Happy New Year 2018

    Another year of grinding. 😁
  8. Good call. Maybe the developers are teasing a summer event in the making? If the current event is a success, why not have something like it twice a year instead? The free gifts ran from 24-26 but are redeemable til the 31st of the month. Been like that as far as I can recall.
  9. Abusive prices for Brazilian players

    Yeah, I guess there's something there in reviewing the package deals. I think Flaregames came up with a few things in the past? Happy holidays! v
  10. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  11. The game is ridiculous

    I think a purchase at some point is inevitably, but yeah, players should do just fine by grinding daily. One thing I like about this game is I never felt any pressure from the developers to make a purchase. And i've had my account on this game longer than my current device! There is no heavy advertising, completing quests and card pieces are reachable, gameplay is simple yet strategy can be complex... So many positives and hardly anything to complain about. Maybe it's just that at the end of the day, it's up to the decision maker to assess how good or bad the decision is.
  12. when will the free Christmas card gifts start?

    Last year the tokens were gifted from December 24-26. My guess is it will be the same. Should be a nice treat to end the year.
  13. The game is ridiculous

    I totally agree. And it's sometimes easier said than done. One of the things I like about Evoker is that the advertising is hardly noticeable, can be even considered none at all. Guess that reason alone is enough for me to keep the app? No matter how challenging the actual gameplay is. I've been at it since late 2014.