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  1. 1341393

    Flaregames you want kill game Evoker?

    Just got to be extra watchful on spending time and virtual currencies moving forward. Making sure we get acceptable value out of it, atleast. There was a flowchart about how real money end up as app currency, in one of the threads, but I cannot seem to find it. Would have been a fitting re-post.
  2. 1341393

    Flaregames you want kill game Evoker?

    Great point. It's a business and the app business seem like a fast changing one. I'm looking from the outside here, so can't be too sure. But yeah, if the original developers of the game moved on, let's say, to a new project, then we are left with what we have. Like the saying goes, it is what it is. It'll be up to the players now.
  3. 1341393

    Flaregames you want kill game Evoker?

    That will be subjective. Each app has its own life cycle, based on the the preference of the person who downloaded the app. I look at it as, gratification vs cost involved on the app. Some app offers huge gratification, but is difficult to maintain the cost, be it money, time, or both. Other Apps are free and not too time consuming, but the gratification is not motivating enough. Evoker is the only game app I use on my device. Its cost is easy to maintain, and has the gameplay to keep me gratified. Plus, the forum has its share of bright and interesting people, which offer just as good a gratification on it's own.
  4. 1341393

    new to game

    I don't play yugioh, but I do play magic the gathering. So I know a bit about CCGs. The thrill of formulating a strategy with a dealt hand.... The pace of this game depend also on expectations, but is mostly slow for new players. Along the way, players get access to better cards and more mana and stamina, and the game picks up pace. 20 mins a day is just right, unless one get hooked into it. Reason I like the game is I have better control of my time and everything I need is on my device. Player vs player and quests are readily available and I don't have to sort through piles of cards.
  5. 1341393

    Flaregames you want kill game Evoker?

    The issue might be an ongoing one? Check the discussion under Buy Tokens. Or the offer is designed that way. Random?
  6. 1341393

    Flaregames you want kill game Evoker?

    Yeah, not there. Though I just saw the packages yesterday.
  7. 1341393

    Flaregames you want kill game Evoker?

    Was it? Very keen.
  8. 1341393

    Bone Dragon not good card

    Considering only a handful of cards beat bone dragon one on one... I wouldn't sleep on it.
  9. 1341393

    Legendary card for you must have!

    I have some of them. And this;
  10. 1341393

    Flargames re-branding

    Hope this opens the door.
  11. 1341393

    Hey Evoker did you die already or no?

    Hmmm, let's see...
  12. 1341393

    new to game

    Hard to say... If you can, kindly post a screen shot. Maybe we can sort it out. The other thing I'm curious about is that, should the neighbor been healed properly, would you have won? I ask this because if the card's unusual behavior does not really influence the match, then let's just let it go. Kinda creates a certain flavor that the neighbor refuses to be fully healed, and would rather go down in battle. A bit heroic.
  13. 1341393

    new to game

    Yeah, and that's how I enjoy the game. Mixing different cards and trying different combos.
  14. 1341393

    List of all ultimates

    Nice. Army of ghosts appearing twice had me confused in the past. How long have you been playing Evoker? Sometimes I feel like the added cards have made the ultimate cards more challenging to obtain.