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  1. List of all ultimates

    The developer added new cards over a year ago. Look for posts from Nikko about the weekly Halloween event. One new card was inserted on each portal starting with Dying Dreams. Then there's Dungeon Casino, a new portal that was added, as posted by Oisia.
  2. new to game

    Your good. As long as one is not bothered by it. Playing the game at our own pace. Now, several who posted in the past shared that they really invested lots of time in grinding to get ultimate cards. Like dedicating their day to it? I guess when one gets to a certain zone.... And I’ve felt that at times, not for tokens, but when battling for card pieces. Hard to explain the rush.
  3. new to game

    Your welcome. The other method I use is to play aggressive on some events, and tone down on others. Just kinda timing it. There might be other methods waiting to be discovered, so who knows? Try also exploring this, and on facebook. b
  4. new to game

    Good question. I don't have a direct answer, but another question instead. It's about where you want to allott the 12 point bonus you get when you level up. Mana, stamina, or health? Something worth considering early on in the game. Speaking too soon?
  5. Man, hate to be the one to ask you this, but as you seem to have went outside your way to recover your account to no avail, my take is that, it's time to give it a rest. I still say the game is good, and easy enough to play. The time spent is worthwhile. There is an account recovery process being offered. Maybe have a program that allows an account to be recoverable after a certain level? And not start from the beginning. Guess given some devices, service, offer that, it will be redundant? But yeah, this Evoker player heard your voice.
  6. Confused

    Reality. Someone else got it. And you will obtain better cards, for sure. Just play out the quests. Not much effort, and an enjoyable way to spend spare time. Winning card pieces through pvp battles will eventually follow. Unless you want to spend your resources now. Like potions and gems for example.
  7. League fixing

    It's about the tie for the top spot on leagues. The elite players would most likely occupy them either way, and maybe it is efficient to simply tie. Normally I wouldn't mind. On a consistent basis though, I feel like it's a challenge, within a challenge. May not be worth the effort to push at times for a regular player like myself.
  8. League fixing

    Man, I dig it. As far as prize is concerned, I think flare has that covered with daily login prizes. But the feeling of winning a league, it’s totally different. That feeling of accomplishment makes all the effort worthwhile. I guess just have to work harder, as I usually do. But hey, there’s always a cold one to grab at the end of it all. I’ll open one for yah.
  9. League fixing

    Wish I have the information. But whoever does, or will, my hope is that the extra knowledge comes with extra responsibility. At the end of the day, regular players like myself are impacted more than we impact them.
  10. I hope everything else was recovered on your device. The app developers can only do so much. Try this and best of luck.
  11. We want hot sexy men cards!

    Lol. Cool.
  12. Help in deck strategy...

    Just in general... Know the deck and cards that you want, then go up to ++++.
  13. We want hot sexy men cards!

    Lol! Got to give it to you. Game ain't perfect, but fair is fair. Damn, that was fast.
  14. Best card in booster?

    Try this thread if you haven't seen it yet.