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  1. Thank you. Appreciate as well when you posted flare’s newest games in the other forum. It’s kind of a web in the sense that everything is intertwined. Each player contributes as good as the other as. The totality is what makes up the game. Even the ones who complains, but remain active. ? I am outside my line, and I acknowledge that. I hope well for the game and the players. ?v
  2. Hello. Pardon the intrusion, I’ve never played this game from flare. Just wanting to put out there that in a bigger picture, big spenders on game creates a mismatch during matches, but are contributing to the survival and maybe development of the game. As a fellow competitive gamer who values an equal playing field, I don’t necessarily like the idea of overpowered opponents that way, but understands there is a purpose being served. I currently play Evoker from flaregames lineup, but will soon move on to one of their newer games.