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  1. We still need acces to global chat ... and more and more players are beginning to have issues with accounts .. We defently need a reply from support team
  2. Still waiting for a reply guys ! admin ... we need you here
  3. Many are still playing this game . Are you guys planning for a new update or what ? Are players still able to get lost accounts back again ?
  4. Yeah ... you are able to gain some ip while you are having bots but its still boring he . Only a few players for about 3 days ... I really hope it will change . Bots are okay with me , but flaregames need to get chat back again ! And we need alliance war ! Flaregames .... come on guys !!
  5. Come on flaregames ... please reply ... yes bots bots and bots here too
  6. I agreed ... this game is really great . But we need to know when or will the Update arrived ? This game aint new and lots of players are enjoying this game . Please reply
  7. Hey . We do need so help with Dawn of Steel . We need a Update and alliance war any possibility to help us ... please
  8. Yeah ... you are probably right about that
  9. Yes he is a cheater ... please reply flaregames
  10. It will help you ... change the setup and language to Indonesian and you will be able to chat with them ( done that a few times ) ... but we havent got this problem before ,
  11. Global chat still not working !!?? Yeah I missed to chat with Blackcurrant RED and others from Indonesia . I am a member of Legion of Legend l . Dev. team please fix this ! mdande
  12. Hello . Why aint we allowed to chat with the Indonesian players . We do missed to talked with them online . I really hope you are able to solve this problem
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