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  1. Level complete, gave zero rewards

    Oh i am justing sitting here reading comments and stuff , what about you ?
  2. Various graphical bloopery

    or you might be on crack and seeing things
  3. Troops

    Or you can ask flare to give us more slots
  4. play market

    I got an idea lets create alot of accounts and rate the game 5 star and the rating will get high but we should get paid in gems for rising the rating
  5. I wish ...

    this was a problem before it got fixed but after sometime the bug came back from vacation and yeah you have watching a video problem but flare needs glasses to see this and some bug spray
  6. Robin Hood Festival

    are you that girl with the youtube channel
  7. Moroccan Kingdom

  8. Robin Hood Festival

    But its weird
  9. Robin Hood Festival

  10. Moroccan Kingdom

    War is right around the corner and we need a few members that are active and donate daily , join us before its too late.
  11. Moroccan Kingdom

    Thank you
  12. Moroccan Kingdom

    Moroccan Kingdom Leader : Fouad betari Alliance Level : 56 Alliance Rank : 300 Amount Of Alliance fiefdoms : 30 Alliance Gold Bonus : 39% Alliance Tax Bonus : 11% Boosts Of Moroccan Kingdom Are: Blazing knights 24/7 Stunning ogre 24/7 Storm cannon 24/7 Raging wolf 24/7 Mad monk 24/7 During War Tough Barricade And Frost Trap Are Active With The Other Boosts For War. Moroccan Kingdom Beasts And Their Levels. Savage tammy level 2 Twisted Archimedes level 2 Primal howl level 2 Primal growl level 1 Vicious bucky level 1 Untamed Kaiser level 1 Moroccan Kingdom Generals Are : Queen Assia Li22 Benzoner zBouB DTC Killerdark LORDLYN Bigi sani GAVINATOR8 windy-kiSS:) astrafel chi cubs Requirements To Join This Great Alliance Trophies : 3000+ Donation : 100k or Higher We Require You To Be Active In War And Ninja Events. If You Have The Requirements Feel Free To Apply And You Will Be Accepted. If You Need Any More Information On Moroccan Kingdom Please Add One Of The Generals Or The Leader Or Comment Here. Thanks For Reading
  13. Open bases?

    OPEN BASE VERY EASY GOLD AND TROPHIES IGN: Darren795 3 towers 1 frost trap and waves of troops easy killed but blizzard and swordrain
  14. i did not get 12 minutes extra to play but i fell off the leader board because of other players that did get the 12 minutes