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  1. ataide

    Thank you to the OR team

    + Even if issues suck, we know that you guys care and do all what you can to fix it, even staying late at work to try to resolve the issues. Good luck to fix the problems, and hey, get some rest and enjoy the weekend nonetheless.
  2. ataide

    Upgrading Barricades

    The upgrade screen doesn’t take any blessing in consideration. Enyo barricade blessings gives extra hp to the barricades, explaining the difference.
  3. One guy in my alliance sent this... We also have only one island ongoing so his points cannot be anywhere else.
  4. ataide

    Unable to launch the game

    Help: 1. Buy glasses 2. Use search feature or just read the forums 3. Post here instead: 4. Call @Infamous, super cleaner.
  5. ataide

    4.0 Bugs MEGATHREAD

    Maybe reading the forums help, especially to avoid duplicates: *summons @Infamous* β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” Infamous was here. Error 404, no soul found. Had to simply merge the threads instead.
  6. ataide

    Birthday challenge

    Also there was a little information on the topic itself just below the title mentioning when it would close. The server update was also much after 12:00, so there should be no problem with it...
  7. ataide

    4.0 - Teaser video discussion

    Imagine a flying snake falling on your head...
  8. ataide

    4.0 - Teaser video discussion

    Not best quality but visible and with subtitles
  9. ataide

    Dissapeard unique item

    As per your edit, if you cursed this item, then it got turned to a cursed unique chest, and yes it is normal it disappeared from your inventory. If you only forged it, then it is not normal.
  10. ataide

    Dissapeard unique item

    Did you forge or curse the item?
  11. ataide

    Many trophies lost in less than a day

    It is possible. It just requires dedication.
  12. ataide

    Many trophies lost in less than a day

    In the name of my beloved evil master, I request a high judge to answer the complaints of the heretics!