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  1. Whirlwind bug

    It can happen with any of Ajax powers
  2. Version 3.9.0

    About the change for titan chests: For players who already had 10 linked accounts (often dummy accounts), it was easier previously to open these chests by entering the code. For players who didnโ€™t have 10 linked accounts, the new system gives them more chances to be able to benefit from these chests. However some refining might be required.. As mentioned by @dumpster in this topic (, some quests are not user friendly. Having such quest which cannot be completed under certain circumstances and leads to losing the chest can be frustrating. It also already took time to unlock cursed items through quests, having a similar thing for the chests is pretty much time consuming. Itโ€™s good as everyone can do it, but it can also feel overwhelming. Additionally: - If a player didnโ€™t collect a few chests, they stack. The problem is that there is only one quest active at a time right now, making it tough to open all the chests on time, depending on the quest. - Entering a code had the benefit of unlocking a chest before, this was a good incentive too. Maybe keep a possibility for players to unlock a chest when they enter a code, in addition to the quests. - With the current chests stacking system: might be nice to add the possibility to skip a quest/chest if the quest is deemed too hard by a player, who therefore cannot complete any other quest in the meantime and might end losing other chests. + The dedicated hero item chest is pretty expensive for one chest.. If you compare the price to the one of promotions, a choice is easily made. Maybe scale it down a bit to something closer to 500 gems but with a cooldown of 12h between each chest. Enjoy the codes spamming on alliance chats! ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜‚
  3. Version 3.9.0

    Also, one thing which might not have been anticipated: The current titan chests obtainable for titan points have been converted to cursed chests, with the same timer. If a player gets a quest to score VPs in war and the duration until expiration of the chest is 1 day or so... Then this player is pretty much f.. The mentioned above can be applied to Odyssey related quests (if Odyssey has already been completed this week by the player), or any high time consuming quests... + There is also disconnection if a quest is successfully completed and the player taps on the validation of the quest to unlock the chest.
  4. Hey, Since the update which took place on the 15th january, opening a titan chest using a titan code leads to a disconnection. Multiple people have reported this issue, on Android, iOS and Windows. Please kindly look into the problem. Cheers
  5. New Power Available sign

    It is valid on all platforms, could see it on iOS, Android and Windows, different devices.
  6. List of mastery's for each symbol

    Yep, as said by PanicMind. Any shield icons are for the resistances.

    Since the first Odyssey, besides the first one, always played 10 skulls
  8. List of mastery's for each symbol

    Was part of the video

    (8238-8980) -> at 9680, I still have this one
  10. It is completely possible and very frequent, especially in the top 100/150 alliances. The fury regeneration depends on the hero level, and if players are all active, score at 100% and/or have 3 heroes, it is easily doable.
  11. Wrong, you can reactive the Celestial Boosts at any time by paying the corresponding gems cost.
  12. Invite card

    Then it should go to the offtopic section!
  13. Normally, when a player leaves an alliance during war, his war points are deduced from the alliance score on the island(s) he fought on. Additionally, joining the alliance again prevents him from fighting during this war, he normally has to wait until the next one.