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  1. Special Event - Advisor's Choice

    Started digging job in dungeon also reduced on 1 day. nice
  2. Pro-League - Friday 8th, December

    Yes its holy paladin but on picture in my pro league looks like unholy.
  3. Questions about Ceres...

    Best pal so far. With froster boost is very strong. Probably stronger with pyro but i dint have it. Now again i can beat top10 bases
  4. Pro-League - Friday 8th, December

    Is it holy or unholy paladin in pro? It is written holy but look like unholy...
  5. Nnijas Stolen Now?

    I have ninje now. thx. Now just missing pro rewards...
  6. Nnijas Stolen Now?

    No pro chest, no crystal no ninja IGN: fil25, Croatia
  7. Unholy Paladin (Pro Boost)

    What you opinion about unholy paladin? I think its not so strong and weaker then froster or pyro boost. Ok my paladin is lv 13 (not max) and not highly forged but I think its not so strong for now... My alliance has lv2 pro boost...
  8. Give everyone who plaayed pro league max reward and everyonw will be happy
  9. Again hummer spell in pro!? In 21 pro league with spells (one was without spells) this is 10 time with hummerstrike spell. Its enough for some time...
  10. Rewards pro league

    No reward no pro boost :(. Probably again some problems...
  11. Armistice Bundle

    where you found this offer?
  12. Same happend to me and items worth less gold and pearls.after upadate
  13. Granny VS Blacksmith event coming soon

    Yes. CD for forge is 12h
  14. Pro boosts

    From facebook. It looks like we will have new boosts.
  15. Black Friday Sale

    I just checked and I have -50% for 20k and 7.5k gems. Anybody knows is it enough to buy 7.5k gems package to get extra donation of 8M?