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  1. fil25


    *****? I dont care a lot about trophies but that is so unfair. I am lv126 in alliance lv60 and around 4300 trophies. He is lv124 in aliance lv80 and around 4400 trophies. Flare how is that possible to take 57 trophies from 1 fight!!!
  2. Next pro is with or without Monk? On first picture is monk and after that there is no monk...
  3. They fixed rewards in leaderboard but i didn't receive correct rewards...
  4. 8 days you got only if you are regular players. You can be banned only for one day or only from pro league if you are from RL or VL. They can said whatever they want but i dont believe any player from RL and i believe they cheat again in previous PL. As i wrote i cheat only because i want to be banned and to see what will happened with me. I know that is maybe wrong way but that is way which i choose.
  5. But he is still no1 on leaderboard... For example you couldnt find me on leaderboard and cant attack me. We are not all same And flare cant say that it is a mistake or something because he is so visible. But also he is from RL...
  6. Thx Eric and others for support but no need for this. There is some rules in this game and if broke it you deserve a penalty. So I got what I deserve J. I just want to see how difficult is to cheat, what will happened with me after cheat and are we all the same in game. I found out what i was looking for and that is enough for me. I think we are not all the same in this game and some players have more rights but that is how it is. And I agree with you all others which said that don’t unban cheaters but we have one on No1 with 7000 trophies and he is still in game. Or some of his friends from RL and some others alliances which also cheat and they are also still in game… Sorry for my bad English but I think you can get my point J Now i am at vacation until flare unbanned me or it is goodbye if they don’t. fil25
  7. Why this guy in not banned from game? His trophies increase.from 6700 to 6900... so he is still active in game
  8. You can fix it only with ban for this guy. You ban him from pro league so he is cheater and he need permament ban from game.
  9. Its looks like we have only one cheater in pro league... Or maybe he played in wrong alliance...
  10. Yes i know but whats the point then of pro league. To see who is the best with weak set up? Its like to say lets see who is better in tennis Federer or Nadal and give them table tennis racquets for play.
  11. Can somebody explain me why is name of this pro league supersonic cup? Sonic blast is lv5 and kaiser lv1 so nothing is super in that. Both are pretty weak
  12. 1_Skeleton; 2_Southampton; 3_ Different surface, ball, stick, number of players...; 4_Knight; 5_Fencing, Freestyle swimming, Equestrian show jumping, Pistol shooting, Cross country running; 6_Malaysia; 7_ New South Wales; 8_Steffi Graf; 9_London, Mumbai; 10_South Korea/Japan 2002 IGN: fil25 Game: RR2
  13. What is happend with pro shop?
  14. When i can reroll for free next time? Every one hour or less? Thats so funny...
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