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  1. Warriornator

    Poll about Youtube Channel

    Good news.Finally after turn around after few days since Friday I can now make my Youtube Channel back online. I got all info. So tonight I finally will be able to upload video. Oh god that seem for me like a eternity. I neglect my channel for too long now and people who wait for my video will no longer wait. So prepare to see a lots of video soon (tonight at around 7 PM UTC-5)
  2. Warriornator

    What happen for Flaregames?

    If they want people play them first they need to show them on their website. I have check Flaregames pages and only the game show here are show on their website. No sign of Flick Arena,Tap Empire or else. So how people are suppose to know those game exist? Flare need to create those game here and on their website if they want to attract more people. Its not by hidden them people will discover them. If I go in Microsoft Store and there is no sign of them in suggestion or they are not show somewhere in action game or rpg game,etc... Sorry you lose players I am tempting to say bad marketing for those new games
  3. the problem is all bar is hidden at the moment you spawn a huge army. So Flare should do something abouth this. I was never be a fan of this Scream icon. I am more a fan of MMORPG or RPG where you can see your perso HP bar RR2 should have just the scream button with just a Horn with no more bar in it but just add HP,Shield Bar and Pet Bar in side of it.This way you see all On the left you have the Scream Icon and on the side you have your HP bar in green with the number like 23,450/23,450 and under you have a Shield bar in blue and up the HP bar add a white bar for Pet Power This way player will stop dying in middle of battle
  4. Warriornator

    battlefield view and crowns

    Something really should be like Dragon Age. Able to pause the game,take time to zoom in and out and see all around with all kind of camera and move around and take time to make a strategie. With the 4 minutes cap of the pause
  5. Warriornator

    Some great news....for "me and me alone", I guess lol

    I agree they should have do like Microsoft do when they want to stop supporting a Windows. Flare should have made a topic around middle of 2018 like 6 month ago who said : ''OK players you have until August 2018 to upgrade to Windows 10 because after Windows 8.1 is no more supported'' this way people would have got the time to download and install Windows 10 and be prepare for 4.0. Sadly its was not the case and player have stop to play RR2 just for that
  6. Warriornator

    We need longer or better in game chat

    that why i put it in red in suggestion list. Very huge demand for this. Since over months. Maybe in the next update
  7. Warriornator

    Money Money Money

    Ok if you ask : 😂(sorry that was tempting)
  8. Warriornator

    About the new manager!!

    Wow I don''t have come since few days and see Madlen is very active. Really great to see this 😍 @Madlen Thanks you make forum fun again. Long time I don't have see the forum alive like this.
  9. Warriornator

    POLL: What is your reaction on the Conquest mode so far

    I don't like to see people invest too much time like this. Each time I enter in RR2 I see my teammates work like crazy. Just hope they sleep. When I enter in RR2 I receive like 30 notifications. Battle won,battle lost,etc.. Really hope the next conquest will be less stressful,more fun and more human. 8 days its just too long. too much time consuming.
  10. Warriornator

    Did Opelle leave the game?

    Probably he was tired to be ignored by Flare. All the time he have spend on wiki and all. All superb and awesome suggestion he have made and all. Just after 4 year enough is enough. Probably Flare have kill his own passion and determination in the game. We lost him because of Flare. Shame on you Flare
  11. Warriornator

    Windows 8.1

    Are you sure Windows 8.1 still supported? I have read somewhere in a another topic there is no more update for 8.1 because no more supported. Maybe the rumor is wrong too I don't know. Guys time to follow the technologies and left behind what must stay behind. Windows XP,Windows 7 was cool and some who still use 8.1 but a moment you must advance in the life and accept the technologies evolve. Its hard for the heart but its for the better. Windows 10 Pro. Or get on the internet Windows 10 Home. You can the iso and install it
  12. and the worst in this its some bugs still not fixed like when I use unholy paladin and the dragon is......red...c'mon fix all the bugs not just 1 or 2
  13. Warriornator

    Poll about Youtube Channel

    Sadly I cannot upload anything on my Youtube same if I have a brand new internet and I am sorry. I don't have receive my new contract with all info and my traffic tool used to track my internet data don't work anymore. So I guess I'm still with my old data plan until September 1st. So I will check this Monday with my ISP to got all info. Hope people will understand.
  14. Warriornator

    Poll about Youtube Channel

    its nothing. When i have take this screenshot i got my lowest score 34.99 but my record today was 42.54 Mbps. One thing its sure. I don't not miss it my old age internet speed at 512 Kbps in 2005 or 1 Mbps in 2012 or 5 Mbps in 2017. that was slow like snail. hope to never touch this ever in my life
  15. Warriornator

    Battle Crash in The Conquest

    NO NEED TO SCREAMMMM!!! WE CAN READ YOU!!! like I say we can read you same with normal font. don't give headache to people who read you. Thanks