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  1. Wanna learn how to beat the ninja event watch my video 



  2. Trophy System

    I know about this. In the Past I have do the same but stop doing that its not very fair for the defender. if he give +25 just fail at the gate for +1 or +2 do it 2 times and at the third do a 100% you can gain 28-29 this way.
  3. ninja event has bug report

    I guess we cannot change them and the lack of info. That prove they don't care about the poll and don't care what people think of them. So nothing new
  4. No you have correct. +1 try up at 25/30 and +2 give 32/30
  5. Flothaboss and Sniper Cup

    Maybe i have wrong but Ruthless Pharaoh its not just they move faster? Wait a minute I check my video of them and confirm what they do. you have right sorry lol. I don't remember which boost make them more faster. I check its not warp,surprise or ruthless. I am sure there is a 4th one? no? Anyway good to know Edit : Ok find it its Nimble Mummy. I was sure that was them. i don't have notice in the game correctly. Thanks Awesomestknightest for the info Edit 2 : Oh ok its clearly writing in Official Announcement Pro league of January 12th Ruthless Pharaoh lol
  6. Poor new players who gonna try now the Ninja Event. No chance they can reach Rank 1. I am Level 107 and be at tier 2500 and its hard. I have no idea how forge they give to the Sniper Tower but I die. Something like 12 of Range. they shoot at the tent. I don't have take chance Monk,Healing Aura and Tammy. Too much crazy. I don't want see what happen in tier 3000+
  7. I don't have good data plan with my ISP. So I need to use metered connection. that stop your Internet to send data to Microsoft maybe its why I don't suffer freeze. I don't know
  8. Knightfall: A Tale of a Fallen King (Mini Fanfiction)

    I remember I have time to lose lol. I have did the same. Just i need to find it somewhere. find it
  9. No lague pro prizies for the third time

    Here the screenshot : Pro Bonus : Some of you must thinking about the question : That worth it? I test it yesterday and that work great. If you use by example Unholy Paladin who are pretty weak alone and die at the tent without do any feet. With this ring they survive because they are healed and can form a Stone Dragon. So if you want to use Unholy paladin or weaker units this ring will help to make them survive I gonna try to forge it to show you screenshot of stats over time Forged at +3 :
  10. Please don't add the basilisk/heal tower to ninjas

    Lol the only problem I see you cannot anymore do like I do before. Do Ninja Event solo without troops. Now with Vikings,Boosted Basilisk tower,etc.. a little more hard. Possible but a little more hard. Before I can reach 24 solo. Now around 17-18 I need Monk to survive. So they up a little the difficulty
  11. ninja event has bug report

    if you have take time to read all topic about it just below. Probably you will have understand its not a bug but a temporary feature just for this one? its not clear about this anyway that allow you to do 2 extra battles if you fail,crash,disconnect or whatever. So if you have fail 1 or 2 island just remake it and do it at 100% for perfect score. Enjoy
  12. Misuse of Free Pro-Tickets

    its very serious? Flare allow multi account. So its legal to use multi account to abuse of pro ticket? I am surprise they allow this. They must lose so huge money by allow this. Interesting. So i can take my sub at level 54 and up my Throne Room at 10 and start to collect free ticket and later give them to my main? Really? Its the first time I heard a company allow this kind of cheat in a game. So tomorrow if I want to buy I don't know a Ipad Pro I can build a third account with Throne Room 10 and collect and can create 4,5,6,10,20 account? and give them to my main? hummm ok if its legal I will invest my time then to improve my sub to abuse the system if Flare allow this
  13. The Griffin Warrior

    i think I must explain for the new players who start the game how Alliance Wars work. Its obvious many new players don't know what to do. I see in my alliance its totally no sense how they waste their fury on the wrong strike. Result we lost Wars again and again and again When the Leader do a strike a fresh strike of 18 hours. Don't lose your fury to attack this one please. Its a total non sense. Your mistake will cause defeat. If by example there is 4 strike at the same time : 2 Defense and 2 Offense. 1 left 11 hours 02 minutes the second 16 hours 32 minutes the third 32 minutes and the last one 5 minute 10. Who you need to attack? its obvious you need to attack the strike with only 32 and 5 minutes. forget please to attack the one with 11 and 16 hours you will have time to recover fury to attack them later. In my alliance I need to take 10 minute of my time after this wars and explain them because its a total mess the waste. So new players attack wisely and take time to planning your attack. Maybe you didn't know this fact but its a little frustrating for the person who want to win and you make them lose the Wars because of your mistake. In worst case if you really don't know which strike to attack please demand it to the leader or the others person. Look this screenshot and try to find the mistake in this screenshot? Do you find it? Ok let's me explain what going wrong in this screenshot maybe new players don't know exactly what they do its a mistake and can cause the Alliance lose the Wars Let's me explain you see 4 strike but i have few minutes ago 5 strike. one with over 9 hours, one with 17h hours, one with 14h, one with 19 minutes and the one who finish few minutes have 5 minutes What is the mistake they have do? exactly for the one who see it and have understand without my explanation. They have attack and waste their fury on the strike with 9h17 minutes and the strike with 17h19 minutes when during this time all attack should have been done on the strike with 5 minutes left and 19 minutes left Result? I lost them all one by one because of those mistakes. So if you are uncertain please demand it to your leader or to the others before attack
  14. Agree. I have stop counting the number of times Uber chest give me External Waves. So you have to go in A change for the new one. Go in B change for the new one. C change for the new one and so on..... and after you can sell it or melt it. too long for nothing. If we have a smaller shortcut can be more enjoyable
  15. Misuse of Free Pro-Tickets

    the only info we have for now its this : https://www.pcworld.com/article/3234667/windows/windows-10s-trueplay-gaming-tech-starts-sniffing-out-cheaters.html that work only on UWP game. I guess UWP games are game in Windows Store you buy that cost money and don't apply to free games. So I don't think that work in RR2