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  1. For now 4 place to go. After I will up to level 6 and start to accumulate gold for boost for the War Season For now we have 202k per day. Not bad but we want more. So join
  2. The OP should change it and edit his post.
  3. Warriornator

    Idea for Version 4.1.0-5.0.

    The problem in RR2 is the server is too small. RR2 Team seem not very fast to understand that. You remember the server breakdown. yesterday in Olympus Rising we got a huge bugs in War and got later problem of disconnection. What the developer have do to fix this in just few hours? not 4 days like in RR2. Expand the size of the server. Now the server of OR is bigger to allow more players to be connected at same time. Its that RR2 need and its a long time I try to wake up Flare on this but without success :( At same time a bigger server will fix the problem of chat
  4. Warriornator

    Some great news....for "me and me alone", I guess lol

    lol just read page 1 all its writting there. Awesomestknightest have create this topic to inform us his brother have join the game. He needed some person to help him and give him advice. Finally with all off topic people have make that was not clear. Its ok his brother have create his alliance and I have join to help him. So I guess this topic can be close
  5. Warriornator

    More D_ck P_cs

    hope you joking lol. change the U by a I you have the answer
  6. Warriornator


    Wow everyone got super offer. I think its me who got the worst one lol with only 250 gems and 10K pals treats. However I beat everyone in price
  7. Warriornator

    War Bug Megathread. Please post them all here.

    You have right like happen with RR2 server breakdown during 4 days they want we go outside
  8. Warriornator

    War Bug Megathread. Please post them all here.

    LOL what happen? A new War? with same bugs? Did I have turn back in time? Its the same loop who happen again. Can you cancel this one too? I want just recuperate Perseus and Hercule please
  9. Warriornator


    its the main problem on forum. People don't take time to read We know just take time to read War Bug 4.0 in Bugs and problem section. You will understand all. At Page 10 Start with my post at the bottom. I show the bugs and read the rest until Page 13 Also read just after in Official Announcement Server maintenance 15 June + War cancellation
  10. Warriornator

    War Bug Megathread. Please post them all here.

    Poor Captain he gonna work until 1 AM. Not easy to fix bugs.
  11. Warriornator

    Thank you to the OR team

    Yup very impressive to see same since 6 PM to 10 PM still at work to fix this. They care of customers and its really appreciated.
  12. Warriornator

    War Bug Megathread. Please post them all here.

    CaptainMorgan creating a topic in Official Announcement. We will see what happen when he will have done Edit : Thank you very appreciated that was the best to do.
  13. Warriornator

    Idea for Version 4.1.0-5.0.

    Something I hope to see in a future. We have suggest it in the past. About Pro League tickets. I totally forget to collect mine. I have lost many weeks. Its just by pure hazard I have check my Pro League stuffs and see Collect. So like the donation. The emblem should flash when its time to collect
  14. Warriornator

    War Bug Megathread. Please post them all here.

    Fast like that the second Maintenance Break seem to have work. The War still broken and all but connection seem ok. after 5 minutes no disconnection. I will test more later
  15. Warriornator

    War Bug Megathread. Please post them all here.

    One important question. Its the weekend and Flare don't work the weekend. My fear its no one will be able to play until Monday. Right? If the second maintenance don't work again. in Europe its I think 8:29 PM so....