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  1. Special Uber Granny....or Dungeon Tricks and Help :D

    you should try. Like many I was unsure to use 3 offensive spells but since maybe 1 year I use only 3 offensive spells. Its better than use shield or heal. Since the add of the pal you can more easily use 3 offensive spells. Maybe before 3.0 that was hard but since 3.0 its easy For irmgard oh yeah if some players don't have it, try to find it in pal chest. He is really strong. its the only reason why I still play sometime on my ipad account. Irmgard have a special attack who destroy all in one shot its crazy. He cast a kind of huge wall who push back units and destroy all at the same time by example if you face a base full of Monk or Ogre. Irmgard will help. More you level him up at 7+ and more he is crazy. Maybe just his second special thing I don't get it when he do it. He heal too like Tammy but seem to be random. I know he heal like crazy at the gate he release heal power non stop but during the raid seem random and pretty low heal effect
  2. Why i still collect exp after lvl 130?

    I guess we gonna have no sneak peak about this until maybe around May 15th-24th. OR version 4.0 arrive there. So RR2 version 4.0 must be close of there too. I guess 3 week to wait to know a little more about 4.0 version?
  3. About Uber,Pro and Inventory space

    Ok thanks I was not sure what to do
  4. the timer reset only if you collect your ticket. that why opelle suggest improve about the ticket collect. If you forgot to collect it you have no new ticket until you collect. by example your ticket is ready April 26th at 8 AM and you don't collect it same in April 30th. No new tickets timer. If you collect only your ticket in May 3rd at 12 PM at this moment you have the 28 days (something close) cooldown I agree its stupid this method and if you forgot you lose time and that stack over time. I guess Flare make it like this because its free. No previlege. Really sad. Free player don't have any advantage. So i guess we have no choice to check 1 millions time if its time to collect it or not
  5. Community Week starting Thursday 19th - Details?

    for me its the best community week for only 2 reason : X4 XP who allow me to up level 53 to 69 (Maybe have a chance to up at 70-71) and the pal collector. I get Bucky.
  6. the max is capped at level 20 but when you reach Ascension 80 or before you have max close the 5 or 6 first one Heroes and its close useless to use them after. In RR2 Flare have up the cap in many reprise. 110 to 120,120 to 130 and now I think they planify to up at 140 for 4.0 in OR can be cool if we can have now Hero level 30. its time to up the cap. However not just up the cap just like that. You must give something interesting to do for veteran players who want to have fun in game Level 20 bring some 20% resistance for some Heroes. Level 30 should give if someone can do it. I don't know each hero at 30 give a special chest maybe who contain 20 randoms stuffs. gems,gold,items,XP,titan,etc.. its a kind of rewards to say congratulations to reach level 30. Why not a kind of Hero Pack. If you reach level 30 with Hercule you got 5 Hercule Chest for items
  7. Multiple Cursed Titan Chests

    Why there is no more Titan Chest in daily rewards? How I can open 2 titan chest now in 55 days? its just for the month of May there is no Titan Chest to celebrate OR and they will be back in June?
  8. in the past Uber items was the best to have but today is this still the case with the add of Pro items? and about the inventory space if Uber is useless now is this still worth it to be over 50? I means before the Pro league the best strategie was to upgrade space to 90+ to collect all Uber items one by one but now with the Pro League and Pro items. By example a new player who start the game still need to collect all Uber items or is totally useless because the best now is to do Pro league and change all 9 Uber into 9 Pro items on Hero? my previous account I have waste over 10k gems to up my inventory space at 80. Now that i have restart I don't know if I must up my inventory like before or just concentrate to up my Throne Room at 10 and start collect tickets. Farm Pro items
  9. Decrease costs

    i am sure the majority do a 7 skulls adventures. You can do a poll if you want. I am curious to see what difficulty Ascension 100+ do each time
  10. Ogre's New Weapon

    he do great video. Worth it to watch them : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFh4wQHlOfe22U2BGKCbJ_A
  11. Ogre's New Weapon

    Contrary he like it very much. I think he use it non stop since the Winter Festival. You can see it on his Youtube Channel
  12. Special Uber Granny....or Dungeon Tricks and Help :D

    @AwesomestKnightest I think you should rename your topic : Dungeon Trick and Help
  13. Pal shop

    in this case Flare need just to add like 6 Pals in the Pal Shop and change each week. You can have Tammy 20 gems,Howl 20 gems,Archiemedes 20 gems,Growl 20 gems,Kaiser 200 gems and Irmguard 500 gems. The next week can be Howl 20 gems,Archimedes 20 gems,Growl 20 gems,Kaiser 200 gems,Nigdog 500 gems and Aska 1000 gems. So each week you check in the Pal shop until you find the one you need Flare will make money with this feature and this will allow us to have close the complete pal collection. Win-win situation
  14. Pal shop

    you have Pal collector for that. I have found 7 pal in the last Pal Collector and now the Pal collector this week I have found 3 Kaiser. 10 Pals on 2 Pal Collector and its not over I'm agree a Pal shop can be a really help. A little like in Magic Rush with Market. You can buy stuffs and Hero fragment with gems and buy others stuffs with special currency. In RR2 I don't see any problem if they can add Pal you can buy between 20 gems and 5000 gems depending their rarity. Tammy by example should be 20 gems, Archimedes 20 gems, Nigdog 500 gems, Aska 500 gems, Ceres 1000 gems,Janus 5000 gems,etc... that will allow everyone who miss some pal to have a complete collection like Magic Rush. I don't have any problem too if they add special pal with special condition. Like add Phoebe in white skin for 5000 gems however you must have by example 5 star on your profile to get her. A another like Janus at 5000 gems in black you must have finish at least 1 pro league in top 100,etc.. Edit : I got one more Kaiser. 4 Kaiser during this Pal Collector
  15. Wrong pal display

    its just a visual bug like many others. Don't worry about that