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  1. Warriornator

    skull feature

    Remember the Horko's is a Pro item so give a Pro bonus Translocate + 6.3% SP + Pro Bonus for me its obvious Horko's is the winner here. For my level the Uber only give me 1.6% SP and the Horko's glove give me 4.2% SP. That means all
  2. Warriornator

    Nemesis in Pro League!

    Nemesis is useless.That why maybe just 1 or 2% of player have it. Better save crystal and buy Phoebe for you alliance and specifically if you don't have unlock her in defense
  3. Warriornator

    Remove skull chest in CoF

    Always open chest number 4. give me a ratio of 4/5 or 5/5. Sometimes 3/5 but the majority of time I get them all
  4. Of course what RoyalDing2 propose its something we want since 4.0 with the Conquest War---> Ninja ----> Conquest will help us to gain pearls and stuffs for Conquest after Conquest people will have a lots of Uber and Pearls so add Blacksmith event to allow us to forge and all. After restart with Ninja ---> War. Ninja help for the War and so on 2 Ninja a Month, 1 War Season and 1 Conquest its the best So listen us please. Thank to RoyalDing2 to show them what we want
  5. Warriornator

    Community Spotlight

    I don't get this topic? can you explain more? what we should do? its a event contest or something like this?
  6. Warriornator

    Why so less gems for defending good

    Don't worrie I am calm. I just have clarify some point for the one who didn't know this (for new players). so now its clear in the past that was 20%. So its ok now to know the ratio have change since. Good to know. Good information. Thank you PS : I check with my video the exact old ratio wait a minute. really hard to say i don,t have the value for each scrolls. Seem to be more like 9% before 160 gems give 14 gems 20 gems give 1 gem Seem more like 8% maybe I think the information who circulate on the forum was wrong over 4 years. No chance that was 15% or 20% like pretending on the forum i was level 105 or around so opponent was level 100-110 if i remember if you die its 40 gems. Armageddon is 20 gems and Apocalypse is 6 gems In my previous post i have said the ratio have drop but seem to me more the ratio has up. So if its the case its more than awesome 8% to 13% its cool. Thanks
  7. Warriornator

    Why so less gems for defending good

    So you say that veteran and old CM like Alysea have lie all this time with the answer of 20%? its really what you said? I don't know if those topic still on the forum somewhere but in the past that was 20% of what player have spends. So 13% is a drop yes that was something like for 200 gems that give 40 gems for the defender. So for someone who gain 100 gems that was like someone have spend 500 gems. that was the old ratio. I think i have keep my old video of gems who show that was 20%
  8. Warriornator

    Why so less gems for defending good

    13% only is really low. Before If I remember that was 20% of what attacker spends. So if someone spends 200 gems you will gain very low amount. What is the reason behind this? why drop 20% to 13%? strange decision.....
  9. I have ask the same and people have answer me this its ridiculous because its the role of the leader to advice in advance and speak to the entire alliance if they participate or not. No one force you to participate if the leader don't want to. So I agree its the responsability of the leader to decide if yes or not they skip a event
  10. Warriornator

    Day/Night Cycle in the kingdom

    Can add more difficulty to the game. Can be awesome. If you fight during night you will not see bomb or trap correctly. So more fail. If you fight during day you can have rain or cloud who will drop brightness and make you raid more hard. Weather affect is always welcome in a game for better experience. We have ask the same in OR and hope to have this one day
  11. Warriornator

    Add a castle assistant to farm for u

    Good idea on paper. A kind of auto collect in offline mode? however I don't think its really a good idea because you will make more people don't play RR2. RR2 is already in dead state and the gold issue is a huge problem. So if you add a auto collect feature in offline mode. No one will come and log anymore. Maybe 1 time a day for 10 minutes maybe or less. the main reason no game have this kind of feature its because you will kill a game with this. Everyone who are active will become inactives and inactives one will become more inactives,etc..
  12. Warriornator

    If I Can Choose Graphic Quality

    If you talk about version on PC I agree the lack of graphic option its very disturbing. The majority if not all online game on PC have graphic option like : Resolution, V-Sync On/OFF Texture : Low,Medium,High,Ultra Anti Aliasing : X2,X4,X6,X8,X12,X16,etc..Details Far objects : Near or Far, Shadow Details : Low,Medium,High,Ultra, plus. The majority of online game have the same graphic option than a Triple AAA games I have never understand why mobile port on PC have lack of graphic option. Seem to adapt to the hardware you have. The game will be disgusting if you don't have a good monitor or a good GPU card,etc.. more awesome if you have 2K or 4K set up,etc.. Of course strange there is no graphic option at least Low,Medium and High
  13. Warriornator

    Blacksmith event and coll down of forges

    I don't see any problem of extra forge. Same if everyone can forge them all 5 minutes before and have a free reset after. Remember you still need the pearls first and second its not a extra forge you will make kill the game. You have 150 forge to do for all stuffs. So if its like +1 forge a week. I think the extra forge can be more than welcome. Like the wave if there is a extra wave slot upgrade or something like this. Player will like it more and more specifically the new players
  14. Warriornator

    Requesting a New feature.

    Agree Mortar had been forgotten in 4 years. Make them more relevant and more usefull. Offer boost of them more often please. maybe will change the gameplay in the game
  15. Warriornator

    Time warp too overpowered? Nerf

    LOL since when a scroll become a problem in the game? The first time I hear a complain about a scroll in 4 years. You don't like it then don't use it.Simple like this. If we hear the 1% of person here who always ask for nerf. RR2 had become died just 1 year after his creation. Its stunning to see complain and non sense demand on this forum since 4 years. Nerf a Pal its too strong, hey Flare nerf Toxic Cloud its too strong, hey Flare nerf all scrolls too much OP, hey Flare nerf all towers in defense too OP, hey Flare nerf all Pro items too much OP, hey Flare nerf Dungeon too much OP,etc... never end.... always someone to ask for nerf when its not always the same one.its the main reason why a beta game like RR2 and MMORPG online always die after a while. The majority of time maybe at 100% of time if Top players who kill a game and its a fact no doubt on this The boring person cannot realise they don't like the game anymore and just need to quit and leave no they will ask useless stuffs for I don't know which reason. Nerf,Nerf and Nerf for i don't know which reason. Over years I play online game i notice they just think about themself and are selfish and don't think never about the others. its this kind of person who kill a games. Its normal after 3 years or more you find the game boring and nothing in the game make you have fun. The level of your satisfactory drop over year. So its normal you find a game super boring after max all. You can delete it and restart from 0 and have fun again C'mon demand for nerf scrolls like Time Warp? After its gonna be what? nerf Mummy Time Warp? Nerf again toxic Cloud to the ground? nerf all slow down items on Pro?,etc... People who demand nerf non stop you don't think RR2 its already on the ground like this and cannot get up? no need to have RR2 more in a dead state. RR2 is already K.O.No thanks.Think twice about a nerf I thanks Flare for not listen Phoebe nerf and don't have do any change about it. So i hope again Flare will not do anything about future nerf and ignore them. 1 Person don't represent the community remember this Flare. You must have at least 60% or over who agree.