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  1. Warriornator, I found this mobile phone


    CPU: Octa-Core 2.5GHz,

    RAM: 4 GB

    ROM: 64 GB

    Is it going to run RR2 smoothly ?  shall i buy it (137 EUR) ?

  2. Its with a sad news that I announce this. My Youtube channel will be deleted and I stop play Olympus Rising. On Royal Revolt section someone make me realize that I lose my time to help the others and all I have do overs 3 years+ on this forum was for nothing. No thanks,no appreciation. My Youtube don't work. No support. So I decided to stop all So player in RR2 section make me realise that I have lose 4 years for nothing. So I decided to stop all. Sorry
  3. @Philstar if a mid players only get 34 medals can also means his range is not the right one. By example I am at 2000 around so each base give me 34 medals same the impossible one. if I want to gain 200,300 or 400 medals. I need to up my trophy in the right range. Remember this game have a anti camping mechanism. You camp = no rewards. Simple like that. You up = rewards. Just that matchmaking give only 34 because I camp in 2000 over month and month. If in few days I up at 2500 or 3000. The game will rewards me and finally give me medals. Otherwise you are punish to stay in the same range. So if a level 50 or 60 or whatever obtain 34 medalns if he want to gain more. Just up in trophy range. RR2 is all about trophy. Low rewards = low trophy. High Rewards = high trophy. Simple like that
  4. In this case double or triple the number of gems rewards. Will make League more interesting and more alive
  5. Medals depend of how hard the base is. So if a middle get only 34 its because he fight only easy base. I don't see any problem here. If you want to win get base that give 200-300 or 400 medals. Medals = difficulty of the base. More medals = more hard base
  6. at least be lucky Gold and Diamond still work right now. Bronze and Silver are totally dead since over 6 month with all 0
  7. I like the guy who have proposed in Celestial Boost +1 Power for all heroes at level 32 or 33. A little more stuffs to beat defence its not bad. Defense is really hard but really hard in OR. I waste too much gems per day. Over 20-30 gems its crazy.Sometime I am close to quit. Defense is too much OP. So a little boost in offense will not be bad However here in RR2 the problem we have already Pals,Support units (Ninja/zombie/Yeti) and Guardians. Someone who start now will find RR2 too much easier until level 90. Its close impossible now to die (maybe if you don't know how to play well) Its the opposite here Offense is OP vs the defense. that happen you can find level 110-130 who drop at 1,500 or 1,800 to trap low level to gain gems like in OR but if someone use the right range. Offense is OP. So if you add a 4 spells for 5k,10k or whatever. The game will be totally broken in all levels Just bring Toxic cloud,Firestorm,Sonic Blast and Stun or Toxic Cloud,Firestorm,Blizzard and Black Magic or else. Like you have mention its strange. RR2 have still 150k players with all mistake Flare have do but the fact RR2 is totally P2W seem to attract more. OR is totally 100% Free but seem to attract less and this game is not a time eating game. Max all in 8 month or less is really easy compared to here that take 1 year or 2 Never have understand why its OR who is dead and RR2 still alive. Wrong logic for me that should have been the inverse. Free should win vs P2W game. Seem not the case. Maybe people think like you. Prefer see a P2W game with updates over time than a Free games with no updates I find it strange. People complain RR2 is so much time eating game when OR need nothing but its OR who is totally dead. Really strange......People choose RR2 but complain. Never have understand this worst logic at all
  8. Some understand more with a screenshot With over +1400 With over +900 With +600 So its around 700 difference you gain 0
  9. the difference will be RR2 will become more P2W even more and kill it more. No thanks I don't really want to see RR2 become like OR totally dead with only 14k players
  10. No more vote? after close 1 month only 10 members? Its not with that Flare will decide if they add it. A idea to be implement need probably over 50 members+ Very sad no one take time to vote its very important. I really want to have purple or fushia rank will be fantastic.
  11. please stop with horrible idea. No. same at 200k gems. No. Offense is already OP vs defense. With this idea you will defenitively kill free playing option. We don't need that.
  12. Well i agree that add to much problem to fit in RR2 I guess. Better to keep defense like it is right now.
  13. i lots of players will be interested if we have a chance to have vanity slots for 500 gems for a duration of 1 week. Prolong cost 500 gems for another weeks and so on... A lots of players have all maxed so they can use gems on something interesting
  14. Depend how the feature work. In olmypus Rising we have maximum 5 workers. compared to RR2. Gold need 2 or 3 days to be accumulated. Because there is have really limited fight per day like 10-12 at around 115k ( for a level 100 by example) So same 5 tower at same time will take 3 or 4 month if not double to max them all. No exploit. Barricade have 28 level. Same in RR2 time you get all the gold and max them take over 1 year. So no exploit here and plus you punish yourself to weaken your tower if you change If Flare don't want to take any chance someone have 20 workers and upgrade 20 towers at same time. In RR2 we have event who speed stuffs. So I can understand the exploit. However people don't have think Flare just have to allow upgrade in 1 layout at a time. if you use layout A and start a upgrade you are forced to stay at A until your defense tower is finish. You cannot switch between the others.This will give us what we want since many years and avoid exploit. You should choose a layout and upgrade it. 1 at a time. After when all your towers are maxed its not a problem anymore. Switch A,B,C will change nothing just more fun into the game I guess you must play OR to understand how impossible is to do exploit anyway. People are afraid of this feature but its not the case
  15. I am pretty sure this idea are in Non Feasible Idea already
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