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  1. Warriornator

    How to make Prometheus Stronger?

    Thank you all for your advice. its done I can now use him and upgrade him.
  2. Warriornator

    How to make Prometheus Stronger?

    I have use your recommendation and change Attack speed by Area damage. Change Potency that was useless and change for cooldown. The next i will change this week is leadership and I will try to find demolition in this spot. Also since my post my spearman was low at level 11. Now they are close maxed. Level 25. My War Academy level 12 on the go. So at the moment I max them I will retry. I spend some gold to buy green chest and try to get better stuffs for Prometheus. Really hard like Athena the game don't give me any items for him. I have the same problem like last time with mry previous account. The game give me huge items for all the others. None for him. I will test right now. Maybe with all the improve its enough. i give you news after my try Edit : 1 down. 2 to go. Without gems. That work For the one who have got the same problem. What you need - Lightning Resist 40% or more - Fire Resist 40% or more - Spearman level 25 or maxed - Use Physphoros on spearman to shield them - Cooldown,Area Damage and Demolition if you have it
  3. Warriornator

    The Eternal Griffin (Fusion Time)

    We grow faster. Level 16 We do now 1.1 Million/per day. So we have started to boosts permanent New players who start the game are really welcome. However I'm lookin more for some players with high donation : 50k+ At this step 1k-10k are not totally enough. So if you have over 2K trophy and have at least 50k. Come in If you come then enjoy and have fun The goal to achieve in the week to come : - Unlock Level 18 to unlock all boost - Gain 2 Million/day - Boost all of them for 3 days+ So if you have what it take to achieve those goals. come in. I will welcome you with pleasure
  4. Warriornator

    Odysseus is weak or bad used?

    Artemis strong? Its not really what I notice in my defense log. I notice maybe she become strong but only at level 107-110. there is 3 Heroes really weak : Odysseus,Artemis and jason. Surprise Ajax is not on the list. People don't use it. If they do they fail Odysseus,Jason,Ajax and Artemis are the 4 Heroes who have the most Defeat Ratio. I never see Hercule,Perseus,Athena,Achilles and Ariadne defeated So with my log I am tempting to conclude with over 2-3 month of log 5 Heroes are weak if they have not really strong items - Jason - Odysseus - Artemis - Ajax - Prometheus ( this one no one want to risk to use it) 6 Heroes who are strong and only Titan 1 Star is enough to make them strong - Ariadne - Achilles - Hercule - Perseus - Athena - Cadmus (Only if you have crazy cooldown) If others want to compared the results. You are welcome. Its my result in my log. Maybe depend of the Ascension level too
  5. Warriornator

    War Tile Block (new feature) - Feedback

    Just hope Flare will listen and change it for the next Conquest. The Block tile is not a bad idea but maybe just this feature was bad make. Block Tile only should be possible around the kingdom.Nothing else. This way not only you protect weaker alliance but at least you give them a little hope to gain some points they can do a Watchtower around. So if they can get at least 20 points to get 1 or 2 rewards. Its good. Otherwise if you left this feature like this. The number of player who will quit will be huge. Conquest its a event people enjoy (many) and if you make them hate it or if the player find it boring like you can see in up of my post. They will quit. the majority don't raid much or play much outside events. So make Conquest more fun by make Block tile just around Kingdom
  6. Warriornator

    Monthly Festivals

    I really hope Flare will offer us more than one skin for each troops. I really want my knight or my Paladin can have a wonderful silver armor or why not a awesome gold armor. I really hope the skin are all awesome Plus the festival who come soon will help us to improve expensive stuffs. Its gonna be fantastic. Very hype to see the first one
  7. Warriornator

    Replay the dungeon to win a tournament

    Interesting to see I am not alone to think this idea was far far far behind the best of them all. Version 4.5.0 its the worst version I have seen over 5 years.I still don't get it why Flare still listen the minority and apply a feature no one have ask. To be honest its very shocking to see we ask feature since over 5 years and everytime its just a feature that no one have ask who are added into the game. Who have demand to close the dungeon? I don't remember anyone who have ask a kind of demand. So where that come from? Secondly why punish player. You know what this situation remember me. That remember the mistake developer of Olympus Rising have do when after 2 years they pretending they have fix a bugs in the forge and ruin the forge. On the forum the complain was over 20 pages with over 140 posts maybe more. Why have wait 2 years to fix something that was not broken. Just a bad excuse to nerf the forge. Today they have backtrack and listen and the forge is better than never. Here its like they have wait 5 years. 5 long years and decide one day to close it. I will be honest. They know it since 5 years players farming in dungeon. Why wait 5 years? Non sense to me. its like if tomorrow they decide to remove from the game Free chest or the free 1 gem in grey house. I know what they did was not to punish players voluntary but I think they just don't have take time to think about the consequence of this action. I hope they will listen us like OR team have listen us and do a backtrack and reopen the dungeon. Its a part of the game since 5 years. Non sense to remove it today
  8. Warriornator

    Supreme Victory should be reworked or removed

    lol not at all. We have destroy them in a 15 vs 4. Just I hate everything in a game who change during a fight. Nevermind I don't think that change much anyway
  9. Warriornator


    I agree but you know just build Conquest have take over 6 month. I don't think player will wait 6 more month to have something interesting to do. So its complex to solve this. Specially in a fast way.Sadly RR2 need something right now and not in 6 month or 1 year. Number of players is critical. So build a Story Mode of course but will take too much time. RR2 run out of time
  10. Warriornator


    I have no clue what can be the real solution of this problem. Maybe global chat maybe something else. They cannot change the way to create a alliance. Like suddenly you need I don't know level 100 and win 5 stars to create a alliance. Maybe too much radical. Stop people doing alliance not sure. So we hit a wall here. I search but not sure about the right solution
  11. Warriornator

    No Pro League information

    mistake happen. We are human after all not robot
  12. Make sense all you said in the last few post about exploit and proper league. After all maybe its for good. We always see bad. thanks I understand more. about Farm tolken,dungeon close and the league. Why its better this way than before
  13. Warriornator

    insta troops informations

    If they can do more like Olympus Rising I would appreciate more. CaptainMorgan tell us on what they worked and give us sneak peek and screenshot. After everyone give their feedback, its the way to do it.so during they work they can modify it Work on something, give us screenshot and we will tell you if we like it or not. that a feedback. For me
  14. Warriornator

    Supreme Victory should be reworked or removed

    this research should not be apply in middle of a fight but after in the next one
  15. Warriornator

    insta troops informations

    Don't get me wrong. in any case I will never write negative stuffs for fun. Just I write what I interpret when I read it or what I think about something For me when I read this I interpret in the way they find it useless and seem to be insecure in what they doing. its why is the reason they need feedback for everything, However I can understand we bash everything they do since over years. So in a way. its understandable. If ask feedback for everything allow them to go in the right direction. Why not. If they demand it to be sure its something we will like. Why not Just I find it strange the formulation of the sentence : if they would find this useful as well Really I means who can be against this? who really will oppose of this idea. This has been proposed at many reprise in the past. So no reason to be insecure here. Do it that's it. Sorry I just find it strange they always ask for feedback for all. they are the developer they should know what to do. Honestly. I have never see a developer who don't know what to do and we are always forced to realign them. Its my opinion. Everyone here have yours They can create one topic about what we want in future, I don't find it necessary to demand feedback for each stuffs. That give the impression they don't know what to do. Honestly after 5 years. its not the suggestion that miss here over 5 years Just I don't like feel like a beta tester and do all the job in their place. I understand they do that for online game but feel like a beta tester. What goin wrong in each stuffs,etc.. sorry I find it annoying to be honest. They have tester,they are the developer. they should know what to do