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  1. Warriornator

    Veteran Scouts Alliance in Conquest

    My invitation will be open. So everyone who are in Veteran Scouts send me a invitation. Thanks
  2. I don't care about Pro chest or Royal Guardian Chest or whatever. I want Pearls and Voucher Chests. So I looking for a alliance who still in Veteran Scouts for again like 10 Conquest. Thanks
  3. Warriornator

    No royal guardian chest for low tiers

    I don't want this Royal Guardian pseudo chest. Please add voucher chests in novice tiers and up. For me voucher have more value than else. Or should I be forced to move out of my alliance to join a alliance below?
  4. Started in October 2016 with my account Warriornator and I reach Ascension 105 but because i have deleted my youtube Channel and because of personal problem here. I have stop playing during few months. After a while.... someone convince me to restart so April 2018 I have restart a new account and now I am Ascension 86. So in a way i can say I play since 2 years now and will continue
  5. Warriornator

    Anything new coming for nonstop knight?

    Yes all games are abandoned. Just Royal Revolt 2 and Olympus Rising barely survive and continue to have content
  6. Warriornator

    Linking to Facebook: curiosity

    Why still some with no facebook? easy today write your name and add info and create a accounts. Same if you don't care of Facebook. Today Facebook is useful near everywhere and specifically if you are a mobile gamer to save your game or add some advantages in RR2 what are the advantages to have Facebook? 1.save RR2 at any time if something happen you will retrieve your account easily when you restart RR2 2.More Pal chest in a day 3.More Guardian chest in a day 4. Can play RR2 on facebook and many more so i don't see why some don't have a Facebook accounts in 2018
  7. I hate the casino system. So some hae already 3.4 or 5 donkey and have level up their donkey at level 2 and more during the time like me and others on facebook will get nothing during month and month. Wow wonderful. The most unfair system I have seem in a game at least the one linked on facebook should have more chance than the one not linked on facebook. Will make more sense already
  8. exactly the big mistake here. if Flare think like you don't ask why RR2 is died. In OR nobody wanted to take care of low and medium level. I take care of them and i have suggest a lots of stuffs to balance the game for new players. Now OR are more fun to play for new player because I am here to think about them. Seem I am the only one to take care of them I am here for this and always be here for them. Same if one day I will be top player I don't care for me what matters the most its the balance for new players. If there is none RR2 will die for good because this game will not attract new player anymore. So if you don't care like Flare don't care its obvious its over for RR2. Without new players. RR2 is no more. Simple like that. If its really the case RR2 will join soon Wartide,Evoker,Throne Wars and more if this new content its only for top players then like I said this should have a level lock. You need to be level 100 to unlock this feature because available for all level and everyone its a big huge mistake
  9. since when in a video game only top stuffs its only there its relevant? first time i hear this. if you play OR all player matter whatever the level. When someone complain we try to think about low,medium and all players. Sorry just say top plaers and top alliance matters its thinking wrong on all the line. Low and medium are there too. They are important like me,you and everyone else. So stop think about just top level stuffs. After some ask after why this game is broken. Continue think about just top players and soon no one will still in this game because Flare only care of top players. When top players will stop play this game RR2 will be died for good and under the ground 10 feet under and buried
  10. Why should I talk about top alliance or top player or VL or whatever? i don't care of this really. I don't know why you bring this in the conversation. Stop thinking everyone here talk about VL or top alliance. when I speak its always concern just low and medium players. When I talk about Ninja Event able to beat in 20 seconds its obvious I talked about low tier like 900,1,200,1,500,2000 and so on.... did I mention somewhere I am level 130? and my donation is maxed and I am in the top 10 alliances to have conclude this? for your information I am level 87 and I am in a alliance somewhere in top 400 with low donation. So of course I don't talk about top stuffs. You will know it next time. Thanks
  11. Warriornator

    community manager answered Getting inappropriate ads.

    I don't see what the ads show but trust me I play Scatter slots since 1 year and there is nothing 18+ in this game. Its just a slots machine like the others you can play on mobile. if you have said however SEASTARS Casino with blackjack,poker and more there is a lots of 18+ content because every use adult content picture in their profile Here some picture from Scatter Slots. Just a awesome 3D slots machine games with campaign mode. LOL nothing 18+ its more PG-13 than else Like you can see its a awesome slots machine with beautiful graphic. The best slots machine on mobile. there is no bad content in this
  12. Warriornator

    Celstial Phoebe Is Over Powered

    I guess I can say now : Not anymore becasue during 10 seconds or more you are invincible. So Phoebe will become useless now. that hurts the one who invest in Phoebe.Just use Donkey and bingo. I have no more problem with Phoebe now with just a Donkey Level 1 so think about a level 10
  13. How can we live today without a unfinished update or game? Its a new way today in video game Player are the beta tester. The question I ask myself each time I touch a unfinsihed product its : Why the one who are paid to test bugs and all don't do anything? They are supposed have the knowledge to fix all of them. Its obvious too this update totally broke the game not only in raid but in Ninja Event by example where people will have just to use the Donkey and beat the base in 20 seconds or less I am curious to see what Flare will do to fix all of this mess. I have a feeling complain will just start now I would have preferred this update will come later like 2 or 3 weeks later but Flare take time to fix all bugs and unbalanced issues and not rush to give it to us like they always do Welcome in 2018 guys where games are unfinished....
  14. Not a big fan of this new update. Its fun to play now but its obvious this will bring again like Pal with 3.0 a totally unbalanced and broken game. Now I guess new player just have to equip this Donkey and bingo they can destroy all base and do winning streak with closing eyes Maybe this feature should be unlocked only if you are at level 100? Will make more sense to me I tested this in 3 base and now you don't care on the boost. Just use Donkey and ride fast like lightning and win in few seconds
  15. the post of NaN remember me feature we see in online game on PC. People put a like or dislike and a post who talk about the items. So every player can see the pro and cons of each items. In OR can be awesome at least not for all items there is too much but maybe for Unique items. A share community items. When you get a unique item then you can like it, dislike it and add a post if you want. Can add more fun to the game and less frustrating and allow us to avoid to forge or superforge a item who is bad in reality We see this for pet and guardian in some game with stars or in some game with rarity stars system for heroes,pet,gardian or god in some RPG games. People share what they think about the pet or heroes if its good or not. By example if I got Fire Imp 3 stars you click on details and see the reviews. So if the majority said its bad and don't worth upgrade him so you don't waste your time keep it So in OR can be cool a reviews systems. If I got a unique item for Ariadne and I have no clue if the item worth it. You can click Review and read all (I will check my game on my ipad and try to give you screenshot of what I means)