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  1. Warriornator

    No Black Smith or community week event

    Agree lol we have ask for a community week and we have got a Pal collector event. So I guess you have right.No more asking
  2. Disappointing really. No community week.No blacksmith event,No Alliance Party,etc.. nothing? We have said no more Pal collector event not no more events really
  3. Many solutions are available for you (depending your level and donation) If you are medium or high player let's say Level 70-90 between 150k-500k donations 1.Join a alliance who offer you : Frost Trap,Range Bomber,Raging Werewolf,Stunning Ogre and Storm Cannon 2.Planify well your gold. Try to raid and get gold during you are online. So if you need 8 Million then raid for 8 Million and spend them before be offline.Offline you risk to lose all if you don't have the defense. So you will be what I call a ''Bank Player'' so the opponent will always attack you. So try to be always empty. The opponent will find no interest in you and will look somebody else the best way to achieve gold and in fast way. Gold Perk + Farm Perk. With 200% Gold Perk plus 50% Farm Perk and if you have a lots of voucher you can do easily 20 raids or more at 300k+ If you are level 100+ with 750k-1M+ 1.Join a alliance who offer you : Frost Trap,Mad Monk,Raging Werewolf,Stunning Ogre, Storm Cannon,Tempest Tower and Watch Doctor in defense Necromancer with forged cooldown plus Mad Monk forged HP will make fail your opponent. If you have Phoebe,Lightning Tower and all forged at +30 or more. Then you can risk to take your time and accumulate your gold. No one will take much they all fail at 30-35% 2.Be smarter than them. Don't let's them any gold however try to stole them the much gold possible. After a while they will stop attacking you. No one like lose time on a opponent who offer nothing. Normally this should work. For me that work. You can try
  4. I have make a topic on this and give the solution but with the new forum its impossible to retrieve it there is many factor who determinated the gold Before version 3.8.0 there is no camping mechanisms in the game so whatever the trophy range or level,etc.. that was easy to find 500k,600k and same 800k,900k,etc.. Since 3.8.0 Flare have change 2 things in trophy system also add a anti camping mechanisms. Player with 700 trophy difference give no more trophy. for the gold a lots of factors change the amound of gold 1.Trophy range : How longer you are in this trophy range. More you stay and camp at the same trophy and more the gold will be low 2.Overall of power : If you are level 110 and drop at trophy 1,200 the game cannot stop you to trap low player to gain gems however the game will penalize you for camping in a low trophy range. So the game give you 10k,20k,50k or 100k maximum whatever you try to change opponent 50 or 100 times So in short the game adapt with your power. the anti camping mechanisms was added to protect low player to be attacked non stop by high player and vice versa By example a new players start the game and reach level 35 but are at 850 since 3 weeks but he have up his spells and units at level 8+. Too much OP for the place he is now. So the game will punish him to stay in low trophy range. He will get only 20k or 50k maximum 3. There is also a another factor who can make the gold low or high. This worked great before 3.8.0 but after don't seem to work anymore .Before you was able to trick the game and lose trophy -60 after 3 or 4 times to gain 700k and more. the game thinking you was weak.Since 3.8.0 this trick don't seem to work anymore. I tested this and same if you lose 200 trophy the game don't give you more. Its not impossible to get 1 or 2 opponent who offer 300k-400k this way but less effective than before Solution : if you see low amount of gold. Gain trophy until the trophy range match with your own power. If you are level 90 and have spells and units at level 10 so you should be at 3,500. If you are level 55 and drop at 600. You must gain trophy until reach 1,200+ the only thing you must remember Camping = low gold Gaining Trophy = High Gold So if someone is level 90 at 2,100 and see 60,000 and someone at level 95 with 2,400 see 900,000 its because the one at level 90 camp for too long in the same trophy range and the game don't allow him to gain gold vs the other who up and up and up and see 900,000 that its why if I get only 150k-200k its because i camp in same trophy range over month at 1,791. If i want to have permanently opponent at 700k+ I must up like I did at 1,900 and 2,000. I have drop once again at 1,700 so the game give me again max 150k-200k Hope that answer your question
  5. Warriornator

    Seth phinix

    You cannot have 11 waves. The maximum is 9 you unlock with Castle Guard level 11. Probably Madlen didn't know that information. So there is no bug. for reduce the cooldown between wave you need to upgrade the Castle Guard. Castle Guard maxed at level 15 drop the cooldown at 15 seconds
  6. you have forgot some stuffs like. No explanation on Gold shield. No explanation about the free shield need 24 hours + 1 attack to come back. The fact new players don't have any protection from beginnings. I have suggested like some mobile game I have play to add a automatic gold shield of 1 week. to give the player time to know better the gameplay or like in a boat game I have play a automatic shield of 24 hours after let's say 10 or 20 attacks. Why player stop at level 30 and don't go further? Easy to answer 3 time I have restart this game since 2015 1.Time consuming in everything aspect. when they understand fast to up all maxed will take over 2 years they stop. No events to upgrade more faster the waves. 2.No global chat affect a lots the game. 3.Alliance Ranking 2000 and until top 800. Are close all dead or the majority are all dead with 50% inactives player in it 4.No merge function to allow active players to regroup together. Better have 500 active alliance than 2000 all dead 5.No explanation about the importance of Alliance tower. I see in many alliances the same problem like Olympus Rising. Player at level 80-90 with 10k,25k donation 6.no explanation about hiding stuffs like +1 in cave of grave goods if you are full. +1 gem free in grey house and many more 7. No real explanation about 90% of the games when I have start in 2015 my first game was so horrible. All the gems waste and wrong stuffs I have do. Wrong spells or wrong forge. until I join a alliance who teach me all. My second time was more perfect. My third time more faster and better. sadly not everyone are patient like me to restart over and over again after their first gameplay like Dena4 said RR2 have the same problem like OR have. they should take examples of the majority of mobile game of today. Like Skylanders Ring of Heroes who take maybe 1 hour or 2 to complete the tutorial and take you hand for each stuffs and explain all in details each time you unlock new stuffs. After you know what you must doing in RR2 new players are lost from the beginning after made the tutorial. So for the 5 years. Flare should take care more about new players. RR2 really need it to survive. For now its really dead at low and medium level. At 80+ the game start to be more alive but like OR new players stop playing after reach level 20-30 So there is clearly a problem on this way what RR2 need? 1. Merge function. Allow each alliance to merge together. but be careful. this should be allowed once per year. this will solve the problem of dead alliance with active player in it or player who don't leave alliance level 60,etc.. 2.Flare should invest in real tutorial in the game for new players. for each stuffs a tutorial : Gold Shield,Forge,Alliance Tower,etc.. 3. Global Chat. Far from everyone who use this forum. Some don't and if they don't find a proper alliance they quit. So global chat is 100% obligatory in a game like RR2 RR2 have huge problem with unbalance and all but the most urgent for me its take care of new players. RR2 really need it 4. (this is not optional but obligatory) A tutorial who explain about the anti camping mechanisms. The majority of new players don't know if they don't find any gold in matchmaker its because they stay too much longer in the same range and must gain trophy and up to find bigger amount of gold in matchmaker
  7. Not have take long to stop listening. With Flare when they say : ''We will listen you more'' I have believe it on the moment like everyone I guess. Not anymore sorry. They know of to disappoint us Ask : December 9th Today : January 15th Still nothing just a Pal event where nobody have got something. Well really disappointing
  8. Warriornator

    No Black Smith or community week event

    I remember few month ago when Madlen have come they have say : '' We will listen you more now'' each time we ask something. We have nothing. So in my dictionnary its not what I call listening more. If you do. Long time we will have a community week. We ask for it since december and wait for again and again and again. I am sure RR2 have a lots of new player now. So please help them with those events. Its that a good company do. Add event who help new player to grow. That will show you care of them and you want to keep them.
  9. Warriornator

    PAL'S chest a ***** event

    Before when you wanted to unlock a Pal. You had 40% more chance to get it. Its this way I have unlock all pal one by one with 100% success in each Pal Event. Now I don't know they have remove it I guess maybe the reason no one get pal anymore
  10. Warriornator

    PAL'S chest a ***** event

    LOL funny the pal event is over and got Howl in a Pal chest. Its obvious Flare drop the % very low during Pal event. You have more chance now to get Pal off event with Facebook link
  11. like pals all depend of his level. Of course if you have Sultan at level 1 maybe not. Mine is close at level 3 just need one. At level 2 I kill too much stuffs too much easily. I have try for fun a Level 108-110 you know what? same if i am weak I can defeat them. Will see later when my stuffs is all maxed to face stronger but for now Sultan is too much OP in the range trophy 1-3,000. I will see later when I reach 3,200+ its obvious in low and medium if someone have it level 2-3 or 4 its OP its not enough to describe it. More than OP its god. Guardians should not be unlockable before level 80. That destroy too much defense and specially make Beast useless but totally useless same Phoebe Guardians become only less OP at level 100 and again all depend of the base you take. Without any boost same level 100 is too weak for Guardian. I say they should be unlockable at 80 maybe more at level 100 its only there you start to find strong base
  12. OMG look the list 😨 crazy pearls needed. What they thinking Flare. That everyone can unlock the blacksmith slots after just 1 month after be level 20 and gain 1 millions pearls. Disconnected of the reality sorry but its the truth. I guess maybe 3% or less of players have the pearls to do it. No thanks Flare I prefer use my pearls to forge my units,spells and defense. This guardians will take dust because I have 0% intention to use it or upgrade it same if I have already the number of Trusty to level him at 4
  13. Don't have try it. I don't have pearls to waste on him. Just for level 2 1,000 pearls its too much. Don't wanna see the level 3,4 and others requirements. If that was more like this : Level 2 : 300 pearls Level 3 : 600 pearls Level 4 : 1,200 pearls Level 5 : 2,000 pearls Level 6 : 2,500 pearls and so on... I don't know
  14. Too much OP for low and mid level. For base level 100+ depend if you got weak base or not. Maybe too much fast. You can reach the gate before the Beast destroy your tent. I don't know maybe too much OP. Will see later
  15. Nothing bad to say againnst Sultan. His special ability (The Bomb) are really strong against Beast and specially against tower. Of course if you are level 100+ and drop at 1,500-1,900 you will be so much OP with this guardians. I think over 3,000+ its ok PS : Guardians like Pals should have a limit of level. Unlockable only at level 80. A long time I say it. Too much powerful at low level and mid levels.