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  1. Depend how the feature work. In olmypus Rising we have maximum 5 workers. compared to RR2. Gold need 2 or 3 days to be accumulated. Because there is have really limited fight per day like 10-12 at around 115k ( for a level 100 by example) So same 5 tower at same time will take 3 or 4 month if not double to max them all. No exploit. Barricade have 28 level. Same in RR2 time you get all the gold and max them take over 1 year. So no exploit here and plus you punish yourself to weaken your tower if you change If Flare don't want to take any chance someone have 20 workers and upgrade 20 towers at same time. In RR2 we have event who speed stuffs. So I can understand the exploit. However people don't have think Flare just have to allow upgrade in 1 layout at a time. if you use layout A and start a upgrade you are forced to stay at A until your defense tower is finish. You cannot switch between the others.This will give us what we want since many years and avoid exploit. You should choose a layout and upgrade it. 1 at a time. After when all your towers are maxed its not a problem anymore. Switch A,B,C will change nothing just more fun into the game I guess you must play OR to understand how impossible is to do exploit anyway. People are afraid of this feature but its not the case
  2. I am pretty sure this idea are in Non Feasible Idea already
  3. Cromka. Please learn to keep out of topic who don't concern you. its not the first time we repeat to you this.Thank you. Here what Dena and AwesomestKnightest try to do and myself. Try to learn him what he do its not correct in any way. you cannot jump alliance to alliance like 100 ones. You try to fill up each alliance. Maybe on the moment can work. Good for them I guess.Everyone can do it its not hard. However you probably add low donation players and probably player with no chemistry. Probably sure all alliance he have work over 1 year on it are now broken and don't work anymore. You cannot just full a team and hope all gonna work. We have told you at many reprise stop doing this if you want to learn respect from the others. Start to find one and stay there. You know why on 3 alliance in Olympus Rising I have created all of them have work? I have created in 2017 The Griffin Warrior. i have full it. Give Officer and Captain rank to the one I have trust and bring this alliance in War and gain a high number of Rank 1 success. Sadly I have stop playing OR and I leave. 3 month later I come back and created a new account and have created The Griffin Shield. Again full it was not a problem. However this one has been broken due to huge number of bugs in War. bugs after bugs have kill my alliance. I have lost all my members. They have all stop playing. that why today we have only 14K players in OR My determination don't have stop here. After the War was fixed for good. I have created The Eternal Griffin few months ago. I have full it. Now I have promote some player that I trust to Captain. They help me manage the alliance. We have win a huge number of Rank 1 War. You know why all my alliance work? - Good Leader I know how War work,how to spend gold on blessings and manage the alliance correctly. I don't hesitate to remember after each War at which point that I have a good team. Give them advice to help them grow,etc.. Each day I take time to give them advice. They ask me question. I answer. Sometime you must kick them or apply discipline if someone don't listen. I like to promote them to Veteran Rank when they help us in War and are really active. A kind of personal reward. They like it and are happy after. Listen them,advice them,interact with them. Make them happy and give them the taste to go further. - Chemistry its not just you full it and its over. Like you said ok i have full it 58/58. ok which number don't speak the right language? how many player play solo? how many player don't listen now the leader? how many player have low donations and lack of boost and knowledge? You fill it but leave after. What happen? probably all alliance you have work are probably broke and are maybe not healthy like you think - Management something your forgot. Maybe you fill all the alliance you join. At what cost? low donation player,wrong language,bad chemistry,etc. Leader who help him? do you have make generals by randomness and the management is horrible now? no gold,no boost,no members with knowledge to help the others,etc.. Maybe others point. when you do what you do the problem is you don't care about all of this important point. You must fill it but each generals must know what they must do. Leader must know what to do in each situation, make sure everyone donated, make sure everyone follow your order. have fun together. have a good chemistry. Make sure you respect their life. They work and all. So don't force them to be connected or online if they cannot. Never I will force someone to do something he cannot. Respect the others and others will respect you the best advice here is stop jump to jump to try I don't know which newbie mission. join one you will like and stay there. Evolve,help them, give them advice,help them win War,Conquest,etc.. Alliance is a teamwork. What you do kill the game. Please stop this foolishness. How many players have stop playing because of you? Because they have join a bad alliance with no chemistry,no knowledge,nothing to help them. How many players RR2 have stop playing because of you? Please we told you stop doing this. Please you have a lots to learn apparently. what you do its far to be good. One day no alliance will left and you will be alone. Long time we repeat this. Your reputation is really bad right now. continue and you will be alone Listen us please. Join a alliance and stay there
  4. Maybe you don't have notice this : each topic are classed by Madlen in 3 category : implemented Ideas, Interested ideas and Non-feasible Ideas. Take time to read them all before create new topic. All you topic you create are already created. So no point to create doublon,triplon and so on... All your idea was already posted in the past. Thank you
  5. All idea around Small alliance war or friendly war or king vs king or all idea around is a non feasible idea PS : Zhaojing you should read topic in implemented idea,Interested Idea and Non feasible idea before create a new topic. The majority you have done are already created
  6. Well I don't see why you should be in a hurry like this. I mean if the forge take 30 seconds or 15 seconds what change? maybe if you have over 100 forges to do I can understand some don't want to wait long. Maybe in this case give a option to keep it with animated or Just the result. for me this don't disturb me at all. I don't care if the wheel turn 10 turn,20 turn or 200 turns. you wait. (if you don't have patience I can understand)
  7. its that I do in some design base. Use scream to hold back to avoid Phoebe. until you cna reach a good path to deal with her. So if you reach a chokepoint you can scream to hold them back or hurry to advance more faster to avoid stay there Never face Phoebe in other side of a path or a chokepoint. You will risk Armageddon destroy all your army and you will be alone and die
  8. Since yesterday I start to get freeze when I try my defense base. Don't know why When I click on the Sword Icon and select Archilles when I click Start get this and the game freeze. I must each time close the game and reenter Did a tower cause conflict or its my PC the problem? I have update my driver to 19.3.3 but got intalled partially not correctly maybe causing this. Wait that I try a new driver 19.3.4 who will come problaby soon. Will see If I have the same problem. I will confirm it later when I have 19.3.4 if I have the same problem or be solve
  9. I know RR2 game engine is old. So probably not possible. Like OR if they add with Quest. We will have bugged quest who give you all maxed rewards same if you don't have accomplish it. Sad because this feature is great
  10. Already asked in the past in huge number. Still ignored or without answer Yep you have right a another wonderful feature OR have that RR2 don't have : Layout I,II,III so 3 way to build defense Here in RR2 we should have A,B,C : One defense for outside of Event with no boost. B for War with boost and C during Conquest a long time we wait for this....
  11. Long time waiting feature and still not in 5.0. In the past someone have ask to add a list of forge and I show this : in the kingdom you should have a icon button Forge when you click on it you have a full list of items on King. Units and Defense So can be displayed like this : King Tourney Armor +3 in 30 min Tourney Glove +10 in 5 hours 3 min Unit Knight +25 in 4 days 5 min Monk +34 in 6 days 2 min Necromancer +24 in 6 days 1 min Defense Bomb Tower +55 in 6 days 2 min Bomb Tower +25 in 4 days 7 min Lightning Tower +3 in 2 days 10 min and so on... a feature we hope to see in future in still waiting with impatience
  12. Probably she don't have understand the other topic. the idea of blinking was for outside Conquest of course that was obvious. Not sure that work like Madlen said. Majority of time my stuffs is full same during conquest and my button don't blink. That why I forget all the time only until a general remember me to donate my resources. The other was send in implemented ideas but its not true. I will test it in next Conquest but not sure the button really blink same during Conquest
  13. Just at low and mid trophy level the game is close dead. Same at level 100. I got 1 attack close per week. Before maybe 1 year ago that was easy to sleep and wake up after 8 hours and got 10 or 15 attacks. So that why the game is not hard like before. Just stay below 2000 and take time to max all. After you can up at 4500+ to have more action For Phoebe well depend of her strength and HP. Majority of time I defeat her with nothing and 1 time I only make her lost half of her bar. But still I am at 2000 range. So no much effort to do. No not all have 200+ forge. I have only 10+ forge Still Firestorm and Toxic Cloud are the best to use against Phoebe. When you meet her use Toxic Cloud to slow her and Firestorm to damage her. After use guardian special ability to kill her. Sometime that work and sometime not. at 80% of time that work. I use 3 combo : Firestorm.Toxic Cloud and Black Magic for Phoebe base. Cast Black Magic to surrounding phoebe with ghost units during you cast Toxic Cloud and Firestorm and Cast guardians ability I use with No Phoebe : Firestorm,Toxic Cloud, Swordrain. Work pretty well For Ninja Event : Sonic Blast,Firestorm and Bladestorm for real damage yeah Toxic Cloud,Stun and Swordrain is a good combo against Phoebe because Toxic slow her. Swordrain hurt her and Stun well stun all around. Everyone who didn't try this do it. Really awesome(nest)
  14. Maybe you have a idea behind the head but not gonna work. By the sad reaction your topic get. Probably this topic will belong in Non Feasible idea.
  15. so 4.0% chance in the 3rd? Maybe that explain why its close impossible to find one. I got 3 chests with 4,5,6 maybe 2 times in a day lucky if more. I use 4,5,6 because seem to work great. Still if that was really 4.0% long time someone should have got them one day or another day. I will continue to say I don't believe the one who said I got them or twice. Nah if you don't want to show us screenshot I don't believe it. If that was really 4.0% long time someone gonna have a screenshot got them in 3rd chests. Over 150k players and over 1 Million raid per day and no one have a screenshot of them who get them in 3rd chest with a 3rd reward? that was not hard to believe in 2015-2016 because the % was probably around 10-15%. So in a day that was super easy. Around 2.5.0 with Ninja Event that start to change for 4.0 % but we don't have it the list % before so its hard to know the real % in the past but everyone who have start in 2015 know how gems was huge PS : thanks Darkerion for the screenshot. yeah i remember that was not 2 or 3 or 20 we got in the past but depending the level can be 20,25,30 or 45 and around level 20-30 that was possible to get 50-60. So yeah if many don't have get this chance to play RR2 in this time. So sad that was really a good time to play RR2.
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