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About Me

yes about me.....I am a very nice guy and people love me

I am funny and I love the others have fun. I like create story for fun and sometime people like it and some try a way to complain about that. I'm focus on people who appreciate me and the others I don't care. 

If you want to see my gameplay style you can watch my youtube channel : Warriornator Gaming

Perhaps you have see somewhere my old pseudo in game was : Sabrewolf1000,Dark099,Nightwolf, I use one time Darknator on Combat Arms or you can find by mistake on Cloud Raiders Losernator hahaha!!! The game was boring like hell and I try to lose all my ranking point at 0 and change my name at Losernator but badly lol you need gems to change it again.I'm stuck with that

What make you special? I don't think like all human on this planet sometime I think completely different of the others and the majority think I am ***** or don't like my comment but I don't care. I like to be different and I think its the reason why people like me. I have a different vision

I am unique you will never see a second one like me. Specially for video game. If tomorrow I create a new Youtube Channel. I am sure its gonna be a huge success. I don't do like all the others. What is the goal to do or show the same? non sense. If you take by example Shadow of Tomb Raider. Solve murder of Sumaq. People do all the same talk to Akna and find the knife. I do else. Take the paper and finish more quick the mission. I do the same for each game I play. Olympus Rising people use boost for monster islands, I don't. Royal Revolt 2 Dungeons people use Boost. I don't. My gameplay its different. I am unique. You will never see a person like me in your life. Trust me

in the game? I am a Free player and not because I don't want to spend money to support flare but for 2 reason : 1.I don't have any way to pay 2.On my youtube channel I do a Free gameplay. I don't know maybe stop when I gonna reach level 100 and after I want to restart a new account 3 or 4 month after but this time its gonna be 100% Pay-to-win. That allow people to see the point of view of the both side of this game Free VS P2W

Why you make video on Youtube? About this game I don't try to be better than oPelle or Flothaboss or anybody else. I just show video of me playing this game and if my video can help someone why not. Opelle show video with huge details of Dungeon,perk and others stuffs. My specialty I show others stuffs oPelle or Floathaboos don't show like Gold Shield Raid or video of the evolution of a Kingdom, the progression you do in a game,etc..

The only difference with others on Youtube its a am a maniac of quality. I refuse to upload video with no quality. We are in 2019 so.... 1080p at 60 FPS not less. One day I hope to able to do 4K at 60 FPS with surround sound at 7.1. Quality its my first priority on Youtube. Its possible my video cannot be attractive or interesting but I will try to show all but really all same if its useless. that why some have 0 views.

What to say more? I love video game and eat them since 90's with Atari,NES,SNES,Gameboy Black and White,etc.. I live in Province of Quebec in Canada. I live in a small village and I like that. I am not the kind of person who gonna live in a huge town of 1 millions of people or 10 millions. I appreciate the fact i am in campaign in a small village of 200 person or less far of the civilization. Be connected with the nature and go outside and smell fresh air and not toxic air. Be in contact with Bird,squirrel,Hare and others animals

Its not I am not social but I love to be alone. No girlfriend,No friends, just alone. You do your stuffs and you have no count to give at anybody.

Experience with Girls lol why not I can tell you its not my strength at all. I have seduced a lot of girls in my life and some on MSN in the past in year 2005-2006 because I created beautiful story when she not able to sleep but I don't know I have something that attract the girls. For a reason they all said I am boring because I am perfect not perfect like perfect but in the way because I love them,I can do cooking,wash,I can do cleaning,I have always a smile in the face,happy, I don't start any quibble or I don't blame girl for something. I don't know Girl seem to like bad boy or others kind of man

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