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  1. Yeah thanks. So if a members don't listen Leader or Generals. If you see by example chinese flag and the alliance is Americain. Now Leader/Generals will know why. Players will fit more easily with their own language. +1 a long time feature. Hope OR can have this will solve a lots of trouble of misunderstood of languages
  2. I confirm now there is no more way to obtain gems without paid gems. You have right Gems are not listed in the list. that confirm the 0% chance
  3. the problem is its hard to believe when someone said I got them in COF. Maybe by paid 15 gems? for free with doubt. Like Dena4 said this is no such screenshot here on forum to prove it. You know screenshot are better than speak. A lots of us do over 50-100 battles a day. We conclude there is 0% chance to obtain gems. the last time I have got them was during a Ninja Event when the Ninja coins was there. So over a year or 2 but by paid 15 gems You know that I have a youtube channel so like in OR when I open chest I love take screenshot or video when I do something wonderful. Like obtain 11 gems in a chest or 15. So if that was possible trust me long time i have do a screenshot or a video To be honest I cannot believe the one who said i got them in chest. Not for free. 0% chance. you can do 500 raids a week. Still 0%. Same if you have 200% luck gears. like many of us we will believe it the day someone will give us a screenshot with 3 rewards in it. until than its just speculation and nothing else
  4. I remember that was funny in the past. A lots of us have try to find some pattern to find gems. A lots incluing myself have try to show the result for 200 result or around. If you open 1,2,3 what happen. 4,5,6 what happen,etc.. That was funny. I don't remember well but at final we have conclude this was pure randomness and someone was able to gain 200 gems in a week. others 400 gems and some 0. that was a wonderful old time when RR2 was close totally free to play. A good era
  5. i have no clue if the other topic about this still exist. Probably somewhere. i will repeat then what I have said. In 2015-2016. When I have started my first account the COF was generous like OR. Just open chest randomly and get 5 gems,15 gems,25 gems,etc... Probably that was too much easy to gain gems. I remember in 1 week I have got 200 gems. COF was too much generous but that was easy to unlock 3rd spell/unit and all the rest but at 1.8.5 with Voucher Bazaar. The gems was still available because at this time. Voucher was only available or close via Voucher Friends. So gems was still necessary At the moment the blacksmith appear in the game with 1.9.5 gems have slowly decreased because blacksmith was a P2W stuff but its a little later Flare have decided to remove completely the possibility to gain gems via COF and reduced this to 0%. Worst logic but its like this since over 3 years. You want gems you must spend gems So in a way its this decision who kill RR2. Gems was easy and this have help a lots of new players in 2015-2016 but Flare around 2.0 have started to be attracted by P2W content and slowly removed all Free to play content one by one. I remember all the complain and a ton of topic. You have understand that was not beautiful. So at this moment RR2 have become close 80% P2W and 20% free. So a lots of player who started in 2014 have stop in 2016. This worst decision have kill Blade storm and others huge alliance. A lots of veteran have stop playing this game Developer decision are not always the best. its only last year CaptainMorgan have told me via a exploit I have found in OR about gems gaining in chests. That was the decision of Flare to make RR2 pay to Win and OR Free to play. That is the difference between this two. Of course you can unlock all for free but you will need in a slow process maybe over 2 years or more to have blakcsmith all slots and alliance tower maxed Still today with the confirmation button who allow us to accumulate gems now and all way to obtain gems. I don't know maybe not that bad after all.
  6. Why someone will want to waste gems to speak on chat? non sense sorry. No one will speak again. RR2 will become quiet like the movie Quiet Place. Silence everywhere. Same for 1 gem. No thanks.
  7. Read what AK have said. He give a proper answer. I will not repeat the same thing.
  8. Why not add Griffin Pal who can fly or Tiger Pal who can jump. I agree if pals can have more animation. Personally I would like if they can change Kaiser. If the pal can stop follow the king but can move a little more free by their own. By example if the pal see a wave of unit who coming then can move and destroy them and not be forced to move because the pal can't act by their own Make them less dumb in a way. If you use tammy can run and heal a unit who need heal if the unit around are all full. X (you are here and troops are full) O O (troops who need heal like some feets away) O if you use Archimedes the pal can see you are in trouble and get attacked by a Skull Tower. X O ( you who get in trouble by skulls Tower) X x O (Archimedes will cross the other side and stun Skulls tower) So for each pal can be more fun if some of them can be more animated and less puppet you control who follow your feet or by exemple (-------) (Castle) o o o o X (Pal here with the King and must wait like a ***** because if the king come to close to the gate the pal will destroy the gate) So can be more interesting if Pal can see a tower by their own and destroy it. Kaiser by example can reach a corner and cast Sonic Blast and destroy tower there
  9. already suggestion we have made over and over and over and over and over and wait....again - Donation to stronghold when they are ready. At 100% time I never think about this same after 4.0. today still forget to donate. Each time someone must remember me on the chat to donate. So if I do it maybe others players forget too. Not a feature I paid attention - Take the Free ticket for Pro League. Each time I must remember to check regularity because if its ready you don't have any info or nothing. So its possible to miss a free ticket over a week - Nothing about someone who ask on the chat for insta troop. So If I don't check. No clue there is someone who ask for it. So help us with a (1) in the black bar. Like WWE Champions when someone ask to help him heal his roster a (1) appear on faction. So we know someone ask for help and so on... they add new stuffs but forget to add feature to help us with the new feature. Stop add strange stuffs and fix already feature stuffs in the game you have add in the past
  10. This cape is really useless at a point I have forget they was in the game.
  11. Don't work like Olympus Rising with Gatekeeper. Each hero appear in defense at the gate because they have over 90k,150k and 300k depending your level. Here you cannot reproduce the same. The maximum or close the maximum a Hero can have its 30k HP. One sonic blast bye bye its over. One Bladestorm bye bye and so on or just bring a pal level 10 and you kill the King in 1 second. Anyway we have already the Beast so I don't see any point to have a King
  12. You have confuse crown gain and number of fight 0/15 you see in top is the number of crown you need to gain the chest. you can see a Crown Symbol During festival when you fight cost you food like normal fight.So for a chest you need 15 crown. So if in the first fight you have do 1 crown so 1/15. 2nd fight 1 crown so 2/15. 3rd fight 2 crown so 4/15 and so on....Battles are illimited until you reach 15 crown. there is no bug about this
  13. Need 4 members to be full. Remember if you are in a dead alliance or if you want to join a serious alliance. Come us. We win now a 3rd War in a row Edit : After lose the War by just a tiny 1k VP the frustration in the alliance are very high. Some disciplines action was needed. Some kick has been made So now if you are a new player welcome but at this step we want to unlock and offer to everyone the quest Marathon with 3 and 5 winning in a row and Nike Quest. After this hard defeat. Really hard to swallow. We need really serious members with of course with big taste of victory and a beautiful timing. Really active. So if you have what it take to help us restart all over again all 5 winning victory. You are more than welcome. What I search - Serious member during War - Serious member who will develop his Alliance of Uranus and improve his account until Ascension 150 - Serious member that will help us win 5 War in a row - Serious member who want to help us reach the top if you are one of these player. Please join us. Thank you PS : American Flag is not there just for decoration you know. that means the language we speak on the chat. So I see a lots of player who join me that don't match with their language and leave. Take care of this.
  14. Glad the game is back but since this happen. The game lag. When I check my stuffs stats and when I check the list of my defense log. Lag so much its crazy
  15. its not gonna be wise if they give us a new update without all the fix of all these bugs. Some are really old now.
  16. not just slots machine ads. I got the same for Candy crush and all others. Only 1 or 2 work great but the majority freeze the game and didn't get your reward. PS : I will do a video to allow developer to understand the problem Edit : Just because I want to do video. All my video ads work perfectly fine today (Can't show with a video) I have watch for my free chest. Boosted my 4 farm and 4 tavern. No problem anymore. Will see later (If you are on PC don't forget to upgrade your GPU driver. I have update it yesterday evening and probably the reason all work perfectly today. AMD Adrenaline 2019 version 19.3.3)
  17. its exactly the same problem. the bug is when you watch a ads there is no more any way to close it and the game freeze. So whatever you do boost a farm,taverns or watch a video for free chest the majority of ads are impossible to close and the game freeze so you are forced to close the game and when you reenter into the game you don't have get the reward because its like if you didn't watch any video. So you need to restart the video a 2nd time can work or can do the same. Very annoying
  18. Last time I have hear of Bandicam was in 2009. Please no. I don't recommend this. Bandicam,Hypercam was good in Windows 7 when you wanted to record in 360p at 30 FPS when 10 was not out and there was only hope for PC gamers to capture screen. Since 2015 a lots of way to record. If you still use this program maybe you should change. Wow so much a dinosaur program. Didn't know this still exist. Stunning some person still use it
  19. Remember there is 2 factor during Festival 1.Base are from player in the game. So depending your trophy range its possible you can have hard base 2.If really its too much hard. Drop of trophy to adjust difficulty for easy raid.
  20. If you are on PC. You can use 4 program to record for 1080p at 60 FPS without any drop 1.If you have a AMD GPU. AMD adrenaline with Relive. My previous video was a old version. Maybe I should take 2 minutes and do a another one with the last version 2.I don't have a NVIDIA GPU but you can look on youtube how to use NVIDIA Geforce Experience (Shadow Play) to record 3.Windows Game DVR include in Windows 10. However right now I not recommend use it. Microsoft have found this program have a lots of problem of quality right now. Microsoft will fix it with new update later. Its the main reason why a lots of my video have brightness problem and are too much light.I discover it like 5 month later. So probably 100-200 video with bad quality. (if you have 18356.1 or the latest this version fix the degrade quality of Windows Game DVR) 4.OBS. this program have huge advanced feature and are used by a huge majority of Youtuber Actually I use AMD Relive. Record the brightness,colors and all perfectly without any problem of quality. 5. Use Handbrake to reencode your video for better quality and reduce size and all
  21. Please don't do a doublon. Thank you.Already one open : However your topic confirm this problem don't come from me or my internet but from the game. Thank you.Something going wrong with Vungle ads
  22. Don't understand well why you said that to me honestly? I search but don't understand. If you have look the topic Heroes Progress and have read in player helping player my guide. I have upgrade my account to level 60 in 2 weeks only. After just take few month to reach 80 and now I am at 101. Trust me its not me who will stay at the same level and never I will do that. So no clue why you said that to me. Trust me if you look my name in 2 or 3 weeks. I will probably be at level 120 or more higher really soon. That was my plan since day 1 to hurry and level up fast. Slow level its not my style. Don't worries in each game I play. Level up fast is my style. Slow development its not me. You have just the time to close a eye and I will be under your leaderboard (I'm kidding)
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