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  1. Strongsoon

    Community dissapointment vbillion

    Us as a community, me especially am very dissapointed that i can't make a post without it getting censored or deleted. Now, this forum was pretty good with our third CM, but after our third CM left, its never been the same. we've gone through CM like rapid fire and now the newest one abuses power and doesn't allow the community to just do what they do best, write random posts about random stuff and have fun playing this game. 99% of the original players have quit ( 1million now less than 5k active players) New CM Dude, You take our posts with a touch of humour and you seem like a really nice "dude" But, no need to control the forum, let us be free and play this game. moderate the forum, keep everything reasonably peaceful and ressolved, if a question has been answered, don't close the post, what if it needs to be reasked or something, just write it off what was there before. simple. No need to sensor messages that make you look bad. I have taken a nice screenshot of this post so if you delete it i will just repost it till you get the point. xD Step 1) Stop abusing power Step 2) Stop making people need "moderator" permission to post, its dumb. Step 3) Stop giving people warning points, its like "pointless" and kind of dumb Step 4) Don't make yourself look like an *****, let the community love you like the first CM we had (ask your boss or something to see what that person did) Be real, we aren't robots, don't act like a business, act like we are talking to a real person, not a robot with pre-designated replies. Hope you get the idea New CM Dude. Regards Me. 🙂
  2. Strongsoon

    Community dissapointment

    Lol. cool kids. Anyway. just out of curiosity, is "*****" a swear word (the clip is at around 1:15-1:17 minutes into the video)
  3. Strongsoon

    Community dissapointment

    I just wanted to look something up in an older topic of mine about the low ages shown in the app stores which are in contradiction to Flares Terms of Service. I saw this topic had been moved from general discussions to „Game help and beginners section / Players helping players“ where it clearly does not belong. This is a topic for parents and a question directly to Flare, not other players. As this topic shows some grey areas of the age allowance, I realize it is a problematic one which could not be answered by Flare in a satisfactory manner. So why was it moved there where probably nobody would find it? What comes to mind is the intention to hide it. As far as I can see, other older topics have not been put into new categories. To be sure, please check your old topics for miscategorization. I hope there are not more of those „mistakes“. The title itself would probably not be allowed any more under the new CoC, as it could be considered Toxic and might be hidden/censored immediately if posted nowadays. But I remember this had to be asked in a drastic way and this important topic had to be pushed several times to get at least some attention. Another classicly closed topic. most commonly i noticed recently were a lot of magischer's topics. xD. I haven't done many posts recently, but i do have to say just looking at the new forum (thats confusing af) The new CM, dude, stop closing every topic. Looks bad on both flare and yourself. Ive been hearing a lot of complaints in all the many chats ive been in and ive grown sick and tired of hearing this bull*****. Madlen, heres some advice, stop closing topics for no reason, stop censoring and giving people weird warnings when flare says the exact same things in the own advertisements on youtube!!! Leave a mark on this forum thats good, let the community love you. i know you do your best as a community manager and i appreciate you take your job seriously and you have a lot of dedication to growing and allowing this forum to be a children friendly safe environment for all users to participate in. Just slow down on the monitoring, sometimes, kids need to make mistakes to learn from them. Do you protect the kid from jumping into the puddle all the time to the point where they can't stop themselves and will do anything they can to jump into that puddle, OR you let them jump into the puddle, they learn its not a good idea and they never jump into the puddle again.
  4. Strongsoon

    I have lost my account. Will I ever get it back?

    As long as you have all the details to your account and you can prove to flare its you, then they 100% can get back the account. If you have made a purchase with them, make sure to share with them the latest receipt. Also they ask for things like when acc was made aprox, how many gems,pearls, and xp in your account the last time you were able to access your account as well as any upgrades you might have had been doing at that particular time. Good luck, flares normally good with this stuff, they should reply in the next 48 hours. their average response time is ranging from 24 hours up to 3 months. so, just keep that in mind. (and flare, if you are reading this, im going of the basis that it took you over 3 months to answer my request last time i emailed you guys.) But in other words, yes, you will get your account back
  5. Strongsoon

    Problem conquest mode

    Strong soon, yet to receive any rewards. most players in my team also have not received any rewards.
  6. Strongsoon

    Poll: Are you quitting RR2 or continuing to play?

    Game suuuuuuuuuucks now Pay2win gone overboard. like all games are pay to win, and flare did very well back in the day with alysea monitoring the forums and the game being fun. Simple mechanics, if you started the game later it wasn't that much effort to catch up. if you wanted to go top about $50 could get you there. In 1.9 they released the blacksmith which was really cool and was something that made the game a lot of fun and gave players who wanted to get ahead the opportunity to do so if they tried hard enough. it wasn't till the war system changed a bit for the worst and many top teams started giving up and getting bored in 2016 did the game take a turn for the worst. so what flare do? they release pals. now the games boring and isn't fun anymore, i used to raid 2hours a day winning diamond leagues with 100k+ medals or losing them to others with 150k+. now you lucky to see anything near that score that isn't trying to break the league record for gems. Now been residing in the bronze league for months. Games gone from over a million players down to barely 10k active players, 5k of them most likely second accounts. Now if you start from scratch takes you at least 1.5-2 years upgrading 24/7 with the need to spend hundreds of dollars to catch up. Nice one flare. Impossible to improve and fix from this situation unless flare go back in time and fix their mistakes. i like most other players strongly think about quitting but is afraid to do so for the amount of time and effort and love that the game might one day turn for the better... Flare, when you read this, consider the players, we only play because its a fun game with plenty of competition and reason to play actively. have something new thats not pay to win and it will result in more people paying to enjoy. Don't think, if we make things more expensive = more money. No, if you get things a bit cheaper and then just have more of them, it not only balances the unhappiness and makes everyone happy, but it gives you guys more profit. bit late now that you killed of 900 thousand players from the game. Heres the idea: More players + Happiness = Spends money = Big profit Less players + Unhappy players = Spends a lot of money = Good profit, but not as good as the Big Profit, also it won't last as long as every day there will be less and less players....
  7. Strongsoon

    Server Disconnection Thread! POST HERE.

    Averaging 1mb download speeds and 450kb upload speeds. you think that's slow. 😎
  8. Strongsoon

    Burninator Alliance - Information Page

    Burninator!! Burninator is back and we are looking for more members . (if your an old member feel free to come back, we would love to have you back) Msg me if you are interested in joining, we aren't the same top 10 alliance as we were but we sure hope to come back to it. We are looking for at least 150k (250k+ preferable) daily donation as well as players who are active in wars (min 3 battles) as well as ninja events. We just hit level 62, though not the first alliance to hit it we do offer the basic offence and defence boosts ( knight, archer, trap, bomb tower, cannon, ogre, wolf and pro boosts) What you waiting for? come join us . Strong soon
  9. Strongsoon

    Discord server continued

  10. Strongsoon

    Game updated but whats changes?

    Flare has got like a month or two before the veterans all leave the game due to lack of updates. hurry up or see no players playing a game.
  11. Strongsoon

    How can they get 6k9 in PL after 3 week?

    Explain this please Gala Im pretty sure my ign is not unknown
  12. Strongsoon

    Age restrictions RR2 stores vs TOS

    I would rather have no adverts than to have adverts that could be harmful to little kids who wouldn't understand/have misconceptions of how life really is. (you don't "zoom" into those things on a day to day life.), unless you play those games. Anyway, those kids might think its a good idea to "earn 6000 bucks" from sitting on the laptop to be like "cool" only to lose money and have trouble. These adverts shouldn't be posted inside flares games. I would recommend that gala looks through the adverts to see whether or not they are suitable or not "related" to rr2 enough that it might be "offensive" or contain too much "graphic" material that would result in the advert not being shown in-game.
  13. Strongsoon

    General Questions

    lol what?
  14. Strongsoon

    Discord server continued

    To give you an idea, look at this message. Its something everyone can understand and people respect. Yes, it has no real context at all, but it proves my point that you don't need to be official and cool to be respected by the community. Have a laugh, have a good time with the community. Alysea was a great person and did well in being just a really cool person who did their job really well. someone you should look up to. Not every single post has to be an announcement and all fancy. There's an announcement page for a reason.... I'll let you think about it @GalaMorgane . P.s, don't delete my post. thanks
  15. Strongsoon

    Discord server continued

    I think considering flare uses words that can't be used by the general public according to Gala. may as well just say that every word mentioned by flare in their terms and conditions,etc is a censored word and shouldn't be allowed. good luck censoring that @GalaMorgane. I was thinking since this isn't rr2 related, why hasn't Gala gone and disabled posting on it? or is it like a weekend Tuesday that I didn't know about. its really contradicting what Gala does. Doesn't something like a person apologizing for a Discord server spamming stuff created by the previous Community manager mean that its not rr2 related, even though its legit called the Royal Revolt 2 Discord server created by an ex-official person?. Does this mean that Gala has to make a Discord server and make it rr2 "related". or if someone posted. Oh, I want to join the discord server, how? Would that be immediately closed/deleted because it's not related? We can't bring back Aether from his/her departure however what we can do is suggest a few things for the new CM to be not the same as Aether, but better! (though his/her reputation is really good, so good luck with that) - Don't follow the rules so strictly, people are human beings and if a public newspaper can post certain words, then why can't an unofficial source post it in a small forum page? - Consider being a bit less official with the players and forum members. We aren't robots and can be very understanding if something isn't right. instead of deleting someone's profile picture. just be like yo, your profile picture isn't allowed by the rules, I reset it because of bla reason, could you please change it? I understand that you might not understand this, however there is some rules in the forum rule book made by flare that i need to follow,etc and explain the situation instead of being firm about it. - Why don't you post more frequently to get the community to like you more. you used to post pretty often on day one of you joining and i was looking forward to a nice happy go lucky cm to talk to if needed whereas now im thinking more of not approaching you in the fear of being judged, profile being deleted or reputation ruined. - STOP deleting/editing posts because you don't like them? Reply and express your own feelings and try to not be that person who can just abuse their administrator rights on a forum to make themselves look better. (not talking about posts that probably should be edited for the public/flare reputation) There are many things that you can improve on, but mainly just try to be more friendly, part of the community and be loved by everyone. Start again perhaps, second chances can be given if deserved. Feel free to actually play the game that you are "community manager" of like Alysea that way you can understand what we are talking about instead of following protocol and bugging the devs. You don't need to reveal what your ign is, but do give it a go and understand what the players are talking about. Just to confuse you i posted more than one name of the same person so good luck . Ask anyone here what i was talking about if you need, though they probably wouldn't cause you wouldn't reveal defeat in a small situation like this and rather waste the time of the game developers/delete post/ look at some booklet rule thing instead.