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  1. Happened sort of when Sk UR passed on. They all joined the top to make many top alliances or made their own which still resulted in many top alliances being born.
  2. Hello fellow Royal Revolt 2 players Good news. For all those that don't know, Burninator has successfully got itself back on its feet and is starting its push up to the top rank. For anyone who wishes to join, Please feel free to message me in Burninator or my general (Xxmeglad0nstarkxX or Strong soon) Requirements: - Donate 500k+ - 6/6 Every fiefdom - Active - can beat 3.5-4k trophies bases without too much difficulty Boosted currently are Knight, Archer, Barricade, Cannon, Ogre, Wolf. Come and join the best team in the game! Strong soon
  3. Trivia n°12: Sports & Games

    Trivia Answers: 1. The logo is a Winter sliding sport called Skeleton 2. Stoke city conceded the longest ever recorded goal. 3. A)Field hockey consist of 11 players and ice hockey has 6 players B)Field hockey has 2 Halves which go for 35 minutes however ice hockey has 3 sessions of 20 Minutes C)Field hockey goal post size of 7 feet height and 12 feet width but ice hockey has 4 feet eight and 6 feet width 4. The Knight because it can't be killed by the king yet it can checkmate the king if placed correctly. 5. Fencing, free style swimming, show jumping, pistol shooting, cross country running 6. Malaysia had the highest medal tally without any gold medals. They earnt 11 medals. 7. New South Wales is the most successful team in Cricket. 8. Roger Federer has won the most consecutive grand slams. 9. London and Mumbai are the only cities that hosted both ICC Champions Trophy and ICC Cricket World Cup. 10. Japan/Korea had the maximum number of venues for matches in 2002. My ign: Strong soon Game: Royal Revolt 2 Thanks for this great forum contest KKstar and Flare!
  4. Minor Presentation Bug

    i mentioned this before, but flare didn't see it as a bug.

    I agree, we should have some common decency, but today is no RR2 birthday anymore and we are still having the same issue as before! We have our opinion and you have yours, don't attack players directly in such a manner as we all have our opinions as you said it yourself. Some believe Flare isn't doing too well whereas some believe they are doing the best possible! Have some "common decency" and let those that protest in peace do so, Without discussion, whats the point of a game? Creating Drama on this topic will not provide any benefit to anyone. You say that @GalaMorgane is not a game creator. Anyone with some "common decency" would know that Gala is a community manager and is to take care and look after the community and provide a safe and fun game to play with! But, Gala does work with the same people that create the game indirectly hence Gala has the ability to contact the Devs/ Boss and ask them questions and communicate with one another to provide feedback to the community. We have our different opinions but don't shut it down because you don't like it. If you don't like it, close the webpage or whatever you use to view this forum and you're sorted

    There should be some form of event or update occurring right now. Let's pretend that there is no Birthday thingo going on right now. Where is the event? Where is the ridiculous one day warning? Flare needs to step up their game and get to trust the players and develop a friendly relationship, not one of mistrust and constant arguing. Flare can save the day by giving what the players want, which is communication to allow the players to understand what is going on! Let's just say that there is an update that is all hush hush about, Then tell the players there is an update coming soon and there is bug fixing going on to make sure when implemented it will be fine. not just ignore the players! I'm sure that most in the community would accept delay for the possibility of an update that is mostly bug free, and in the case of a bug occurring fixed ASAP. Let's just say that there will be no Community event or festival of any sorts on RR2 birthday and all that is given to the players is 200 gems and a dumb chest with no communication, people will start leaving the game both new and veterans due to lack of communication. I'm sure that those that are of age and in a relationship understand and know that COMMUNICATION is key to a successful relationship and respect for each other. RR2 and its players is a relationship that has a lack of Communication, this successful relationship is looking more like an unsuccessful relationship! Do something please Flare, even if its just an announcement to let the players know what is going on and not just keep it the biggest secret in the world only for everyone to become disappointed. Gala, if you are reading, then please do communicate more, even if it means bugging the dev's every 5min to ask if you have permission to say a certain thing.
  7. Whata April fool

    i have already "collected" mine. haven't actually collected. lol. most likely a visual bug
  8. Again, sadly, bullying in the game :(

    lol, thats me. i get headaches thinking about my alliance sometimes.
  9. Delete FB friends

    i emailed about this problem to them years ago. i fixed it myself by figuring out that thing i posted above. but when i emailed them, they just okay, later. lol. thanks for the idea. we will have it in a future update. future has arrived and its still a minor problem in the game.
  10. Delete FB friends

    might be due to device. I am using a laptop windows 10. i don't have an iOS so i can't really try it
  11. Delete FB friends

    ill find some time and see if I can make a video somewhat soon on how to unfriend Facebook friends. it does work, I tried it just now before posting this post.
  12. Delete FB friends

    I talked about this before. Look at that to see an answer, i assume it still works, but haven't tried it for a while as i have already unfriended all from my list that i want to (inactive,etc)
  13. Healing aura

    just think Monk healing you but 24/7. Using the heal aura you can actually walk under Snake Towers and not die (well, at least not almost instantly like it is now, you get a couple seconds under it before it starts to really effect the health) Heal aura is good at keeping army alive if you have a small one and just run around it a bit. But in no way is it a replacement as it is just a useful addition to an attack strategy bit like what @Fii Namisaid. On a side note, how is your name two words Fii nami? cause I wanted mine to be like two words as well, obviously unsuccessful as you can see
  14. Bad move making hammerstrike so strong!

    How much health does a Max Forged basilisk tower have?
  15. "no controls" bug

    same here. haha. thought it my hardware dying and can't move. lol.
  16. Super duper fair, those top players worked hard to get a good base, good offence and have the ability to hit higher difficulty bases hence the extra medals. If low level players could win Diamond Leagues, then whats the point in progressing? I personally won my first Diamond when i was around level 60 and tbh, not that hard to do,(i just had no life during that farming session, but leveled up to lvl 80+ cause of the farming for medals). Now as a level 109 a year later, i am constantly winning leagues without having to do many raids. My advice for you: Keep raiding and level up, suck it up and have patience, you will be able to win a Diamond League and unlock the 5th star Forge and upgrade your Offence, and if there are left over pearls, defence as well. Both are crucial for development and progression in RR2 Have fun. Good luck.
  17. Ogre gets perma-slowed down

    i have a feeling it has something to do with frosters/boosted traps/boosted arblaster. The slowness seems to be caused by something that already slows down troops. it happens not only to Ogres but to my other troops such as Pyro and Wolf but normally only occurs with Ogres. I brought this up with FG about a month ago before the stone ninja were even released, but they took no notice of it. The bug seems to cause the boosted ogre/troop to have the same effect as an unboosted troop permanently throughout the raid. For those that don't know, boosted ogres allow the troop to not be slowed down, but not boosted it slows down. That is what i believe is causing it and i have been able to replicate it by forcing my ogres to be attacked by slow things such as the arblasters,frosters and frost traps. Flare should really fix this as i had my ogres slowed down during the PL which caused me to lose precious points that could have been earnt as my army was a bit slow
  18. When the 900 gems donation becomes available...

    i got it, no 20k gems purchased ever. i basically did daily gems all the way, lol.
  19. Keep it up for 3 - 4 years like the veterans of the game. you start to question life itself. haha
  20. ogres and wolf stay as slow as a turtle

    Bug been going on for ages, not only does it effect ogres, it effects other troops such as pyromancers and wouldn't be surprised it does more. I emailed flare a few weeks ago about this movement issue i noticed which i feel is really detrimental to players ability to raid successfully considering scream doesn't do anything nor howl from a wolf. Flare said: We would like to thank you for your report.We are sorry that you are experiencing issues in one of our games.We have taken note of your problem and we will be looking into it as soon as possible.Please allow us some time for investigation.Feel free to contact us at any time for additional questions or if you want to submit any update on your issue. -------------------- So they are looking into it, who knows how long though. hope that answers the question @kingdanielvIII
  21. Linked account , Make your request here, Flare can help you with this. I recommend you connect your account to Facebook on your Iphone, this will automatically connect your account with the App. Log into your Facebook on the Windows Tablet (in game) and then it will say, we found an account called BLA level X and just select yep, i wanna have it on this device. and ta da! I personally found this useful when i transferred my account from my old laptop to the new one as i had already used it last year when going to my new phone. xD Good luck Buddy P.s, your old device had nothing wrong, Flare had some bug which caused those crashes,etc.