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  1. Nach dem Krieg werden wir wieder Platz haben --- A few slots will be available after the war
  2. Regarding locked thread

    In fact when I said I did not want to argue any more with WN that was before Gala sent her first warning. But my answer arrived a few seconds after she hit send. So the whole warning and locking might not have been nessecary if everybody had been a bit more at ease. In fact we did okay in the forum for a long time without killing each other when Flare was not caring about things at all. Gala edited my answer afterwards, which generally is something I do not like as content generally should be respected and not changed by other people. I hope it will not happen again. But in this case I will let it go as I can understand as my mentioning of the „su*cide n*te“ of a certain person might have been too troubling to mention. But it happened and we should all act accordingly and be careful with that person.
  3. General Chat

    Calm down Gala. Its Weekend soon!
  4. General Chat

    Yes, you did. And it makes more sense. I am not against it. But I will not continue to talk with @Warriornator on this.
  5. General Chat

    Forum is better for that...
  6. General Chat

    Who is we? Fridge + you? Again, you are talking about things you do not really understand. And please get real, those advanced chat functions will not come to a game that is also played on tablet and phones. Come visit RR2 Discord chat, not sure where you have been visiting. It is not like the other chats you have been mentioning and can be build to fulfill many different wishes if used properly by an alliance.
  7. General Chat

    I agree, chat needs some work. The current "reverse walkie-talkie" system is just below par. It is a wonder so many people use it and do not want to switch to an external programme. But integrating a good chat with generals chat (which could be a good thing in theory) is not trivial and has to have some advanced features. And if we had that, we needed the next chat for other purposes, more features like sharing screenshots, video, links and so on and so on. This is why I would encourage people to use Discord and build your own "Discord Server" for your Alliance. It is very flexible and waaaay better than using the limited Whatsapp or Line groups. If you like to see how Discord works, just join the RR2 Discord: App (no WinPhone) or Desktop Programme is fine. Webclient is good too, no proper push notifications though. If you want some or know when somebody mentions @you.
  8. General Chat

    There is already a „World Chat“ with all those features mentioned, you geniusses! It is called RR2 Discord and exists for more than one and a half year now. Just look at the top of this page! 🙈
  9. About the Forum Trivia

    No, I beg to differ. Doing research is half the fun. Sports is more universal than other Trivias, e.g. Aviation. It is easy to look up. Every sports will be unpopular in some country but I do not see a problem in that. Whats fun in knowing Basketball facts?
  10. Alliance Week!

    It would be great if frivia gems could be given out during Alliance Week. When can we expect payout @GalaMorgane? And here, I found something for you
  11. You must not inhale, @Warriornator!
  12. War Master set ? Nice joke

    There is nothing else in those Pro-Chests. Just the 10 Tickets.
  13. Flare ID

    By Flares Terms of Service it is not allowed to transfer (or sell) your account to another player, please keep that in mind. You already can already transfer your account without FB, Google and Cloud Services to get it on another device. Only one transfer per year is allowed, I think. If procedure has not changed during the last years you get a code you can enter on the other device. So that already works similar to the requested ID.
  14. Alliance Week!

    Niiiiiiiice! Obviously we need more sigils. Like Hello Kitty and stuff! Would go perfect with that pink.
  15. Alliance Week!

    So, that makes about 5 players per alliance on average, right? And we (Last Bread Fighters) are special because we like the "best alliance sigil animal" fresh from the oven with a hint of herbs.