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  1. Looking for someone from Korean time zone to cover the conquest! Just kidding, we are committed, but not crazy. 😜 Please apply if you are looking for a good alliance! ☺️
  2. MagischerKoenig

    Conquest rewards

    Last Bread Fighters: Nobody seems to have received the rewards Edit: Some people did receive chests
  3. Aye, I just wanted to make my own thread and then I found this one. Anyways, this is my suggestion: Needed improvement for Conquest: Let generals/leader make suggestions to players where to move. This should be visible to the player and all others. Arrows showing the direction of the map would be great for that. Along with some kind of order (Wait, attack, defend, get troops). This is similar to the way we created graphics for our Discord to make strategy visible. Players would know what they have to do and why, even when logging in the game only occasionally. It should be easier than having to use graphics tools and an external chat for this. Communication is an essential part of the game as Flare already said. Give us proper tools to command the conquest!
  4. MagischerKoenig

    Did Opelle leave the game?

    oPelle said his goodbyes in our Discord before the Conquest started. Talking to him he expressed he was frustrated with Flare and the update (especially with what was not included and how it gets more and more difficult for growing alliances). All very understandable reasons to me. But he chose not to make a public post here and we should respect that. He did a lot for the community and had an incredible understanding of all of the game mechanics. I will miss him.
  5. Our Discord chat(s) are buzzing. The best place to make strategy for Conquest. Like to join?
  6. MagischerKoenig

    Poll: Are you quitting RR2 or continuing to play?

    The more I think about it, the more it becomes obvious how little the Devs understanding is @Pete Lets talk about alliances and growing them. A thing I know a little about. Why would you make it so much harder for non-level 80 teams to level up? Now that we need more alliance gold but can not gain more? (No another AT level is not what I am asking for!). Why would you not give alliances tools to make growing them easier? For example if a rogue general chooses to upgrade the new buildings without authorization? How can you find out who it was? You can not. This can and already is a problem for some alliances. Watching donations? Needs a lot of time and effort. There have been suggestions how to easily improve it for everyone. Devs said they would consider it. Nothing! Why not implement such things to make people happy and the game easier aka more fun? But no, money-making is your focus. Just spend, spend, spend, find a new Combo and everything will be fine. Thank you, very much. Where is your game competence? You are not showing any. Joy guarded. Mission accomplished.
  7. MagischerKoenig

    Poll: Are you quitting RR2 or continuing to play?

    That should be open for discussion, not a closed thread. I have read a lot better (more in depth) assessments of the changes by other players than yours there. I just do not think you have enough understanding of the game on different levels to really know how it will affect gameplay. Sad, but true. And it still does not explain why you had to do balancing now with 4.0 and not before or in smaller steps so we would not have to change everything at once. Same goes for other things you did not include in the update. No changes to wars, Defense setup saving etc, etc. And why not let us switch off the Dragon animation earlier? We have asked that for years. Why now with the „big“ 4.0 update? If you really would care you had done that earlier.
  8. MagischerKoenig

    Poll: Are you quitting RR2 or continuing to play?

    Well, maybe it is not really anonymous to you but for normal forum users there is an option which I activated. It was meant to make people answer honestly. But thanks for your clarification about your Haha. You are also right some people make more noise than they should make. But that goes for both sides here. So counting votes is not the worst thing to catch peoples moods. The thing is, an update should make people excited. You guys always get major things wrong and cause a lot of frustration instead. Nobody is able to listen to the player base. FTB is too far away for long now. Why not make smaller, more frequent nerfs? We were asking for those long enough. Now you take away our favorite combos. Now! Now that we need gold and have to prove ourselves in the first Conquest. And still there are very good arguments by those unsatisfied people. Many of them invested a lot of time and effort in the game and have a good reason to be unsatisfied. I am in many Alliances chats and can tell you @Pete that there also is a lot of frustration, not just some crazy phenomenon by those guys on the forum who always complain (Idiot-speak: Crybabies). RR2 has a history of expecting a lot from their players. Money, time and effort-wise. But there is a point where enough is enough. And if you can not see that well, that is just sad and you do not deserve committed players or their money.
  9. MagischerKoenig

    Poll: Are you quitting RR2 or continuing to play?

    No problem. Apparently @Pete (FG Dev) finds he poll funny. I have no idea what is funny about this. Friends are leaving the game and Flare laughs about it. 😤
  10. Hi guys, There is a lot of discussion about the recent changes going on at the moment. Many players already said they will quit due to this (like oPelle for example) or are thinking about quitting, others embrace or try to embrace the change. I think its time again to count the votes. How bad is it really? In the end, many individuals decide if the changes were a sucess or a recepie to failure of the game. This poll is anonymous, so you can vote without your mates knowing what you are planning to do. Thanks for participating!
  11. MagischerKoenig

    Pals Signing singal

    But that circle can not show you where the pal is at all times. For many pals it is important so see if the are far behind or close to the hero. Just make the current small bar above the pal more visible and stay on top of other bars. Small change, it should have been this way from the beginning.
  12. MagischerKoenig

    Pals Signing singal

    Absolutely agree. The pal bar on the pal itself dissapears under the hars of other units. It should he on top and have a more visible color. Maybe yellow instead of grey. Necroes do not need the yellow. Pal timing is more important... Also seeing where the pal is when playing in big crowds.
  13. It was submitted to the Appstores yesterday as I understand. The game has to be approved by Apple, MS and Google before it can be downloaded.
  14. MagischerKoenig


    Ssssssssssshhhhh! You just woke me up! Acount Sharing? Hacking? No legal warning? Sounds horrible! Ban them all!
  15. MagischerKoenig

    New war mechanism coming?

    Thanks for the clarification @Pete Still, the importance of Fief dropping @Dena4 already mentioned, urgently needs to be addressed. It is an important factor for the overall quality of the game, even if the new conquest mode will hopefully turn out to be great. Some explanation as I do not know how much Devs were following the discussions about the old war mechanism so far: Fief dropping affects mostly middle alliances, not low or around Top 10 teams. Dropping Fiefs sometimes seems to be more important then winning them. I have been a leader for almost four years and involved in war planning for the same time. It has gotten out of hand during the last year or so. It really sucks the fun out of the wars if an alliance decides to not fight early in the war just to drop. A lot of our time goes into planning on how not to win. Not all players do understand the importance of it. Many players left the game due to this faulty system. And many have already said they might leave if there is no change. This Dropping happens mostly in the Froster war with less attractive boosts (one thing easy to fix) but also in the Arblaster / Dracomancer war. Wars should be about winning. Now Teams that actually do fight while maybe even four other teams decided not to fight have a serious disadvantage in the next war. You can win +5 Fiefs in one war but only loose -3 in the next one. Also some teams kick their members to drop in skulls and deliberately lose. Everyone who has experienced it knows it is a big let down and also some kind of cheating on other Teams. Therefore the system needs to be changed. We all need wars to be competitive and fun, effort has to be rewarded, even if wars will be a less frequent part of the game now. The Fiefdome count can not be a disadvantage any more. And I definitley hope they will not also mess with the new Conquest mode which would make things even worse.