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  1. Nach zweieinhalb Jahren haben wir nun Level 80 erreicht! Danke LBF, ihr seid ein wahnsinns-team! — Finally, after two and a half years we reached level 80! Thank you LBF, you are an amazing team!
  2. Hi @REVOLTROYAL Just taking a longer break due to personal reasons and also some vacation. ? After being a leader for almost four years, I think I kind of deserved it. In fact, I do not know many leaders who did this job for such a long time. ? LBF is still fun and experienced team, they are doing shockingly fine without me. ?
  3. I am referring to the introductional text of this section. https://forums.flaregames.com/forum/146-read-before-submitting-ideas-feature-requests/ While I think it is a good advice to tell people what a good suggestion should and should not have, this text sounds a little demotivational. Also mentioning to follow the Code of Conduct seems not necessary as this is applicable for the whole forum, not especially this section. Sorry to say, but it really sounds like someone was fed up reading the players ideas. Also, there is one point I do not understand. It is said in this text not to pick up old ideas or „necromancer“ old threads. It is a funny word, but I think you are „ogering“ things with it. ? In fact not long ago there was a time when nobody from Flare was really reading the Forums. No feedback, nothing. People kept posting ideas and feature requests anyways. I agree, most were not very realistic or usable. But sometimes there were little or bigger gems to find. So, if once posted, we really can not pick them up again? Without knowing if anybody from Flare ever has read them? Very rarely Devs said this or that was a good idea and it will be discussed. Though most of the time you would never again hear of that idea or even that Developer again. So, my suggestion is to change this for the better, not make such discouraging and strict rules. Encourage people! Maybe even give away a few gems once in a while for good and usable suggestions. Or even sometimes let people know *why* this or that is difficult to implement in the game. Seeing the latest implementations from Flare itself (Conquest) and also all of its weaknesses and difficulties to fit in the game, every good suggestion should be at least be worth considering.
  4. Many players did not realise Howl has been nerfed too. I agree the monotony with Phoebe is not desirable. But it does not need to be nerfed. It is at least a Beast the whole alliance had to work for. So, another good Pro-Beast which is achievable for an alliance would have been the natural evolution in this game. But unfortunately this possibility was destroyed by introducing the ridiculously priced nemesis.
  5. Indeed Pro-Gloves and Pro-Weapons can not be forged to Skull Bonus. As our CM told us, there is no change in Pro-Shop to be expected any time soon now that we have the full variety of sets there. So, getting those Pro-Items would come as a surprise. Which Flare would keep a surprise in that case.
  6. There seems to be a bug that sometimes shows sub categories with new messages though they do not contain new posts. That makes navigating the new structure even harder. The only solution seems to be to manually press the button „mark all posts as read“. But it reappears after some time.
  7. Froschpfote! Hilarious! (meaning Frog Paw) Thank you ??? Sounds about the same, but sooooo cute now! ?
  8. MagischerKoenig

    Toxic IGNs

    We have a new member in Last Bread Fighters with a very annoying german name. Most of our members feel offended by having someone with such an ugly name on the team. We asked him to change it, but he said it was not possible any more and he already asked Flare to change it. Flare said they would not help him. Now I remember we once complained about some Nazi names and Flare changed them very quickly. Should the non-toxicness not be valid for IGNs? Please grant him another change or give him another name which is what he wants. Otherwise, out of respect for our other players we probably have to kick him and another Alliance will face the same problem. His name is Froschf*t*e (meaning Frog V*gina) and currently is in LAST BREAD FIGHTERS.
  9. Yeah, right. It is all about Madlens well-being. The whole purpose of the forum. I could not agree more. ?
  10. Today, a new tag system has been introduced: Regarding about that I have some urgent questions. I better make sure I understand this exactly. Are we supposed to manually set the tag to "solved" once we received a satisfactory answer or will CM staff take care of that? If we choose "Moderator input needed", will that mean Mods receive a ping for this? Is that not against the rules? If we choose "bug or technical issue" and the post is not in the bug section, will it automatically be moved there? If not, will it mean Devs will read it? Do we still need Bugs section? We have the tags "answered" and "solved". Does "answered" mean there can be more answers because it is not "solved"? Can we please have a tag "please use your brain before answering"? What if the original poster marked a question as "solved" and there are follow-up questions by other posters? Are we still allowed to talk about them or will the thread be auto-locked? In this case: Do we get an exception to ask the follow-up question in a new thread, as discussing things from locked or old threads are forbidden due to CoC rule 4 and 19? How do we make sure everyone uses the system in the right way? Which disciplinay measures are we talking about? Sorry I can not tag this post, there still are too many grey areas here and I surely don't want to do anything that could be understood as disrespectful or toxic. Though, with asking these questions I knowingly am taking a big risk, because I am discussing measures from Flare staff (forbidden, CoC #17), right?
  11. Years of not listening to the community and still not having anybody from Flare with knowledge to judge and pick up whats really important to players are taking its toll (Sorry Flotha and Madlen). Old wars and other improvements to the game not implemented despite of great public demand Conquest mode mostly a desaster, low trust from players it can be fixed at all Bug fixing takes very long (e.g. Ads), often hard to know what is being worked on due to missing information from the Devs Events and Festivals in many cases not being set any more during times where they make sense or help players to use them to their advantage Forum overcensored (excessive thread lockings and banning of unwanted opinions). Forum can not be easily navigated any more due to too many subcategories Not enough support for low and mid level Alliances, recent changes even widened the gap to Top-Alliances. Impossible now to grow a decent new Alliance from the start without heavy spending. Many, many players leaving due to frustration (no more fun, harsh balancing changes) and too stressful game mechanisms This is all known. I wrote it down because sometimes it is necessary to give a summary of the current state. It puts things into perspective. ?
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