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  1. Mukelu

    Balance Changes

    Usually I might not be agree with cromka's comments but not this time lol. Dont u guys remember when fg nerfed tc? 😂
  2. I should be honest, this compensations are fair enough to all alliance and player. Thanks FG @GalaMorgane 😊👍
  3. Mukelu

    Compensation event and/or reimbursement

    I think this compensation is fair enough for all alliance and player.
  4. @GalaMorgane First thing FG should do is to make a statement that war is cancelled! 3 days of current season most of us couldnt raid!
  5. I did restarted the app even I rebooted the device but still this issues happening. Pls cancel this war @GalaMorgane its no use to carry on. Give us all three war boost rewards and 500-1000 gems to each players.
  6. What was fixed? Connection problem still happening!
  7. Its sad to see two greatest forces in game leaving.
  8. Flare must cancel this war and give current 3 war boost rewards to all alliance! About pro league they must give us more time to finish it or give us crystals and pro chests for free!
  9. This war is definitely broken! I've had disconnected every now and then! So frustrating! Flare must forfeit this season!
  10. 2 more days, are apocalypse and roaring lions will be leaving this game for good??
  11. Fuck you flare! No solution til now?? Oh I know this hacker's attack must be hard for you to fix. Why don't u hire a dickhead IT master @FLORIN, he must be able to fix it ASAP 😂
  12. Nope you must be eat all of it by yourself, no wonder you act like shit 😂
  13. Nope its what you eat dumbass, thats why your head is full of shit 😂